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Lothar Matthaus: biography, personal life. Football

The German national football team has always been famous for its technical and disciplined players. But there are those who are called legends. One of such cult figures of German football is Lothar Matthaus.

It is generally believed that the person's name initially predicts his fate. In the case of Lothar, this assumption is more than just. His surname is translated as "long-liver", "conqueror". Whichever line of life he chooses, he will achieve success in it repeatedly. And it happened in football, because Matthaus performed at a high level for dozens of years, now and then setting world records.

This German defender in the national team won the European championships and Mundiali. He was repeatedly recognized as the best football player of the planet. Even after the completion of a career player Lothar did not quit the sport. He actively began to attend coaching courses. As a result, for 10 years he achieved considerable heights, being the coach of such teams as the Viennese Rapid, Partizan, the Austrian Red Bull. Also managed to work with the national teams of Hungary and Bulgaria. In recent years, he is an expert on the Sky Sport TV channel.

The appearance of the star

Born Lothar Matthaus on March 21, 1961. The hometown of the football player is Erlangen. This area of Bavaria is known throughout the country for its numerous sports equipment manufacturers. It was in this industry that parents and almost all of Matthaus's relatives were engaged.

Nevertheless, Lothar decided to follow a different path. He was always fond of football, but his parents insisted on special education. As a result, the future captain of the national team learned to decorator-designer of interiors. His path in the sport of young Matthaus began in the section of the local club Herzogenaurach. Already from the first days the boy gave high hopes, but often did not get into the team because of a violation of discipline. With this character trait, Lothar always had problems, even in professional sports. Gradually, he began to be involved for the children's national teams of the region and the country.

In his youth Lothar was very worried because of his low growth. Despite numerous exercises, he eventually managed to grow to just 1.72 m. But in physical terms, Matthaus always excelled his partners on the field.

Carier start

In 1979, the German football player first appeared in the Bundesliga. At the age of 18 he signed a contract with Menchengladbach "Borussia". A year later, the team managed to qualify for the UEFA Cup final. In the decisive match Lothar scored a goal, but eventually the victory in the tournament went to Eintracht.

Despite a confident and reliable game on the defensive, many fans and soccer players of Borussia Matteus did not like it. The reason was his bad temper. He could be rude to his partners and coaches, be late for the fees, sit down drunk behind the wheel. However, all this did not prevent him from getting into the German national team's bid for Euro-1980. That championship was remembered for the player by a personal failure. In the only match in which he entered the field, Germany was a step away from losing. Thanks to Matthews' slurred game, the Dutch almost passed the Germans in the group stage.

Going to "Bavaria"

After the European Championships Lothar Matthaus played for several seasons with varying success for "Borussia". In 1984, his career was a turning point. For a small amount Matteus moved from Menegladbaha to Munich. The new team of the long-term defender was a powerful "Bavaria". Such a chance should be used by any football player, and Lothar understood this perfectly.

At that time, the backbone of the "Bavaria" were players of the German national football team. Therefore, in the first couple of novices had a hard time. Winning competition from the stars of Germany was not an easy task. Nevertheless, Lothar regularly appeared in the starting lineup. Experts noted the significant growth of the player's football, but often criticized for the fact that in the decisive games, he went into the shadows, becoming invisible.

In 1986, on Mundiale in Mexico, Matthaus proved to be the best for the first time. He was becoming the star of the team before our very eyes.

Beckenbauer School

At the World Championships in 1986, Germany was led by Kaiser Franz. It was he who saw in Lothar the defining link of the national team's defense. In a match with Argentina, Matthaus had to neutralize himself to Maradona. The defender coped with the task, but in the decisive episodes he was so carried away that because of his mistakes the Germans missed two goals.

Despite such oversights, Beckenbauer continued to believe in Matthaus. Kaiser Franz demanded in training from his ward full dedication. Beckenbayer wanted to make Lothar the leader of the national team, the main support of German football. One day he invited a lawyer to his home for dinner. During a warm conversation, Kaiser Franz confessed to Matthäus that he saw in him the captain of the national team. This conversation played a decisive role in the career of the defender.

Long wanderings

In 1988, Lothar Matthaus decided to change the club. The Italian "Internazionale" became the new German team. The amount of the transaction at that time was incredibly huge - 5.5 million dollars.

The first season in the new team proved to be extremely successful for Matthaus. "Inter" secured an early title, and "gold" goal was just Lothar. Two years later, the German defender helped his club win the UEFA Cup. Matthaus himself was repeatedly recognized as the best defensive player of Serie A.

In 1992, Lothar suffered a serious injury in the match with "Pisa". Because of the rupture of ligaments, he remained out of football for six months. At the end of the contract, the defender moved back to "Bavaria". For a long time he was unable to type the desired form, but thanks to the phenomenal physical component of the body, he was able to reach the previous positions in the club and the team.

Moving to the States

Initially, Matthaus planned to complete his career in the "Bavaria". However, the United States attracted him with impressive contracts. As a result, in 2000, after an insulting failure of the Munich club on the euro, Lothar decided to move to America.

A new command of the German was one of the leaders of the championship of FC "New York Metrostars". It is worth noting that the transfer to the United States was asked by Matthaus himself. The leadership and the fans of the "Bavaria" tried in every possible way to dissuade their captain, but the decision remained unchanged.

In the farewell exhibition match Lothar the stars of Germany and the whole world took part. At the benefit even Maradona came.

Sunset career footballer

Lothar's last chance to revive the former status of the best defender of the planet was Euro 2000. In the qualifying round, Germany's national football team outperformed all of its competitors. However, Matthaus came out in the starting lineup only a few times.

At the European Championship Germany could not even leave the group, gaining just 2 points. Matthaus appeared on the field in all matches, but this could hardly be a comfort to him and the whole country. As for his club career, it ended in New York. For "Metrostars" defender played the entire season, but the champion of America he never happened. Later, Lothar himself will say that in addition to him in New York, there was no one else to defend himself, hence the permanent defeats.

Hanging the boots on the nail Matteus forced a severe back injury at the end of the season.

Bad character

Lothar always preferred conflicts to calm conversation. If he did not find common ground with his partners or coaches, he could start a fight without hesitation.

Spitfire behavior has often affected the team. In the crucial matches of the season Matteus often gave up his nerves, for which he repeatedly received disqualifications. The clubs could not do anything about this, as the penalties for the German did not work, but only fueled the conflict.

In mid-1996, the German team almost lost the coach before the European Championships. The team rose against their coach. And the instigator was the same Lothar Matthaus.

Personal life

Legendary defender of the "Bavaria" since his youth was popular with girls. Because of his passion, he repeatedly violated the command regime. During the years of his professional career, the footballer was married three times. The first lady was the beautiful Sylvia. Lothar idolized her, bought her a diamond necklace and yachts. However, a few years later, he twisted an affair with the model Lolita, who was one of the three winners of the Miss Universe contest.

For a long time to keep treason in secret was not possible. As a result, Lolita became the second wife of a star player. The marriage with the model lasted about 10 years. The idyll ended after the German's novel with Möller-Wohlfarth.

In November 2014, Lothar Matthaus married a Russian 25-year-old model. The wedding took place in the Slovak castle "Chateau Bela". The guest of honor was Franz Beckenbauer. Today Lothar Matthaus and Anastasia Klimko live in Germany with their little son.

Before the marriage with the Russian model, the football player was in a marital relationship with Ukrainian top-diva Liliana Chudinova.

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