Student parties - good or bad?

Student life is the brightest and most memorable episode of life in which student parties, trips to cinemas and nightclubs, as well as evening walks through the night city prevailed. This is the time when, for many schoolchildren, who until then spent their whole lives under the care and control of their parents , a carefree existence ends, and an adult and independent life begins. Life, where you have to make your own decision, yourself to be responsible for your actions and, in the end, if the student has settled in a rented apartment or in a dormitory, solve household issues: cooking, cleaning, washing and much more. But most importantly, non-resident first-year students have to make their monthly budget for the first time, because they do not teach this at school. And if parents do not teach their child the basics of handling money in advance, then problems can arise with this, as often happens. After all, drunken student's parties with funny all kinds of stories and adventures - this is not fiction, but one of the components of student life, without which almost every holiday, and even a day, does not do. Who was a student, he remembers the endless adventures in stores for beer, vodka and snack, and at the end of the week or month there was not enough money even for bread.

But let's consider such a question: student parties are really what should accompany the student's life or is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently. It may be worthwhile to draw the attention of future entrants to the other side of the medal and stop telling them about a fun and carefree life, writing harmless jokes about students. After all, times change, a modern student is very different from a student of the Soviet Union. Warm, friendly student parties, about which we heard so much from our parents and grandmothers, today turned into Russian student parties with a sea of alcohol of questionable quality, cigarette smoke and drugs. Due to the influence of alcohol on the morality of man, many such events end in drunken fights and disassembly, and sometimes with a prison cell. So parents need to explain to their youth that student life is primarily a study, gaining knowledge, rather than sitting out of pants and parental money. Try to explain that their future life depends on how they spend these five or six years, or rather, their career.

I remember my student time in Kharkov, when instead of receiving precious knowledge, I fell asleep in the hostel after a tumultuous drunk party. How my education suffered because of this, and I had to constantly close the tails and ask teachers for grades. I'm not talking about my health. In general, nothing good! Now, looking at it after 6 years, I understand how stupid and short-sighted I was. Now I have to independently study the material that I could master yet at the university to be successful in my work and life.

So, dear students, I advise you to weigh everything yourself and think about whether it is worth spending your time on student parties and on what will not bring you benefits in the future. As NA Ostrovsky wrote in his novel: "... so that it would not be painfully painful for aimlessly lived years ...". It is better to do sports, personal development, education, in short - expand your horizons. And if you decide to relax and have fun, then do it culturally, without adventure. For example, if you are studying in a big city, do not miss the opportunity and go to the theater or, in extreme cases, to the cinema, also, you can visit any museum or exhibition - it's so interesting.

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