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How to draw a beautiful girl according to the laws of symmetry

Drawing people is not an easy task. Nevertheless, many fans of short-term art, the question of how to draw a beautiful girl, is interested in much more than how to portray a beautiful teapot. Well, this is quite natural curiosity: the kettle is of little interest to anyone. Another thing - the pretty face of a beauty, which you can not admire. It is also surprising that it is the female sex, especially at a young age, that is inherent in drawing Such pictures. Beautifully drawn girls for them, probably, are a certain sample of an ideal and serve as a kind of stimulus to perfection of their own appearance. Therefore, in this article, I will try to understand very clearly what to look for when drawing a woman's portrait.

Before you draw a beautiful girl, you should understand that her face should eventually be proportionate. And to achieve this proportionality is necessary at the very beginning, making light sketches. It is best to make them with a solid simple pencil on thick paper so that the auxiliary lines can be easily erased without damaging the surface of the sheet. So, take a pencil and, avoiding strong pressure, draw an ellipse - the future head - with the "point" down. Next, you need to split the ellipse in half with a solid vertical line. This is necessary for symmetry.

The next step in how to draw a beautiful girl is to split the ellipse into
Using horizontal lines. They will serve as a further guide. First, schematically define the hairline, then divide everything that is below it into three equal parts. At the level of the first horizontal line (the hairline is not taken into account), the nose bridge should begin, at the second level - the end of the nose. Line of eyebrows outlined just above the level of the bridge of the nose, and the line of the eyes - just below it.

Since our task is to solve the question of how beautifully to draw a girl, we will pay special attention to the image of her eyes. It is clear that they must be huge and beautiful. But in this case, they should also harmoniously "fit" in person, otherwise you will get either a baboon or a sloth of Sid from the cartoon "Ice Age". Note that the distance between the eyes is equal to the length of the eye from the inner corner to the outside. Therefore, recede a small distance from the center and on the already planned eye line, put a point on one side of the vertical. Then, at the same distance from the center, place the point on the other side. So you mark the supposed inner corners of the eyes. Measure the distance between these points - you will get the length of each eye. Of course, their height should also be the same.

The next step in solving the question of how to draw a beautiful girl, observing the laws of symmetry, is the image of her lips. Their line should be located just below the line of the nose end. In order not to be lost, divide the lowest part of the future face into three identical parts. The incision of the mouth must fall on the first horizontal line, and the edge of the lower lip on the second. The rest is the chin. Now that you have outlined the proportions schematically, you can, by focusing on them, begin a more detailed drawing of the face.

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