How to convert video to computer

How long have you visited a computer store or a boutique with mobile phones? For sure, on the shelves are exhibited mobile devices with a large screen diagonal. Small screens, which are not that finger - even a thin stylus was difficult to get, remained far in the past. Tablets, communicators, netbooks - like electronic devices more and more, and analysts in one voice prophesy them a bright future. Actually, now you can even see retired people with touch phones. A small consumption of battery power, compact size, light weight and multifunctionality, provided by a quality processor - these are just a few of the advantages of a modern mobile device (English device). Being its owner, it is difficult to resist the temptation to watch a movie or a movie on a free minute, the more the program-viewer is already integrated by the software developer into the shell system.

At the same time, most of these devices have one limitation, which is the impossibility of viewing all video formats, if you do not previously use the program for converting files. In practice, it looks like this: simply by copying the video file from the computer to the portable device and trying to play it, you may encounter a message about the unsupported format. Therefore, the file must first be prepared appropriately on the computer for the program to convert. Such applications there is a huge amount, as they say, for every taste and color. From fully automatic, to products with the possibility of fine manual tuning. The question is how to convert a non-trivial video, because you want to not only make the file compatible with the mobile device, but also not lose quality. That's where the balance really matters.

Before answering the question of how to convert a video, you should determine what exactly the source file needs to be changed. If just the format of audio and video compression, then for these purposes you can use one of the excellent programs with a multi-year history, which is VirtualDub, designed to work with video files. It, like many other similar programs, uses external codecs, so do not forget to install them (a vivid example is the K-Lite Codec pack). In the "File" menu, select the desired codec, and in the "Video" the desired codec. Each of them has its own settings that open in the window when you click the "Edit" button. Here you can also convert the audio stream. A very convenient program, which should be on the computer for everyone who, even though sometimes faces the need for conversion.

Internet forums often advise how to convert video. Sometimes it's right, sometimes it's not. But one program, which will be discussed later, left most favorable impressions. This application is a combine that allows you to effectively convert files even for beginners, since it does not require any special knowledge: they chose the format, save path and clicked to convert. This program is Any DVD Converter. And do not be misled by the abbreviation "DVD", because this software product also works fine with single files. At first glance, its capabilities seem limitless, in part this is true, because all major video formats are supported. After the start, we click "Add video", at the bottom we select "Output folder" - the folder for saving the work results. In the upper right corner, select the desired profile and, if necessary, make adjustments. You can not skip the large "Encode" button. It remains to wait for the completion and pick up your file in the output folder.

If you still do not understand how to convert video, then maybe you should use a specialized program from the developer of the mobile device (if the conversion is performed for him), which is usually placed on the corresponding site.

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