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Molding from plasticine: step by step just create!

The article presents several ideas for molding plasticine with step-by-step recommendations.

Lovely tiger cub

It's very simple to make a wonderful cute tiger cub. Molding from plasticine step by step is an entertaining process. In just ten minutes you will have a funny figure of an animal!

First, let's smash a piece of orange plasticine and form an oval from it, then from the sides, on top and on the sharp sides, the oval is slightly flattened with fingers. We'll get a tiger's body. Next, roll the ball and use a toothpick to attach it to the body. An example of the work is shown in the picture.

Next, we need to make our cub a little nose, eyes and ears. To do this, from the orange plasticine we blind the two small identical balls and just slightly flatten them, and then attach them to the head, as shown in the example.

From the black plasticine we roll two small balls - the eyes, and from the green we blend the nasolabial folds (the children will understand if they say "the place for the mustache") and the mouth (or mouth). On the nasolabial folds, you need to make a toothpick 3-4 dents on each side. Again, from a piece of black plasticine will get a great little nose, which you need to attach to the center between nasolabial folds and jaws. As you can see, it's simple - molding from plasticine step by step. For children, the process is very exciting.

In the next step, we'll make our tiger's paw, as in the picture. It's very simple. You need to make two short thick "sausages" and attach them to the bottom of the body. That's all! Molding from plasticine step by step - it's easy!

It is intuitively clear how to make a tail with a tassel on the end and decorate the whole body with black strips. If everything is done correctly, you will get the same cute tiger as in the picture.

Molding from plasticine - step by step we will make flowers

To fashion flowers, you first need to make all the details for them:

  • Two stems - from the green plasticine roll two long thin sausages;
  • The future petals for the lilac flower - from the material of the corresponding color, make five identical small balls, flatten them in a pancake with fingers on both sides, pinch from the bottom;
  • The future white flower - from white plasticine to glue a larger ball, then with mashing movements to turn it into a flat plate;
  • Two leaves - from a green material to make two flat ovals of the appropriate size, slightly bend them in half and pin them on one edge, giving the shape of leaves;
  • Middle - from yellow plasticine to fix 5-7 small balls and one tiny thin sausage.

Now all the material is ready. Molding from plasticine step by step continues!

Picking flowers

First, we put together all the lilac petals, attaching them with a thinner side. Then we plant the resulting flower head on a stalk, to which we hang on the leaf from the sides. The middle of the flower should be decorated with yellow balls to simulate the stamens.

Now start assembling the white calla. To do this, we fold the white flat piece in the form of a bag (like for seeds) and attach it to the stem with a narrow side. Inside the head you need to insert a small yellow sausage, you will get a real pestle.

The picture above is an example of how the flowers should look after the assembly.

Many more ideas

Molding from plasticine step by step (photo is confirmed) allows you to make a variety of crafts. There can be many options, it all depends on your imagination. Birds, fish, vegetables and fruits, little men and cartoon heroes, dishes, tables and chairs for puppies - all this can be dazzled from the clay.

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