If the eye bitten by midges, what to do? How to help yourself?

Not every person knows if the moth bites into the eye , what to do in this case? Despite the fact that this is a kind of harmless phenomenon, everything can end very badly. Therefore, one must be able to provide first aid. In cases when there is no possibility to consult a doctor, you need to know the methods of traditional medicine.

So, you bite in the eye, what to do? If there was edema, then it should be removed. For this, you can use a piece of ice. Preliminarily it is better to wrap a towel and attach it to the eye. Alcohol can also be used for this purpose. He not only anesthetizes, but also disinfects the surface, stops bleeding.

Little is known about what is the swelling of the eyes, what to do in this case. Moss when bitten inject a small amount of poison. Therefore, itching and redness of the skin may occur. So the allergic reaction proceeds. At this stage, it is important not to comb the wound. This will only slow the healing and stretch it for several weeks. If the eye bitten by midges, what to do if itching? You can use a weak solution of 9% vinegar or baking soda. The resulting mixture must be applied to the affected area.

A tumor of the eyelid can appear for various reasons, but often it manifests itself as a reaction to the bite of a midge. In severe cases, this can lead to vascular disease. Therefore, you need to know how to stop the tumor. For this, it is best to use ice. It must be applied to the affected area. You can make a compress with soda. For this, the substance in an amount of one teaspoon is stirred in a glass of water.

There are medicines that will help you with bite of midges. First you need to apply an anti-inflammatory ointment. It can remove swelling and prevent the development of the tumor. Then you should take any antihistamine. This will prevent allergies, that is, redness and swelling of the eye. It is important to drink as much liquid as possible. But if you bite in the eye, what to do, in addition to first aid? It is best to see a doctor.

Conjunctivitis may develop. It has a bacterial basis. It is an inflammatory disease affecting the mucous eyes. As a rule, the main A symptom is the purulent discharge and sensation of a foreign body.

If you have signs of this disease, you need to immediately consult an ophthalmologist. Typically, the treatment is to use drops and wash the eyes. In the future, it is worth following some simple rules. So, if you bite the midge in the eye, do not rub it with your hands. So you just cause inflammation. Observe the rules of personal hygiene: do not use someone else's ink, a towel and so on. When you sneeze, be sure to cover your mouth with your hand. It is important to change bed linen often. If you have a conjunctivitis, at the end of it you need to change all make-up, contact lenses and so on with new ones. This will help to avoid further infection.

To prevent negative consequences, it is better to protect yourself from bites of Simuliidae. To do this, you can use special tools. They are easy to buy at a hardware store.

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