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FWD format - what is it, and how to open it?

Today we know so many file formats that it's not always immediately clear what to open them. Very often such a situation is observed with files of the FWD format. What kind of information is this, and how to open such files, not every user of a modern computer system knows. Let's try to figure out what's what.

FWD format - what is it?

In general, the problem of opening files with the same extension is quite common, but related to different programs with which they were created from the very beginning. In this respect, there is no exception to the FWD format. What is this format?

There are at least two basic concepts about this type of file. First, it can be a specific graphic file, and secondly, such an extension can have an email file that was created by a specific program. Which associations, corresponding to this extension, can occur more often, we will consider in some detail.

The main type of FWD files

In most cases, especially if the file you are looking for is of sufficient size, it is referred to the latest graphic format, somewhat similar to the DGVU, LuraDocument and JPEG2000 / Part6 standards, which are designed to create graphical publications of electronic books, documents, charts, process maps, Manuscripts or even logos.

The basis of the format itself is a unique technique for dividing objects into distinctive color layers (text layer, image layer, background layer, etc.). This approach allowed specialists of the company "Technoengineering", taking as a basis the technology for creating PDF documents, to achieve incredible compression (about 1000 times) compared to traditional graphics technologies.

Thus, the FWD format was obtained. Than to open a file of this type? It's simple. To do this, you need to use the specialized software ALL-Documents, which necessarily contains the option of the electronic library ALL-Library.

Among other things, data of this type can be treated as a data format "ALIS", developed by Alfa-Logic and assuming the base of full document circulation. But the opening of files in both cases occurs with the help of the ALL-Library option.

FWD-format e-mail

If we talk about e-mail, then this type of data can be correlated with the program Dubya, which is a regular e-mail client. As you can see, it supports FWD format. What is this, we will explain in more detail.

In fact, you can decrypt the extension of the FWD file as forwarded mail, roughly speaking "reply to the received message" (only in standard clients it is displayed as FW :, and in our case - FWD). Accordingly, and open such files will have this program, although the developers themselves say that in some cases, you can do such actions with the help of clients like Outlook or Eudora.

However, here you can do a little easier. As you know, in any Windows system, simply double-click on the desired file in Explorer or any other file manager so that if there is no association, the system itself offers the user the most appropriate program to open. The same, incidentally, applies to the use of the command "Open with ...". If no application can open such files, you will have to use the original software products.

The result

So, we have FWD-format. Than to open it, it is thought, proceeding from the above-stated, it is already clear. The only thing you should pay attention to is the size of the file you are looking for. It is clear because the message in the e-mail program and the graphic drawing (even if compressed a thousand times) differ in size quite strongly.

However, for example, to open a graphic file, you can try to use a normal photo viewer (images) or some graphic editor (viewer). But in this case it is better to choose some serious software package or utility.

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