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Fuzzy Baila: instructions for use

Today, the toy of the bailey fuzz, the instruction to which is considered secret, is very popular, although there is no mystery for a long time. This once again proves the truth of the thesis that all ingenious is simple. A small snake seems to be alive in the skillful hands of vendors and demonstrators, so those who first see this trick are surprised and amazed by the cute little brute.

What kind of miracle is this?

Movable worm is produced in China, and it is no longer a novelty in the toy market. In the US, this entertainment is sold under the name Magic Worm since 2005. And in 2012 and in our country became actively advertised fuzzy Bail (RF). Instruction for use is presented by sellers as a secret, which only those who bought a toy can understand. Snake selling points, on which sellers demonstrate an amazingly agile and obedient beast, are always surrounded by admiring spectators. To all their questions, cunning advertisers invariably reply that only their master will disclose the secret of Bail's fluff, the instruction to which is inside the package. So what is it really: an ordinary divorce or a miracle toy?

What is the secret of the mobility of a funny toy

The advertisers say that Bail's pussy is capable of:

  • Creep between the fingers;
  • To jump from palm to palm;
  • Use a pencil as a horizontal bar;
  • Turn in a transparent glass;
  • To show emotions, for example to be frightened and rejoice, to kiss the owner.

And yet, Bail's fuzzy how does it work? The instruction suggests that in fact all this is done with the help of a thread tied to the button of a magician. It is enough to practice a little in order to revive the magical worm.

What the snake is made of

Materials that are used in production: polyester and nylon (the torso of the animal and string or line), paper, plastic - that's the whole pussy of Bail (RF). The instruction in the kit gives an understanding that all tricks are based on a simple tension of an invisible thread, the length of which can be adjusted so that it is convenient to perform any tricks. The optimal length is equal to the distance from the elbow to the fingertips of a person. To masterfully move, jump and spin, fluff does not require mechanisms and batteries.

Plastic eyes and the tip of the line can quickly come off. It is recommended to glue these elements immediately. The color of the toy can be chosen for every taste. On sale there are several bright colors: yellow Baila, orange, blue, blue and green. Plastic eyes in the performance of tricks funny glide in a circle.

In the network, you can meet complaints about the quality of toys. Toxic materials used in the creation of fuzzy unscrupulous producers, led to the emergence of allergies in children. Therefore, when making a purchase in a store or ordering on the Internet, it is worth making sure that the seller offers an original toy, and not a cheap forgery.

Where to buy and how much is

You can buy a toy in large stores, where mobile shopping benches are often installed, in which sellers spend hours skillfully manipulating fuzzy. A good alternative may be to order Bail on the website AliExpress.com. Fuzzy Bail, instructions to him have a price on this site only 45-50 rubles. Usual online stores often unreasonably inflate the price of a moving snake in dozens of times. Declaring a secret instruction, advertisers are giving fun with fuzzy in our country as a sensation, however this is just a successful marketing trick. The mystery of the instructions has long been a "secret of the Polishinel", so do not overpay a few extra hundred for what, maybe you will not even like it.

Do I need a toy for children?

Will it help children easily understand how to play with Bail's fuzzy, instruction? It's fair to say that parents will need to watch a video guide and master classes with a toddler and then jointly learn the tricks that will make the snake mobile and entertaining. If you have patience, then the result will justify the expectations, and the enthusiasm and pride of the child will not be the limit. In the future, he will be able to demonstrate his skills not only at home, but also boast of virtuoso control of a cute toy in kindergarten, at school and in front of his friends in the courtyard. Having shown resourcefulness, it is really possible to arrange merry competitions between children, winners of which will be the owners of the most obedient and artistic snakes.

In addition, Bail's fuzzy has a positive impact on the development of children:

  • Forms fine motor skills;
  • Contributes to socialization, because those who mastered all manipulations are inevitably threatened with frenzied popularity;
  • Develops the imagination and imagination of the baby in the process of inventing new tricks.

Parents together with their children can compose a magical story about Bail and his native Fuzzy tribe who live on a lost island in the Pacific Ocean. Having fun with a toy, the child will play this tale, coming up with new adventures with his mobile friend in the lead role.

Is it hard to learn to control a fluffy snake

At first glance, it seems that snake control is an extremely complex process. The art of management requires the gradual improvement of the simplest manipulations of hands and an invisible line or thread. The secret of fuzzy is that it only moves together with the owner, the speed and dexterity of the hands of which depends on the success of the tricks. Do not get upset if after several attempts you have not managed to learn to perform beautiful tricks, because the professionals have been practicing for months, honing their skills. It is necessary to be patient and continue the lessons. Success depends on how great the desire to learn quickly and masterfully manage the toy. If you really want to achieve mastery and become an outstanding magician, then this toy can give impetus to the fulfillment of dreams.

How Bale's fuzzy moves. Instructions for use

So, one end of the line is attached to the magician's belt, and the other is fixed on the tip of Bail's spout. To create the illusion that the snake is moving towards its owner, it is necessary:

  1. Place your hands in front of you so that the line is on the palms of your hands.
  2. Hand over, alternately rearranging them one in front of the other.

Fuzzy shy:

  1. Take Fuzzy for a spout and arrange it so that his face hanging from a compressed palm.
  2. With the movement of the hand forward Baila crawls into the palm of his hand, creating the impression that he runs away and hides, embarrassed by the audience.

The toy jumps from glass to glass:

  1. Place Baila in a transparent glass.
  2. Arrange the glasses so that one is slightly above the other.
  3. Alternately lift up one or another capacity. Due to the tension of the thread, Fuzzy jumps from the glass into the glass.

Customer Reviews

The main condition is to take into account the age of the child correctly. The details of the toys are rather small and are not suitable for children under the age of four. Although it is well known, however, it is the young children who are so enthusiastic and curious about Bail's models. School-age children no longer need to explain on their fingers, from which the bush of Bail is made, how the instruction works. The main claims of buyers:

  • The child showed no interest;
  • The toy was too tired;
  • It is difficult to learn tricks;
  • The independent game is excluded, parents have to teach all the tricks of the baby;
  • No one but cat was interested.

The toy is too simple, although skillfully performed magic tricks with it look like magic and have a huge success, so those who have become hand-woven Bail, the instruction was clear and understandable. They note:

  • The child is carried away by a toy, again and again works out the focussed foci;
  • The whole family was infected with the development of fun with a magical snake;
  • The magic of the rolling Bail brings variety, the child is carried away by it and forgot about the games on the computer.

Fuzzy Baila can become a favorite toy of the whole family. For bizarre movements of the worm with pleasure, watches not only small children and cats, but also adults. Patience, attention and imagination will help anyone who wants to become a real trainer of a bright toy animal and entertain his relatives and friends with his art at leisure.

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