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How to spend children's birthdays at home? Conducting a children's birthday at home

What can be more pleasant and calmer for parents than celebrating children's birthdays at home? Of course, this is much cheaper, and mothers will not worry for their children, although the hassle and cleaning will increase. If everything is organized correctly, think ahead of the children's menu and competitions, then everything will be held at the highest level, and the child will remember the holiday for many years. Especially children adore holidays for fun and a lot of gifts.

Home celebration

It is best if the parents organize a holiday, but they will not interfere with the children, for example, they will go to another room. So kids will feel much freer. Children's birthdays at home mean, of course, that you will periodically monitor the situation, but try to do it unobtrusively and unnoticed. Be sure to introduce the guys to each other, if they do not already know each other, tell me who is keen on it, try to find a common between them and point to it. The birthday girl or birthday boy should pay attention to all members of the celebration, so that no one feels lonely. It will be ugly if your child "forgets" about some friends, and they will try to entertain themselves.

Attributes and festive decoration

To organize a children 's birthday at home, decorate the room nicely, make the atmosphere as festive as possible. For this purpose, balloons (conventional or helium), signs, garlands of letters with the inscription "Happy Birthday!" and other. At the end of the celebration, each participant of the holiday can take a ball of his favorite color with him home. It will be interesting for children to look at a wall newspaper made by themselves, in which there will be funny rhymes, photographs of the birthday or birthday girl. The photos made in each year of life of the originator of a celebration will perfectly suit. If your apartment is small, you can temporarily rent a house more spacious, for example, a house with a fireplace.

And what do we have on the menu?

Here you have arranged a children's birthday at home, photos from wall newspaper children have looked, now it's time to have a bite. What to cook for children? Do not bother with complex dishes, let everything be done deliciously, simply and, most importantly, with fiction. For example, colorful canapes, sandwiches in the form of little animals, sweets, bright salads and necessarily a big cake with candles! It is not necessary, arranging children's birthdays at home, to prepare heavy meat dishes, because children should remain vigorous, and not fed until dumped and sleepy. Excellent fit chicken wings or nuggets. You can make cutlets in Kiev or cook a large pizza, and as a sweet order a large ice cream cake.

What kind of drinks? Suitable children's champagne, Coca-Cola, fruit or black tea, cappuccino and many others. Children will also like a variety of milkshakes, blender is in almost every home.

For adults, you can cover a separate table in the kitchen or even postpone the celebration of the birthday of your beloved child the next day, usually children like to have a holiday only for them.

Entertaining guests

Children's birthdays at home - it's certainly a noise and fun, where without it? Prepare various playful games, for example, hide and seek. Girls will like to arrange fashion shows: invite them to bring their dolls from home - let them also arrange a grandiose holiday for them and show their outfits. You can invite a fairy-tale hero to the house, for example, Pinocchio or Carlson. A number of holiday agencies provide such services. They will congratulate your baby and cheer the company. Also in such organizations there is a director who will make up a script for you and take into account the most demanding preferences. If you do not want to call someone on the house, become the lead for a while. Enough festive attire, fun music and good jokes.

Come up with games. Interesting for the kids will be the game "According to the color of the eyes." Invite the kids to line up from the lightest shades of the eyes to the darkest. You will see how they with the homo and chirping will determine the shades and look out for those who are lighter or darker. So it is possible to group in heaps - who is born in summer, winter, spring or autumn, build lines along the length of the hair, change elements of clothing.

Prepare in advance puzzles that you need to solve and perform tasks in order to get some object. This game is suitable if you live in a private house. Notes can be hidden in various places and made them artificially aged with the help of tea leaves. So they will resemble scrolls of parchment, which will give more mystery. Riddles can be in the form of puzzles, mysterious messages, where letters or words are intermingled, and much more. You can change one of the members of the family into a cheerful clown, who during the game here and there gives out the drinks to the children.

You can, as a physical barrier, pull a cobweb from the ropes or threads between the trees in the yard and, on instructions, let the children try to pass it in a short period of time. Be prepared that this will be very interesting for children, but there may be unforeseen circumstances, for example, rain. Then, in this case, think of additional tasks that you need to perform in the house. As a prize or a mysterious object you can make a casket with small gifts.

We organize contests

Children's birthday home contests implied in the first place. It can be both intellectual problems, and competitions, especially if you live in a private home. Let everyone draw out a "ticket" and carry out the assignment, and you will prepare gifts that are distributed to everyone without exception, something like a win-win lottery. As a contest, you can show tricks. Let everyone show a trick with paper or cards, and the most "professional" magician will get a sweet prize, which he will naturally divide among the other participants.

And finally ...

Holding children's birthdays at home is, of course, fun and interesting, but it can quickly get bored with the kids. At the end of the day, try to organize a sortie in the park or an amusement park. Even the children will enjoy an evening visit to the cinema, where they can enjoy watching their favorite movie, accompanied by cheerful friends and popcorn. Such a holiday will be discussed for a long time in the classroom or kindergarten, because the kids will have fun!

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