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Natal'in on the 8th of September. The Story of the Holy Martyrs Natalia and Adrian

Once this beautiful name was very popular and stood in the first place next to a name like Elena. Today, however, it significantly surrenders its positions, which is certainly regrettable. Few people think about his translation, which sounds very delicious. Natalia celebrates the day of September 8, the history of this holiday is unusual, but more about this later. So, Natalia (or Natalia) is a Russian name that has Latin roots from natalis (native), and was formed even at the time of the beginning of the revival of Christianity. The modern version of the meaning of the name is "blessed, Christmas, born on Christmas Day". On Natalya's day (September 8), her pious husband Adrian is usually remembered. The history of their life is quite interesting.

Natal'in the day of September 8: a photo of a saint and the history of holiness

The couple lived around the beginning of the fourth century in the city of Nicodemia (Bifi region, Asia Minor). Andrian was a real pagan and was on the bureaucratic service of the emperor Makimian Galerius (board from 305 to 311), who was a furious persecutor of Christians. Hadrian's wife, Natalia, was a secret Christian. Not far from their city in a cave of Roman soldiers were hidden several dozen Christians, who later caught, brutally tortured and sacrificed to the gods of the pagan.

Holy Martyrs

Adrian witnessed all these terrible tortures. He was surprised by the enormous patience and the smile on his lips that the prisoners endured all the abuses and tortures. Under this impression, Adrian asked them about God. And during this conversation the grace of God touched his kind soul, and suddenly he realized the divine truth. Then Adrian told the scribes to write down his name next to these Christian martyrs, because he too wants to become one of them and is also ready to die for Christ. Then the guards threw him into prison and shackled him in chains. At that time he was 28 years old.

Natalia - martyr

When Natalia learned this news about her husband, she was filled with joy and immediately hurried to him in prison, began to kiss his fetters, encourage him and talk about eternal bliss in the Kingdom of Heaven. She also asked him, when he appeared before the Lord, to implore Him that she would suffer the same great fate, so that in the blessed eternity they would never be separated.

When the prisoners were sentenced to death, Adrian was released home so that he could inform his wife about this. Natalia, when she saw her husband coming home, was frightened, thought that he had denied Christ and had not opened the door to his house. Then he again returned to the executioners, who brought him and other Christians and betrayed the terrible martyrdom. But before that, they were killed by their hands and feet. St. Adrian died along with other Christians martyrs in 304.

Saint Adrian

He joyously gave his soul to his Lord. When they soon began to burn their bodies in a special oven, it went out, a thunderstorm began and lightnings flashed, which, as retribution to the sinners, killed several executioners.

Then, as Natalia was young, rich and beautiful, the head of the Roman army wanted to marry her . This she could not imagine and began to pray for death. Once in a dream her husband Hadrian appeared to her, who warned her that she would soon be with him. After a while she died on the coffin of her husband. By her spiritual suffering she also deserved a martyr's crown.

On Natalya's day, September 8 (August 26) is also honored by her husband, the faithful Adrian. The holy relics of Natalia are in Milan in the Basilica.

Now Orthodox people are praying to these martyrs about a happy marriage. It was this icon that blessed Catherine II for the marriage of her son.


Since September 8 is the day of Natallin, the signs are especially honored on this day, for in the old days Adrian and Natalya were called Ovsyanya's Day and by tradition they began to mow the oats on that day, and then the housewives cooked jelly and baked pancakes. Tolokno was kneaded on sour milk or on water with honey, and thus such words were pronounced: "Natalia bears a pancake oats, and Adrian - in a pot of oatmeal."

Then these dishes hostess treated to those workers who brought the first sheaf of oats. He was put in the red corner of the hut under the images. And then, having tasted the treats, the workers got up and, thanking the owners, went to work in the field.

According to the signs, if the day was cold on Natalya on September 8, we should have expected an early winter. If you do not opal sheet of oak and birch, you must also prepare for the harsh winter. Or if the crows sit in the same direction, this day the weather will be windless, and if they sit close to the tree trunk and their heads are in the same direction, we must wait for the windy weather.

On the day of Natallin (September 8), the morning can be very cool, because by that time the days have already decreased by about three hours. The people said that Peter and Paul (July 12), the hour was shortened, the prophet Ilya (August 2) took two away, while Andrian and Natalya three were dragged away.

Natal'in Day - September 8: Congratulations

Since our Orthodox people love all kinds of Christmas-day and festivities, it is also evident that they also celebrate this day in a special way. And, of course, any representative of this name is waiting for Natalia on September 8, congratulations. They can be expressed in different forms, but they are best sounded in beautiful and wise poems.

Very interesting lines were written by one poet: "But I love Natal'in, let Tatiana forgive me ...". With this fatal name, the classics have their own memories. Pushkin's wife, still lying in bed in lace, since the morning has already received congratulations. Her family and friends one by one bore congratulations to her: who is a velvet box of jewelry, who is a bonbonniere with chocolate sweets, and who is also a tray with congratulatory business cards.

Leo Tolstoy also created a captivating image of Natasha in his great work "War and Peace". Yes, like just a name, but how much everything carries in itself - your head will spin!

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