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Is compatibility "female Cancer - male Aquarius"?

The compatibility horoscope is always fascinating and interesting to read. He tells us about the nature of the relationship between people born under different constellations. Horoscope as it gives a guide to how to influence the relationship, on what positive side to pay attention. Knowing our compatibility with a certain sign, it is possible to understand whether further communication will be possible. Now we look at the compatibility of the "female Cancer - male-Aquarius".

Character, similarity and differences

Aquarius - the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Cancer is the fourth sign. People born under the sign of Aquarius are intelligent, sociable and benevolent. Cancers are generally touchy, but at the same time responsive and very attentive to small things. They are united only by one trait - capriciousness. They are prone to mood swings, but both are smart, full of creative ideas and generally able to live up to each other's expectations, whatever they are.

Compatibility "female Cancer, male Aquarius"

To put it bluntly, this couple has nothing in common with each other. Aquarius is too practical, Cancer is too emotional. He wants to conduct high-intellectual conversations, she believes that there is enough emotional connection. She is waiting for his attention, needs constant assurances of love, it is difficult to express everything in words, even if the feeling is very strong. Lack of emotionality on his part can be very frustrating woman, but it does not cling to her husband: he immediately forgets all the quarrels And bursts, such is the man-Aquarius. The Woman-Cancer is the owner, she is madly jealous of her aspiring freedom partner. Yes, this couple can lead a violent social life, but they are hardly designed for each other.

Compatibility "female Cancer, male Aquarius". Intimacy

And here a couple of waiting for some features. Active life position of Aquarius makes him to be in the first position and in bed. Raku though inherent in the role of the slave, he can pokapriznichat and think about whether to take him courting partner. As a result, a man should make a lot of efforts in order to persuade the chosen one to be intimate. In his youth, Aquarius attracts women somewhat older than them, they like their inner confidence in them, and experience is also of considerable importance. Women-Cancers, on the contrary, choose younger men. Consequently, if two such people have met and experienced sympathy for each other, a completely successful love story can await them.

Compatibility "female Cancer, male Aquarius". Business partnership

But in business, things can be much better than in the personal sphere. But provided that the inert Cancer will constantly be hampered by an active partner, Aquarius. but Partner-man is worth remembering one thing: never criticize your colleague with strangers. Otherwise, she simply drops her hands and harbors insult, which will only be disentangled by Aquarius-man. Woman-Cancer compatibility in business sees in its own way: these are tactful remarks and public praise from the boss. Then she will be ready to practically turn mountains and become an indispensable employee.

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