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Choose a gift: precious stones of Capricorn

Birthdays Capricorns fall on a long line of winter holidays - from December 22 to January 21, but these people have a completely "festive" character. They are hardworking and responsible, reasonable and persistent. They aspire to power, love to lead, they have an overestimated self-esteem, and therefore they are able to achieve the most ambitious goals.

The best gems for Capricorn are opals, garnets and hyacinths.

Representatives of this sign are not distinguished by impulsiveness or special emotionality. On the contrary, they have extremely developed caution and forethought. They tend to think and analyze, and then only reasonably and deliberately act.

Stones of Capricorn - hyacinths - help to overcome the "black stripes" caused by the conflict of failure and high self-esteem. If your beloved Capricorn fell into depression and lost the will to fight, then give him an ornament with hyacinth. This stone can awaken the joy of life and strengthen the inherent features of this sign - patience, perseverance and purposefulness.

Capricorns tend to understand the situation more than people. They carefully think out how to get desired material goods and overcome the problems that arise. They are not looking for easy ways out of crisis situations and rarely admit their guilt if something went wrong. It is much easier for them to endure and survive than change their beliefs. This sign is distinguished by exceptional obstinacy and unwillingness to change principles.

When it comes to work, Capricorn becomes extremely selfish, but for the family and friends it is ready to do absolutely everything. He is always ready to help, does not hide his devotion and love for his loved ones.

Outwardly it can look soft and even malleable, but behind a deceptive shell there is a steel rod, which nobody will not be able to break, but even bend.

Unpleasant traits of character - tediousness, selfishness and frequent bouts of depression help to soften opals - another stones of Capricorn. They give confidence and pleasantness in communication, they teach not to resist people, but to learn from the interaction hope, strength and faith in themselves.

Yes, despite external firmness and fairly high self-esteem, Capricorns can often lose confidence and fall into depression because of this. They suffer from excessive self-control and practically do not know how to relax, because of what they gradually become dull and very nasty in communication, although they are not evil.

Grenades are also Capricorn stones, because they are able to ease intolerance, teach to understand and accept other people, to sympathize, not to despise the weak. Such properties of stones very much help to establish attitudes with family and friends which often do not have not enough attention and heat. Grenades are very useful to wear to young people, because it is so much easier to overcome obstacles without being depleted emotionally, and always remember the ultimate goal.

The patrons of this real worldly, earthly sign are Saturn and Mercury, therefore the mineral stones for Capricorn are great helpers. They help improve personal life, maintain health, bring it to fruition. Such stones of Capricorn, like mother of pearl, pearls, turquoise, rock crystal, are able to absorb "bad" energy. But they must necessarily alternate with "energy storage" - amethyst, citrine, chrysolite, adventurin, topaz.

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