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Konik.ru: the biggest assortment of children's goods at low prices

Children are the most precious thing that a family has. Therefore, all parents tend to surround them with beautiful and high-quality goods. Toys, strollers, clothes, accessories, books, school supplies - moms and dads are ready to choose only the best of them.

The largest selection of brands and products

It is these products of the highest and proven quality are represented on konik.ru. This online toy store has a comprehensive children's range, which includes goods for newborns and children of preschool and school age.

The motto of konik.ru is "All the best for children". The proof is that the entire assortment of the store is represented by world-famous trademarks and brands for the production of children's goods.

Konik.ru is the place where brands from the countries of America, Europe and Russia are gathered. Along with the eminent companies, you can find here also "young" brands, which are just beginning their steps in the children's segment, but have already proved themselves only from the best side.

The store is trying to offer its customers the best and safest products, therefore all product names are confirmed by quality certificates, passed the necessary check for safety for the health and life of the child.


The assortment includes the following categories:

  • children's furniture;
  • Items for the children's room;
  • Strollers;
  • clothes;
  • Accessories;
  • Toys;
  • Developing sets and games;
  • Books
  • Creative sets
  • School supplies.

A huge selection of names allows shop customers to choose everything they need in one place, which significantly reduces the time for their search. The site is simple and easy to choose toys for girls 8 years old, for example, to Birthday or New Year.

Shop benefits

Konik.ru is not just a store with an unimaginable amount of children's goods. This is a "special" place where the dreams of adults and children are fulfilled. Store managers strive to offer products of the highest quality, which will delight customers with their quality and appearance for many years. In addition, thanks to an effective procurement system, the store's prices are low, which can not but please customers.

For the convenience of customers there is a special loyalty system. These are accumulative bonuses from perfect purchases, which can then be converted into the purchase of any thing you like.

The multi-pronged payment system allows customers to pay in any convenient way - in cash, cashless or virtual money.

Delivery of goods is carried out anywhere in the Russian Federation. When ordering from 4 thousand it happens for free. Purchased goods can be obtained at the branded points of delivery of the store, at the offices of courier services or order delivery to the house.

The user menu of the site is convenient and intuitive. It is easy to figure out, find and pick up a thing, and then make an order. In order to receive advice, the site has a feedback form - a free phone call to store managers.

Analyzing the range, prices, quality of goods, brands and service provided, we can safely say that konik.ru is the best place to buy children's products.

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