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SMS messages are an important part of modern people's communication on the phone. Only you can not always send them on favorable terms. Sometimes you have to connect special services from a mobile operator. Today we will try to figure out how to disable the Smart SMS package on MTS, how to use this offer, and why it was invented at all. Each service of the cellular operator has its own purpose.


Let's start with the description of the proposal. Tariff "SMS Smart" (MTS) is a special package of services that allows subscribers to send messages from the phone on favorable terms.

Which ones? With this offer, you have the right to write SMS for free to any operator's numbers within your region. However, with some restriction - a message of only 10 messages is available per day. In principle, this is enough for modern man. Thus, SMS Smart is quite an interesting service, which you should pay attention to.

Terms of Delivery

Any offer has its own conditions, which will have to be respected. Before you turn off the Smart SMS package on the MTS, you need to understand what we are refusing. As already mentioned, on a day with this service, the subscriber is able to send 10 free SMS messages to the numbers of all cellular operators inside the home network. It is rather profitable if you exhaust all letters per day.

Nevertheless, this is not a free pleasure. From MTS "Smart SMS" will cost the subscriber 2.5 rubles per day (in some regions - 5). This is a subscription fee, which you will have to pay for using the package. If you think about it, it's not so expensive. But only in the event that you write daily SMS messages. If you rarely use letters from the phone, then there is no critical need for the service. For a month you will have to pay 75 rubles. Not very much, but extra expenses in case of rare need are not needed. Therefore, you have to think about how to disable the Smart SMS package on MTS.

Checking the balance

Only before these subscribers need to know one more little moment. This is about checking the balance of messages per day. This is an important process for those who actively use letters on the phone.

The rest of SMS on "MTS Smart" is checked with the help of several actions. First - call the operator. You dial 0890 and say that you would like to know the rest of the messages according to the connected package. Not the best option, it takes quite a while. Therefore, the USSD team is more popular.

To see the SMS on the MTS (balance according to the package) dial * 101 * 104 #. Then press the call button. A few minutes of waiting - and you will get the result. Here maybe a few hands. The first is the output of the result directly to the screen after the request, the second is the receipt of the SMS with the remainder. Much more often subscribers simply receive a message with the necessary information.

Disable by operator

If you decide to cancel this package of services, you can use several methods. Which one to choose - everyone decides on their own. So it is necessary to study all the methods offered to subscribers.

For example, any service from MTS is connected and disconnected by a call to the operator. Call 0890 and wait for an answer. By the way, the call is free. After the operator's response, you inform about your intention to refuse SMS Smart. You will be asked if you really want this. Sometimes they can ask for passport data for identification. And all, now you can wait until your request is processed. Eventually you will receive a message with the notification of the disconnection of the message pack on your number.

Frankly speaking, subscribers do not like to call the operator to connect / disconnect services. After all, now most often have to communicate with the voice-robot. And the proposed navigation is not clear to everyone. In addition, calling a live operator is extremely difficult. Therefore, we have to look for other ways how to disable the Smart SMS package on the MTS.

Personal Area

The second option that can be offered is the use of the official website of the cellular operator. Here, the "Personal Cabinet" will help us. Or, as it is also called, "Assistant."

To disable SMS Smart, you will have to go to the official page of MTS and go there authorization. Next, in the "Services" section, find the required package of messages. Click on it, then scroll to the very end of the page that appears. Find the "Disable" option there. If you press and confirm your actions (using the security code that comes to your phone), then you will refuse to provide the service.

In principle, this is already a more suitable and popular option. But it is convenient to implement it only from the computer. If you only use the phone, you should pay attention to other approaches. There are not so many of them, but they are able to answer how to disconnect the Smart SMS package on the MTS quickly, simply and without assistance.

Teams to help

Then you can resort to a rather interesting option. It's about using USSD-commands. They help to disconnect and connect those or other services of the cellular operator without help. Perhaps, this is the most popular approach to solving the problem.

To cancel the package "Smart SMS", just dial * 111 * 9009 #. After that, click on the "Call" button on the phone. You can wait until your request is processed. In response you will receive several notifications. The first is that the request is sent for processing, the second - with the result of the actions. Nothing complicated or supernatural. By the way, USSD-teams are absolutely free.


There is also a SMS-request in solving our today's problem. Not the most popular, but nevertheless quite interesting approach. To implement it, you will have to create a special message, which is sent to a short number.

In our case, to disconnect the package "Smart SMS" from the company MTS, you have to write in the text of the letter 9009. And then send it to number 111. And wait for the result of processing the operation.

It is worth noting that if you send less than 4 messages per day, Smart SMS is automatically disabled. However, this possibility is available only in the case when the tendency of inactivity is observed for 15 days. This fact should be taken into account if you do not want to lose the Smart SMS package from MTS.

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