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Grinding machine straight: description and photo

External surface treatment of building materials or decorative facing often requires less intense abrasion than precision and accuracy. It is the ergonomic design that can become the key to quality finishing of the coating to the required characteristics. In the segment of a hand tool of this type, the most worthy option is a straight grinder, whose body is characterized by a bottle-shaped shape. The non-simple device of the unit does not limit the scope of its application. Depending on the power fillings, these devices can be used both in everyday life and in solving professional problems.

General information about a surface grinder

In practice, the feature of this machine is manifested in the ability to perform processing in hard-to-reach places. The basis of the apparatus is the body, in which the power filling is enclosed. In essence, the main bottle part also acts as a handle, which saves on additional components. Although, depending on the version, direct pneumatic grinders can be equipped with additional handles that facilitate working manipulations. As a tooling, tapered and finger grinding discs are used, and if necessary, the user can also complete the device with milling cutters.

As for the application, the possibilities of the device are quite enough for polishing, engraving and cleaning of problem areas. For example, a straight sanding machine can be a good assistant in the process of inserting a lock into an iron door or when processing welded seams.

Main characteristics

The machine does not belong to a high-power electrical equipment, so in the selection, special attention should be paid to the power filling of the device. If the machine will be used for typical engraving and grinding operations, the optimum power indicator will be 600-800 W. However, universal productive devices of this type have a higher power potential. In particular, the direct grinding machine Rebir in modification TSM1-150 provides a return on 2000 W. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the rigging - the diameter of the working disk is 150 mm. The speed is also affected by the performance. The frequency range varies on average from 10 to 15 thousand rpm. Some modifications also provide for the possibility of regulating the speed of rotation, depending on the characteristics of the material being processed.

Model Bosch GGS 28 LC

This machine is included in a number of professional grinders, having a small capacity of 650 watts. Despite the modest engine, the device allows you to effectively deal with the cleaning of problematic metal surfaces. It is precisely the technical base that is balanced in characteristics that ensures the performance of precise operations. A qualitative work is promoted also by a wide frequency range. Depending on the complexity of the work, the Bosch direct grinder can provide speeds from 10 to 20 thousand rpm. In order to protect the operator, the developers of the model provided for the construction of the KickBack Stop system. If the disc accidentally locks, the mechanism will stop automatically.

The German apparatus differs and the presence of modern controls. For example, thanks to a convenient slider switch, the operator can easily activate the operating modes. In addition, the straight grinder in the version GGS 28 LC is provided with a ventilation system for cooling the power plant and preventing its overheating.

Apparatus Makita GD0600

The Japanese manufacturer also offers a model from a professional segment that can be used for processing metal, glass, wood, plastic and other materials. At the same time, the engine in this version also does not spoil its power - this figure is only 400 W. But, as practice shows, to perform accurate and accurate operations, excessive performance is not required. As for the rigging, the Makita direct grinder can be provided with working elements with a diameter of 6 mm. The installation is carried out in a special collet, after which it is necessary to tighten the nut with a 17 mm wrench. As in the case of Bosch, the Japanese envisaged several protective systems, the function of which is to protect the engine from damage and overvoltage. During operation, the user can rely on a high speed of rotation - about 25 thousand rpm. This is sufficient for stripping the metal, and for confident wood processing.

Compact GE 710 from Metabo

Designers Metabo successfully used a combination of a fairly powerful engine and a small-sized design. As a result, the device weighing 1.4 kg received a power plant at 710 W. Accordingly, the operator can effectively process virtually any surface. In the case of long sessions, the creators provided Vario-Constamatic technology - a kind of operating mode in which the device stably maintains high rotation at a constant level. The grinding machine was straightforward in the GE 710 modification and without the possibility of speed adjustment. The function of the motor allows you to control the smooth adjustment, with which the user selects the optimal processing parameters. In this case, the maximum frequency is 34 thousand rpm.


The high power of the power tool is not always the paramount characteristic on which the efficiency and quality of the result depends. This is confirmed by a direct grinding machine, the very concept of which guides the workflow to the accuracy of the operation. Nevertheless in the professional category there are often high-performance devices designed for rough cleaning of metal surfaces. If the maneuverability and accuracy comes to the fore, then it's better to turn to low-speed, but functional models.

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