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Scorpio is a man: what kind of woman does he like, what qualities do they have?

What should be remembered by a fair sex representative, whose attention was attracted by a Scorpio male? What kind of women he likes and does not like? People who are governed by this sign are famous smoothies, they are difficult to conquer and retain. Scorpion-men are famous for their selectivity, exactingness. What are the qualities they want and do not want to see in the life partner, what are their ideas about the ideal?

Scorpions - what they are in love

Perseverance, exactingness, suspicion are qualities characteristic of many representatives of the stronger sex born under this sign. Enamored Scorpios - what are they? In relations with the opposite sex, such men tend to dominate, it is important for them to remain the main ones in any situation, to keep everything under control. They are difficult to live with because of excessive authoritarianism, they are only interested in their own opinion, while others are often ignored.

Men run by this constellation are passionate and emotional lovers. They are extremely jealous, therefore companions of life should not provoke them. Angry Scorpio is capable of crazy acts. People born under this sign will never accept defeat. They will seek reciprocity from a woman who attracted their interest, using any methods. They should not wait for compliments on duty, Scorpions praise only deservedly.


What kind of women like Scorpio men? Photo of an ideal companion for a representative of this sign can not be found, since the appearance of a lady can be any. Age, hair color, figure settings - all this does not play for these men's roles. The main requirement that they make is well-groomed. Young ladies who do not follow their own will not be able to attract their attention.

Scorpions perfectly understand the current trends, they are attracted fashionably dressed ladies. They also appreciate elegance, do not tolerate vulgarity. Internal beauty for them is more important than external.


What else does Scorpio like, what kind of women does he like? Mysteriousness is the quality that they like in representatives of the opposite sex. Ladies resembling an open book do not stand a chance of success with them, they prefer an understatement, the ability to hide weaknesses and put forward the advantages.

Nevertheless Scorpios appreciate sincerity too. They have developed intuition, they are difficult to mislead. Lying is the best way to cause frustration for such a man, and the disappointed Scorpio immediately leaves.


Loyalty is the quality that Scorpio the man desires to see in his chosen one. What kind of woman does he like? Those that do not give rise to jealousy. It is necessary to know that the reason for people born under this mysterious constellation is often not needed, they are easily provoked. It is difficult to find Scorpio, who is able to forgive treason, betrayal.

Curiously, representatives of the sign do not like it when the second half shows jealousy. A woman who intends to associate life with such a man, it is necessary to learn to trust him completely. With any attempt at control, Scorpio will fight, he will not tolerate the slightest attempt on his freedom.

Nevertheless, men who are governed by this sign, like independence in ladies. Women who try to make them the main meaning of their lives, are given only contempt. If the companion of life does not work, depends on him morally and financially, Scorpio will poke her around. The chosen representative of this sign must necessarily have its own source of income, stand confidently on its feet.


Stupidity is what the scorpion man hates in ladies. What kind of woman does he like? Those with whom it is interesting to communicate, having a wide outlook. The ideal companion of life for him is one that has his own opinion, is capable of defending him. A woman should not only be erudite, but also have excellent manners. Scorpios always pay attention to how the lady behaves in society.

Often, such men associate their lives with women who are older. This is due to the fact that they value maturity, experience, self-confidence. The difference in age can not embarrass them, whatever it may be.


Scorpio Men - what are they in a relationship with the opposite sex? The chosen representative of this sign must learn to respect his life principles. Such a guy will not tolerate interference in their own affairs. It is useless to give advice, as he is accustomed to rely on his own opinion in everything. From the second half, Scorpio is waiting for diplomacy, the ability to bypass sharp corners.

The above does not mean that such a man can not be persuaded. However, this must be done carefully, avoiding direct pressure. In making this or that decision, Scorpio should not doubt that it is his own, and not imposed by someone else.


Passion is the quality that, in their opinion, an ideal woman should have. For Scorpio, a man is very important harmony in sexual life. The partner should remain attractive to them, even if they have lived together for many years.

The heart of Scorpio will be able to conquer a lady who willingly decides to experiment in bed. The chosen representative of this sign should be sensual, passionate, loving erotic games. If such men are satisfied with intimate relationships with a partner, they will not seek adventures on the side, since they despise treason. However, cooling in the intimate sphere can cause them to pay attention to other women.

Do not deny a Scorpio man if he wants to make love. Being rejected, he falls into a state of anger, begins to think through a plan of revenge, which will necessarily be implemented.

What's not to like

Above is told about what Scorpio men like about women. However, there are qualities that can not be enjoyed by their chosen one. For example, representatives of the sign hate vulgarity, this applies to both clothing and makeup, and the behavior of the lady. The outfit will alienate, rather than attract, Scorpios prefer to solve riddles, but not to admire the beauty exhibited. They like to think out, fantasize.

Bright makeup also does not help attract Scorpio, if it is not a short-term affair. Such men avoid women who are excessively addicted to cosmetics. They prefer natural beauty, they like women who know how to accurately emphasize it.

Not only vulgarity, but also the stupidity of the lady is capable of alienating the person born under this constellation. With women, with whom there is nothing to talk about, they are not following the path. Excessively domineering young ladies also should keep away from them in the distance, such an alliance will not be strong, since Scorpio himself is inclined to dictatorship. Finally, representatives of the sign do not tolerate rudeness, aggression, avoid women inclined to demonstrate these qualities.

What else do you need to know

What else should know the representative of the weaker sex, in the path of which was the Scorpio man? Characteristic, what women he likes - all of this is described above. It must also be remembered that reciprocity plays an important role for people born under this constellation. Scorpions, despite their external coldness, want to feel loved, like representatives of other zodiacal signs. Reciprocity, sincerity is what they value above all.

Astrology claims that the most scorpion boys are young ladies who appeared under the constellations of Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn. Strong, albeit explosive, may be the union of two Scorpions.

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