How to bind men's socks? Schemes, description, detailed instructions

Warm socks are always useful. Perhaps, your man is a fisherman, likes to frosty in the winter with a fishing rod? Then he just needs a warmer for his legs. If he likes to go to the dacha in the cold season, then woolen socks will come in handy. Socks made of warm fine yarn can be worn under winter boots or worn at home when it is not hot. If you know how to tie men's socks with knitting needles, then you can create with your own hands a few items and donate to relatives or narrowed ones.

Preparatory process

That's just not likely to make a surprise out of this. After a nosochek you need to periodically try on the one for whom he is knit. Then it is easy to understand when to begin to untie the heel, to reduce and close the loops in the toe. If there is another sock that a man fits, then you can take it as a reference and compare a new product with it. That's what you need to do when you knit men's socks with knitting needles.

Before starting the process, buy everything you need. If you already have a set of five spokes, then fine. If not yet, buy it, and at the same time, and yarn. It will need 350-400 grams. The weakest in the socks are the heels. They wipe the fastest. That's why they buy yarn called "nosochnaya additive". It will help things not to wear out for long.

Starting knitting

Now you can start the process of creation and start knitting men's socks. We first knit a rectangle with a spokes, which consists of 20 loops and has 10 rows. It will be a pattern. It will help you calculate the exact number of loops that you will need to dial for the main product. Their total number should be divided by 4. Let's assume that calculations have shown that it is necessary to collect 50 loops. Add 2 more to get 52. Then we distribute them equally on 4 spokes - 13 loops each. First, we dial 26 by 2 paired, then - the same number on the others. The fifth row starts knitting the next row. In the process, gradually sort out 13 loops for each of the four spokes.

The first rows must be knitted with an elastic band, and quite a lot, so that the toe would grasp your legs well and not lower down during the movement. Eraser, as usual, consists of one or two alternating loops: purl, facial, etc. The product should always be on the face, as we knit in a circle.

With or without ornament?

If you want a man to flaunt in a product with a pattern, then you need to know how to make such men's socks. Spokes and threads of different colors is easy to remove the strip with a pattern. You can simply alternate in staggered order a thread of light and dark color. The squares are obtained. If you want to surprise a man pleasantly, you can create a real Norwegian ornament on the top of the socks after the gum . Let the deer leap out there or fall into the bizarre shape of snowflakes. It's easy to tie such men's socks with knitting needles. Schemes will not help you get off the right track and skilfully alternate the colors of the threads so that the result is a beautiful ornament.

If you want something simpler, then tie 2 rows of blue thread, 2 - white or combine other colors. Then the socks will also turn out smart. In any case, the trimming of the ornament should be completed 3-4 cm before the heel and it is possible to proceed with its formation.

We knit man's socks with knitting needles: a description of the creation of the heel part

Now loops of two spokes, which knit the front part of the socks, we put on one side and do not touch. And the loops of the other two spokes must be divided by 3. In our case, this is 26 loops. Without a remainder of 3, they do not divide. Hence, the two extremities of the heel will consist of 9 loops (each), and the middle - the reed - from 8. We knit only it. When we reach its last eyelet, then we tie it together with the first one, on which are still 9 loops of the heel side. In order for the closing line to be even, the last loop of the tongue part, before it is tied to the other, is turned over. Previously, her right half was in front, and we take off and place her on the spoke so that the right side is in front. If this is not done, the heel suture will have holes and nodules.

After it turned out some sort of a doll's cap - heel, we collect from both its sides as many air loops, so that their number returned to the original level. In our case, this is only 52 loops. Hence, we type on these side parts of the heel on 9 loops and knit the canvas further, to the little finger.

There are very few

Now it would be good to try the product on the leg for which it is created. You can simply determine how many centimeters in the foot, and see where exactly you need to start decreasing the loop. Usually? Begin to do this around the little finger. We impose the last two loops together at the end of each of the four spokes. Do not forget to turn one of the two loops in the same way as described above. Then you get a smooth line. The last remaining 8 loops can be closed immediately or the last two can be closed. In the remaining one loop, we thread the main thread and tighten it properly. We pull the thread on the wrong side and cut off, leaving 2 cm.

As you can see, it's not difficult to make men's socks. Spokes can bind them for a day. Now it remains to present the socks as a gift and listen to thanks in his address.

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