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How to get from Bangkok to Samui by plane, bus or train?

Koh Samui at all on hearing. This is the third largest island in the Kingdom of Thailand. And, perhaps, he successfully defends the leadership of tourist sympathy in Phuket. The resort boom in Koh Samui came in the late 70's. Since then, coconut groves and jungle have made room, giving way to luxury hotels. On the snow-white beaches of Samui, there are legends. In addition to them on the island also has something to see. Monasteries, impassable jungle, waterfalls and elephant farms will create conditions for a rich excursion program. But in this article we are not going to paint the beauty of Koh Samui. We will concentrate on the transfer issue. After all, almost all international flights arrive in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. In the tourist season, some charters land on Phuket. How to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui? Read about it below.

Aircraft. Variant of transit flight

Samui Island is located about 500 kilometers from Bangkok and 40 kilometers from the coast, in the Siamsky Gulf of the Indian Ocean. Overcome the distance to the coveted beaches and gentle waves in several ways. The fastest and easiest is the transit flight. You do not even need to leave the air-conditioned airport of Suvarnabhumi on the streets of Bangkok. Just buy an online ticket from Bangkok Airways. And if you did not have time to buy it - it does not matter: planes to the resort island fly from six in the morning to nine in the evening with a small interval, like buses. Flight of Bangkok-Samui takes only an hour and ten minutes. On the island the airport is located in the northern part, in the Bangkrak area (or "Big Buddha"). The feeling of the resort begins already with the ladder. The plane is served by cheerful trams, which take passengers to the terminal, covered with palm leaves. And from Bangkrak to the place of rest you can get on sangte (jeep-combi) or taxi.

Cons of direct transfer

Firstly, you will not see the sights of Bangkok. And this is a significant minus. But, suppose you are in Thailand is not the first time, or you are not interested in anything but the sea and the beach. But even then there is one drawback in the direct transfer. This is the price. Unfortunately, the low-fire AirAsia is not allowed on Koh Samui. Recently there were flights of Thai Airways, but their rates are slightly less than those of Bangkok Airlines. Yes, and they fly only twice a day, which often excludes transit flights. Thus, one ticket will cost you four and a half thousand baht. Quite an important reason to look for another solution to the issue, how to get from Bangkok to Samui.

Low-cost plus ferry

To reduce the price of the road from the capital to the island twice, using the budget air carrier AirAsia. The aircraft of this company fly to cities located on the continent, but not far from Koh Samui. But they are not sent from the international hub of Suvarnabhumi. You need to get to the small Don Muang airport. On a taxi it will cost 500 baht. But the flight itself to Surat Thani (Nakhon Si Thammarat) will cost about 1800 baht. Then you need to get to the dock of Don Sack, from which ferries to the island go. In order not to worry about how to get from Bangkok to Samui, you can buy a combined ticket "airflight + ferry". Its cost will include a transfer from local airports to the Don Sak berth and a ticket on the boat.

Train + Ferry

So, let's compare the estimate of the previous variant. A trip to another airport, a low-cost flight, a shuttle to the pier and a ferry will cost an average of more than two thousand baht per person. Better than in the version with the services of Bangkok Airlines, but still expensive. How to get from Bangkok to Samui even cheaper? Only by land transport. The southern railway line is always very congested. This means that you can always go to Surat Thani. About 12 trains depart in a day in that direction. The ticket can be purchased both online and directly at the ticket office at Hualamphong Train Station. But it's best to go to the tourist office and purchase the "Train + Ferry" service package. It will include a transfer to the dock. The price of it will depend on the class of the train, the comfort of the car and even the place. What is the benefit of the package? You will not worry that the delay of a train (and this in Thailand is not an exception, but rather a rule) will entail that a ferry to Samui will go without you. You do not need to take a taxi to the pier of the Donsak. And also stand in line for tickets to the boat.

Estimate of the option "train + ferry"

To get from the international airport to the central station is possible on the metro - a mere penny. It is most convenient to go to Surat-tani by night train. The wagons in the Thai railways, like all over the world, are classified. The first category is two people in a compartment, the air conditioner works. There is such a pleasure 1339 baht. Fortunately, the Bangkok-Samui train (to be exact, Surat-tani) has second-class wagons. Tourists assure that they are the most ideal combination of low price and high comfort. The second class can be air-conditioned without it. In the second case, the windows are ajar, and the wondrous smells of the night jungle fill the car. Each sleeping place is separated from the general passage by a tight curtain. The lower shelf (wider and softer) costs more than the upper one: 768 against 698 baht. There is another option to travel third class (400 baht), but there are just soft chairs, like in a bus. Total total cost of the trip will be approximately 1500 baht per person.

Bus Bangkok-Samui

This method is the most uncomfortable, the longest, but the cheapest. If the train goes to Surat-Tani about 8 hours, then the bus - more than eleven. From the airport you need to get to the Southern Bus Terminal. It is best to buy a ticket for the evening hours. So the bus will arrive to the first ferry, and after an hour and a half of traveling by sea you step on the white sand of Samui. On Khaosan Road in Bangkok, you can buy a set of services, like a railway version. In this case, the bus to the pier will wait for you in Surat-tani. You can also choose a ferry, although the price is little affected. But much depends on the class of the bus. From Bangkok to Samui you can get to the first class. The seats in this bus are wide and recline almost horizontally. But the whole trip in the second class (together with the ferry and the transfer) you will cost 800 baht per person.

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