How to use the diffuser

To create a bright and noticeable hairstyle, you do not need to become a visitor to a beauty salon, if you have a hairdryer with a diffuser, then you can easily do it at home. For this you only need to know how to use the diffuser.

Usually girls using a hairdryer do not even use half of its capabilities, and in fact with the help of a diffuser you can create a lush and voluminous styling without wasting time. Let's figure it out. In its essence, the diffuser is a round and wide nozzle on the hairdryer, reminiscent of a bell with many small holes, or a plate with plastic teeth. During the drying process, the diffuser gradually disperses hot air, the hair is noticeably less injured, the process becomes much more gentle, and the hair retains its health and strength.

If you are interested in how to use the diffuser, then we can say that to give splendor it is necessary to apply to wet, freshly washed hair a styling agent in a small amount, and then evenly distribute it along the entire length to the tips. The hair with the applied foam should be dried with this nozzle, which has hollow plastic teeth, slightly raising at their roots.

If you are interested in some other ways how to use the diffuser, then you can use it to dry your hair, which was processed by chemical wave. So you can make your locks more elastic and keep their shape for a long time. Curly hair after that will look noticeably larger.

Depending on the desired result, whipped curls or straightened hair, use a diffuser nozzle with combing effect or vibrating denticles. With long hair, it is recommended to use a nozzle with smooth and long teeth, and with short hair it is very appropriate if it has short "fingers".

The effect of drying can be strengthened by means of foam, mousse, gel, which will allow you to make stowage with different degrees of fixation.

There is another recommendation, how to use the diffuser. You need to tilt your head down, apply the styling agent on your hair, and then just dry it, then the hair will really surprise you with its volume. After the process is over, do not scratch them, then the volume will not disappear.

Diffuser is not only a nozzle for a hair dryer

During the installation of ventilation in rooms with devices that use an open flame, the necessary air flow must be ensured, this is done by installing special fans powered from the electrical network. If ventilation diffusers are installed in the bathroom, then they should be located as far as possible from the place of water procedures. For showers it is necessary to use only built-in fans or low-voltage air ducts. Many can care about the noise level. It can be noted that you can reduce it by installing a muffler behind the fan, as well as when covering the inner surface with sound-absorbing material.

In air conditioning and ventilation systems, radial fans are used. An intake diffuser can be used, which is located on one shaft with a V-belt drive or an electric motor. The blades can be bent forward or backward. At the moment there is a rather large selection of such devices that differ in form, color, variety of designs and other parameters.

You already understand how diverse devices can be, which are called identically, they can be used in completely different branches and spheres of our life.

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