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How to be persuasive and easy to get what you want

We all love to get what we want. I do not know a single person who does not like it. But how can we achieve this? We all use convictions every day. Even if we do this unintentionally. Getting what meets your requirements takes place in different situations. You can convince your loved one, boss, colleague, or say a convincing speech during the presentation. Regardless of the context in which you use your skill to persuade, there are some useful strategies that will help you easily get what you want.

1. You must provide your "audience" with exactly what it wants to hear

I'm sure you've all heard the phrase "What's in it for me?". I'm also sure that most of you who read this paragraph thought the same thing. But this is typical of all people. Let's face it: we are all a little bit selfish by nature. And if something does not make our life better or we are the happier, we are not initially interested in this. Therefore, to convince your "audience" (whether it's one person or 1000), you need to say what will be in its interests. You can not just focus on yourself, if it is not interesting to another person. If you focus on helping him achieve his desires and aspirations, he will be ready to help you in return.

2. Do not require too much change

People are not only selfish, many are too lazy. Those who gave the New Year's promise to lose weight, go for a healthy diet and go in for sports, knows how difficult it is to change their habits and way of life. In addition, it is much easier for people to change their minds about simple things than deep beliefs (like religion or political preferences). You should talk with the audience many times before she wants to consider changing attitudes or behavior.

3. You should like your "audience"

Imagine that you are in a furniture store and choose a new sofa. The sales manager approaches you and starts the conversation. You have already made a choice, but the seller really annoys you. He follows you all over the store and chattering incessantly. Even if you have already got a credit card to pay for the purchase, you will most likely give up this idea, just to get away from the annoying seller. Perhaps you will even try to find another store that sells the same sofas.

If you do not like your "audience", people will never buy what you say to them. So be careful and friendly. Always consider the impression that you make on others.

4. Make sure that your "audience" trusts you

Would you vote for a political candidate you do not trust? Would you lend money to a friend if you thought that he would not return them back? Of course not! People are easier to convince if they trust you. This is one of the reasons why the famous TV presenter Oprah Winfrey has a "golden touch". If she recommends a book to her audience, she immediately becomes a bestseller. Why? Yes, because they trust Oprah. They trust her opinion, so they automatically do what she says. So if you want to get people to do what you need, first you have to win their trust.

5. Use emotions

One of the simplest ways to convince a person is to use emotions. A good example of this is television spots that show sick children. They ask to donate money for their treatment. Such pictures are very sad, and they force a person to give money to help.

We use emotions to persuade, even when it comes to personal relationships. But, nevertheless, you need to be very careful when you do this. For example, it is unethical to use the guilt of another person to manipulate him. But using positive emotions like love and happiness is a great way to get other people to agree with you.

6. Use logic to get the desired

But not all people are emotional. Some are able to turn off emotions, and therefore convince them is very difficult. So do not forget about the use of logic. If you need to convince one person, try to understand who he is. Perhaps he values logic and rationality more than emotions. But if you are talking with a large group of people, it is better to combine logic and emotional impulses. Thus, you, to some extent, affect everyone.

7. Use personal qualities

If you are an expert in your topic, show it to the "audience". Be dynamic and interesting. Your "audience" will be much easier to convince if you give her reasons for this. If people know you and respect, it will be easy enough to convince them. This is why celebrities are often used in advertising. They are known to everyone, and many people will buy the product only because the person they know is talking about it. Therefore, "selling yourself" is the key to persuasion.

Sometimes it is easy to convince someone, sometimes difficult. But if you remember our advice, you can get what you want.

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