How to Pick up a Pump

Any pumps, regardless of purpose, perform the same function: they move liquids (including liquefied gases) and create a head in them. But they are so different in their purpose and design that before buying a pump the customer must find the answer to a lot of questions, and this is impossible without special knowledge.

In a situation where it is necessary to pick up any specific pumps, skilled assistance can be provided by an experienced pump dealer, such as "Pumps" Ltd. In this case, the consultant should not only determine the modification of the equipment (there will be these pumping stations or some kind of pump , Then other aggregates). It is necessary to choose a reliable, proven manufacturer, especially it is to ensure uninterrupted operation, for example, a chemical pump or the most complicated oil pumps.

A qualified sale of pumps implies the ability to accurately pick up the necessary customer, often very expensive equipment. Therefore, when purchasing pumps for marine or marine pumps, the buyer completes a special questionnaire. Sometimes ordered units are unique, they must be executed in a single copy. In this case, the manufacturer must be provided with a professionally prepared technical task.

For example, only water pumps have many purposes: the pumps supply water to the objects consuming it (boilers, installations, etc.), and condensate pumps at power plants or special drainage pumps, as well as specific faecal pumps, provide drainage, and therefore Have completely different parameters.

The characteristics of the pumped liquid depend on the choice of materials from which the same oil pumps or food pumps will be manufactured. The possibility of contact with aggressive media during operation or the presence of solid inclusions in the liquid that will be pumped, for example, downhole pumps, also determine the design features of this equipment.

When purchasing fire pumps it is necessary to take into account the features and characteristics of existing communications, otherwise there may be a mismatch between the parameters of pumps and networks. For road tankers in general, specific aggregates are required, from the reliability of which the safety of property and people's lives sometimes depends.

When selecting circulation pumps for heating systems, it is necessary to calculate the building's need for heat, climatic conditions, and the characteristics of the building materials from which the building is erected.

Specific vacuum pumps, which pump out gases generated during various technological processes, can not be installed in rooms where there may be arcing.

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