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Serous meningitis is a terrible disease

At the age of 9 years, children may be affected by serous meningitis. It belongs to the group of non-inflammatory inflammatory diseases. There are several types of organisms that become the causative agents of this terrible disease:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Fungi of the genus Candida;
  • Viruses;
  • Leptospira;
  • Rickettsia;
  • The simplest microorganisms.

The carriers of some of these infections can be fleas, bedbugs or even mice. But the most common is serous meningitis, which is caused by enteroviruses, also the virus of mumps or herpes.

Serous meningitis is necessarily manifested by meningeal syndrome, which is observed in problems with the meninges. It is characterized by a change in blood and, of course, increased fever. The first sign of problems is a headache. It can reach different levels of intensity, but it never goes away. Headache tends to intensify in response to various kinds of irritants (light or noise).

Meningeal syndrome is accompanied by vomiting, which occurs suddenly. Nothing can not even foretell it. And there is no nausea. Along with all these symptoms, there is tension in the muscles of the entire trunk, neck and extremities as well.

Meningitis serous. Different types

There are several possible types of disease. Each of them proceeds in its own way and has its consequences.

  1. Form Molar. The disease begins very quickly. And the first thing is showing symptoms of a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Despite the fact that the characteristic for meningitis syndrome develops, the temperature remains normal. Literally after 2 days the patient recovers, but there may be relapses.
  2. An acute type is accompanied by a very high temperature, which reaches 41 degrees. Often even affect some of the brain nerves.
  3. Serous meningitis can also be of an acute hypertensive form. In this case, there is a syndrome of the disease, which is characterized by a sharp rise in temperature. The headache is very strong, vomiting occurs without a reason.
  4. The most severe form of serous meningitis is the meningoencephalomyelitis variant of the disease. Reflexes of a pathological nature appear momentarily. There are even paralyzes.
  5. There are serous meningitis, which are caused by viruses of a poliomyelitis-like species. This disease occurs exclusively in the summer or in the fall. It affects children, and adults - very rarely. Intestinal disorders and high fever accompany the patient constantly.
  6. There is also a mumps appearance. It develops against the background of an increase in the size of the salivary glands.
  7. During epidemics of influenza, doctors note that there is a flu-like serous meningitis. It develops either at the peak of the disease, or even after its completion.
  8. Finally, very often there are secondary forms. They develop as complications of diseases such as runny nose, tonsillitis, pneumonia, even conjunctivitis.

Serous meningitis. Treatment

Diagnosis of the disease is helped by the study of cerebrospinal fluid. It is very important for a specialist and anamnesis, as well as a general blood test. Only after carrying out the necessary procedures the doctor prescribes treatment.

Certain, special therapy aimed at getting rid of a terrible disease does not exist. Until recently, there was no special treatment. Today, the capabilities of doctors are much broader.

First, intravenous injections of glucose and urotropine are prescribed. In order to prevent the spread of inflammation, prescribe prednisolone. The course of its application should not exceed 25 days. Today, nuclease is used as an antiviral agent in practice. These drugs easily inhibit further multiplication of viruses.

If the patient has severe headaches, then prescribe analgesics. And to improve the resistance of the body to the disease used immunoglobulin, vitamins.

Patients with serous meningitis must be hospitalized. Most often - in an infectious disease clinic. However, there is an opportunity to be treated in the departments of neurology of any other hospitals.

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