How to Make a Beadwork Keychain

The key ring is a necessary accessory, due to which small things become different from others. Now this little thing accompanies not only keys, but also cell phones, flash drives, baby pencil cases, cosmetic bags, bags, etc. It has become especially popular to make keyrings with your own hands. Originally it looks like a key chain made of beads, beads, woven macrame, crocheted.

Unusual keyfob functions

Very often these accessories have additional functions. Recently in Japan there were original charms, consisting of a capsule that showed through through, inside which a living plant grows. After the flower grows up (and it happens more often than a cactus), it is planted in a pot. And one of the unique inventions was a keychain, helping not to lose important things. A useful thing works like a remote keychain, while in the bag or purse a transmitter is stored, when pressed, the signal indicating the location of the keyfob triggers. With it, the keys or the flash drive will never be lost.

Another useful application will appeal to hikers. Inside the gizmos is hidden a self-inflating light ball that works as a life jacket when dropped into the water. For romantic nature, it is very appropriate to have a keychain with a photo of a loved one. But a thing made by one's own hands, for example, a beadwork keychain, is much more pleasant to wear with it than the one bought in the store.

We make charms from beads

To perform various versions of the product you need to familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of weaving with beads. Among them are loop weaving, honeycombs (openwork netting), mesh "honeycomb", openwork corners, monastic and many others. Of course, skilled craftswomen, using all modern technologies of weaving in practice, will easily create the most beautiful thing.

Let's try to make a "bee" for the beginning - the simplest keychain of beads. The diagram shows the number of necessary beads and the direction of work. The weaving starts from the bottom up.

1 line - cut a thin wire or strong thread through a black bead and place it in the middle. Reinstall in the opposite direction.

2nd row - through a black bead wire is passed from both sides towards each other. This principle of wire motion is characteristic for all series.

3 row - two black beads.

4 rows - three yellow beads.

5 row - four black beads.

6 row - four yellow beads.

7 row - the wings of the "bee" are made out. To do this, the wire from each side passes through eight beads, thus forming a circle.

8 row - four black beads.

9 row - four yellow beads.

10 row - three black beads.

11 row - four black beads.

12 rows - one black, one yellow, one black.

13 row - one black.

14 row - fastening to the ring.

Make such a key chain from beads will not be difficult. Let this be the beginning of the fascination with beading and will interest in the performance of a few more simple things. After all, in a similar way you can weave, for example, a lot of different animals.

Keyring made from beads for keys is just a small bauble. But how nice to have an individual thing made by yourself.

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