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Gas boilers "Siberia": specifications and reviews

For some owners of country houses, the gas boiler Siberia becomes irreplaceable. Reviews dual-circuit unit receives a positive. Many people advise buying such a device. In general, Russian-made gas boilers have recently gained increasing popularity among consumers. Products brand "Siberia" is relatively young. It has been produced since 2006. However, during this time, it has already managed to gain a leading position in the market.

general description

Siberia is a non-volatile gas boiler that has reliable automation. The Eurosit system is manufactured in Italy, but it is suitable for operation in Russia. It is carried out in such a way that the equipment is capable of operating under reduced pressure of gas and water. Among other things, the device does not require the connection to the mains. Such units are used for heating of economic and industrial facilities.

Technical characteristics of "Siberia" boilers

If you are interested in the boilers "Siberia", you should become more familiar with their technical characteristics. By the quality of work and design, the products are not inferior to foreign analogues. And if you compare with competitors, these units have many advantages. For example, the tank of the heat exchanger differs quite high strength. It is reliable due to the use of quality materials in the manufacturing process. During the production of equipment, an automatic welding process is used. The units are equipped with a steel heat exchanger, which can guarantee efficient heating of the coolant.

On sale it is possible to meet models which are equipped with a cast-iron heat exchanger. It provides a life of the device up to 25 years and more. Two-circuit boilers "Siberia" supply the heating system with a hot heat carrier due to the fact that a copper circuit is installed inside. If necessary, you can use the equipment in a water supply system with forced and natural circulation. The described units are manufactured using a layer of thermal insulation. It excludes injuries and burns. The devices are manufactured using high-quality materials, and in the process of operation they are easy to maintain.

Features of automation

Products of the brand "Siberia" have an automation system. It, in turn, has a number of features. The Eurosit system is capable of maintaining a certain temperature. And the automation itself has a piezoelectric ignition. Its units are located very conveniently, so it is quite easy to operate the device. The system is equipped with flame control and a traction sensor. Automation provides optimal fuel consumption due to the choice of burner mode.

The operator does not have to follow the operation of the combined valve and adjust it. Boilers "Siberia" are non-volatile. This indicates that there is no need to connect them to the electrical network. This is especially true for Russia, where power outages are quite frequent. Otherwise, the equipment could quickly fail, as foreign analogs sin. Among other things, these devices are adapted to the harsh climate.

Burner characteristics

One of the important parts of the boiler is a burner. It differs from its competitors in the products of the brand "Siberia". The gas burner is made using stainless steel, which completely eliminates burn-out even at low fuel pressures. The burner is manufactured in factories in Italy. This attracts consumers. The gas burner is environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful substances like carbon or nitric oxide. The operation of the device is quite simple. Replace or clean it can be any home master, not having special skills or special knowledge. If there is a need to replace the main part of the burner or igniter, then the equipment can be switched to operation due to gas from the cylinder.

Reviews about different models of boilers "Siberia"

Boilers "Siberia" are available for sale in a wide range. However, the unifying factor is the installation method - all equipment is located on the floor. The manufacturer produces 9 basic models. Each modification has its own power, is characterized by a certain gas consumption, and also has individual dimensions. The numerical designation in the marking indicates the power. For example, model 11 has a capacity of 11.6 kilowatts. It is weaker. If we are talking about the 23k model, then its power is 23.2 kilowatts. The maximum characteristic is the model 35, which is equal to the numerical designation in the marking.

The gas consumption will increase depending on the capacity. At the lowest power boiler it is 1.18 cubic meters per hour, whereas for the most powerful equipment the figure is 3.75 m³. In the first case, the equipment can be installed in a room with an area of 125 square meters, while the most powerful boiler will be able to heat a building of 400 square meters.


The weight of the model "Siberia-11" is 52 kg. While the device under number 35 weighs already 90 kilograms. Boilers "Siberia", reviews about which you can read in the article, have the same height and depth. These values are equal to 850 and 650 mm, respectively. As for the width, it can be different. If you want to choose a model depending on the area of the building, you should be aware that there should be 10 square meters per kilowatt. In order for the equipment not to work at maximum, the power should be added at 0.3.

Customer feedback on the features of the choice of boiler

If you are interested in the gas boiler "Siberia", user reviews are recommended to be read in advance. Of these you can find out that the equipment should be selected taking into account the features of the building, the location of the building and its decoration. For example, for poorly insulated rooms, the power calculation will be somewhat different. Thus, for 10 square meters you need about 1.5-2 kilowatts. If we are talking about warm buildings, the power can vary from 0.5 to 0.7 kilowatt per every 10 square meters.

According to users, the equipment can be used not only for heating, but also for users of hot water. In this case, consumers recommend paying attention to models with the letter "K" in the letter designation. For example, the 11k model will provide 2-3 hot water requirements, giving about 3.8 liters per minute. If there is a need to provide more consumers, then a more powerful unit should be selected. Recently, more and more popular gas boilers "Siberia", reviews of experts are recommended to read them. Perhaps this information will allow you to make the right choice.

According to the professionals, the equipment works properly during the entire service life, is economical and heats the coolant quite quickly. As the only distinctive feature, which can not be called a plus, is the long ignition of the unit. As some owners of countryside and private houses emphasize, the igniter is difficult enough to start working. Before the start of its operation, sometimes it takes a few hours. The problem in this case can be expressed in the chimney, which is characterized by a large reverse thrust. If you punch a hole on the street, this will ensure the flow of air. In this case, you are no longer facing such problems. It is these recommendations that experts give.

Customer feedback on the features of work

If you are also interested in gas boilers "Siberia", the owners' feedback should also be taken into consideration before purchasing the described equipment. Of these, you can find out that when the fuel flow increases, the burner may go out. At the same temperature sensor does not work. As customers emphasize, you just need to clean the gas filter, which should solve the problem. If you encounter such difficulties, you should first check all the items yourself and only after contacting the gas service. Sometimes gas boilers "Siberia", reviews about which only the most positive, work, creating noise in the pipes. As practice shows, this may be due to the fact that air has accumulated in the heat supply system. Experiencing with similar features of the device is not worth it.

Negative feedback

It is worth remembering that the described boilers have some drawbacks. For example, users do not really like that to install such an aggregate will have to get permission from specialists of the gas service. Among other things, the equipment is characterized by increased fire hazard. Gas boilers "Siberia", the technical characteristics of which are described in the article, require the installation of a chimney, and also need to be installed near the outer wall. Some consumers do not like the fact that there are no condensing units in the line.

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