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How to make light music in a machine from improvised means?

In recent years, marketers have noted the trend of increasing the output and installation of automotive and home music. As a rule, things like light-emitting diode from LEDs are quite expensive and at times to install them is a rather problematic task. It is worth noting that motorists often feel sorry for the "hard" money for such toys, so this device is invented and installed independently. Often luminescence is installed not only in car speakers, but also in the cabin itself.

In order to build this miracle of technology, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Scissors.
  • A piece of plastic.
  • Drill (manual / electric, does not matter).
  • Sandpaper.
  • Twelve- LED light bulbs.
  • Glue.
  • Thermal gun.

Further in this article you will see an instruction on how to make light music in a car and at home. It will describe the options and the desired parameters, as well as warnings, which you should not do, so as not to cause a fire and a short circuit.

Step one

In order to understand how to make light music, you need to make a box for the intended device. For this, plastic sheets are taken and four identical plates are cut out. As a rule, these are plates of the following sizes - 20х10 centimeters, and two square plates 5х5. Note that if necessary, the dimensions of the box can be reduced or increased, however, then you will have to tinker with the adjustment of the corners. Remember that when cutting out the plates, you should leave as few burrs as possible on the edges, and they should be as flat as possible. From these conditions depends how they will be stuck together during further processing.

Step Two

Choose the plate that will be attached to the back of your box, and make two holes in it. In the future, they will be able to connect headphones and power wires for the equipment of our light music. The next thing you need to do is to glue all the records together. After all this, the question of how to make light music is practically solved.

Step Three

I want to note that if you have a desire to somehow refine the light box and get additional lighting effects, you should "darken" it. This is done in an elementary way. Take fine-grained sandpaper and unhurried circular motions polish all the walls of your box.

Step Four

It is worth noting that in order to achieve the most pleasant effect and beauty of color transfusion, it is also worthwhile to process lenses that will undoubtedly be present in our device. Only after these manipulations can you begin to glue the walls of the box and the whole structure into a whole. To do this, we need at least a short time to get a thermo-gun and glue.

Step five (preliminary)

The most important in achieving the success of assembling our device is to select good LEDs. As a rule, on the shelves in stores and on the markets there is enough such a product, but nevertheless, it is necessary to pick up the brightest twelve-volt LEDs. Usually, the use of more powerful lamps is not recommended for TB purposes.

Step Six

Having collected all necessary and connected in a single circuit, it is necessary to check our creation for efficiency. We connect to the network. Is everything on and blinking? So everything turned out. The only thing left is to attach the power plug inside the box and close it with the top plate. That's it - the product is ready. We figured out how to make light music.

In conclusion of the article I want to note that if you are visited by thoughts to equip with light music not only the car, but also the house, then you will need such instruction. Lighting for the house can be done in the same style, only taking into account the dimensions and brightness of the glow.

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