Fruit topiary with your own hands: master class. Topiary on March 8

Today it has become fashionable to decorate the premises with small unusual trees called topiary trees. The masterpieces created are similar to real trees only by external signs: they also have a crown and a trunk. As for the topiary crown, it can consist of anything.

These can be coffee beans, nuts, pebbles, flowers made of cloth or polymer clay, ribbons, beads and many other attributes of floristry. Everything will depend on the imagination of the creator of this marvelous interior. The creation of topiary from all kinds of fruits was also widely spread.
It is quite easy to make a topiary of fruits with your own hands. To do this, it is enough to assemble a set of simple household tools that are available in every home. Fruit topiary will look good both in the kitchen and on the big table in the hall. This beautiful and simple product can serve as a decoration for a long time, pleasing with its own kind of not only the hosts, but also the guests.

Fruit topiary is considered a symbol of wealth and well-being. For making topiary with fruits, you can use fresh fruits or dummies of various fruits. It is not difficult to carry out such an unusual tree with your own hands. In understanding the whole process, the master class described in the article will help you.

Using the recommendations, you can accomplish the task. You will certainly get to make a wonderful accessory for your home or a great gift copy. For example, you can make a topiary on March 8 and pleasantly surprise your loved one or friends. Of course, such a gift will be appreciated.

Fruit topiary

With your hands, you can do a lot of useful and beautiful. Let's try and make a bright and memorable topiary. For manufacturing, you should prepare the following accessories, materials and tools:

  • Ready-made ball of plastic or polystyrene;
  • Decorative fruit;
  • Adhesive and gun for glue;
  • Smooth branches for the trunk;
  • Flowers, greens and sisal;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Skewers;
  • gypsum;
  • twine;
  • Plastic cup or pots.

So, let's start:

  1. Use a foam ball as the basis . Cover it with decorative fruit, using a gun for glue.
  2. For the tree of "happiness" you will need two curved trunks. Twist them together and fix in the crown.
  3. Then you can add flowers and greens to your composition.
  4. Be sure to fill in the gaps between the fruits.
  5. For better attachment of the branches, first make the cavity with a skewer in the foam. Next, apply the artificial green glue "Moment" and firmly fasten.
  6. In plastic containers, dilute the gypsum with water. Then fix the tree and allow the solution to cool.
  7. The height of the plastic pot can be reduced if necessary to the size you need.
  8. Then wrap the pot with twine and fix it with glue. If desired, decorate your sisal pot and cover it inside with a green cover.
  9. For decoration, you can apply decorative figures, balls of rattan and blade of grass.

As you can see, the work was simple and interesting. Created by you topiary (on March 8 or any other holiday) is delicious and beautiful.

Preliminary stage

Topiary is a small part of the interior in a home setting. Also, such a tree of happiness can be presented to someone as a gift. Various materials are used to form such crafts. The master class proposed below will tell you how to make a tree of artificial fruit with your own hands.

Necessary tools and materials

Before you begin the creation process and learn from what to make a topiary, you will need to prepare the following:

  • Newspapers;
  • pot;
  • Thread;
  • foil;
  • Floristic sponge;
  • Artificial vegetables, fruits;
  • Skewers made of wood;
  • Wooden stick;
  • Scotch.

Alternatively, you can use a ready-made ball - for the topiary base, made of plastic or polystyrene. Having prepared all the necessary materials, you can start making.

We create together the fruit topiary: master class

Preparation of the base:

  1. To create the basis of topiary from fruits, you need to crumple several newspapers and wrap them in foil.
  2. The resulting newspaper ball is wrapped tightly with paint tape. It is best to make two layers more, so that the base does not lose shape.
  3. The wooden stick will later become the trunk of the tree, which will attach to the received ball.
  4. Then wrap the string or string around the ball, changing the direction evenly - for correct laying of the turns. After winding the ball, you can start winding the tree trunk, moving from top to bottom.
  5. Make a small hole in the ball with an awl. Then puncture the fruit with a sharpened stick and fix it on the ball.
  6. Similarly, place the rest of the fruit on the entire surface of the ball.

Your topiary of fruits is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it.


To decorate the topiary, you need to prepare the right amount of fruits, vegetables and flowers. In order for the creative process to be more fun and let your imagination run a little, you can cut them in half. You can also decorate the tree: rhinestones, birds, butterflies, leaves and ribbons. For a good brightness masterpiece is to add a few colors and berries.

Some recommendations

  • For a good fit of the twine to the trunk, it is necessary to apply glue and wait until it dries completely.
  • For topiary, you can use both artificial and real fruits.
  • You can combine any details and fruits, making them a bright highlight of the tree.
  • Try to make the topiary in bright colors, using various accessories and details of colorful shades.
  • The beauty of the topiary lies in the combination of bright fruits and delicate flowers.
  • Perhaps you will need weighting, in order to keep the topiary of fruit from its stability.

Making dummies of fruit

To create a model of fruit, you will need:

  • newspaper;
  • foil;
  • Colored paper;
  • glue;
  • Scotch.

To give the desired shape of the flesh of the fruit, it is necessary to crumple the newspaper neatly. Then it is necessary to fix the newspaper form with foil and fix it with adhesive tape.
Next, apply a layer of newspaper and glue. Then leave to dry. For convenience in work in the process of applying layers of newspaper and glue, you can pierce the model with a wooden skewer.

Cover the prepared form with colored paper: cover with layers until the desired color is obtained.

The provided variation of the creation of models may imply the drying of natural fruits. To do this, wash the fruit well and dry it in the sun. Turn the fruit once a day. Such a natural model will be ready in two weeks.

Preparation and decoration of the pot

Want, but do not know how to decorate a pot? If you do not have a pot, then you can make it yourself from a cardboard box, by gluing a well. Then the pot should be wrapped in twine or threads and cover the entire surface with transparent glue.

Then on the bottom of the pot you can put a floral sponge and stick a tree trunk into it. It remains to fill the pot with gypsum or foam.

If you prefer to use mounting foam, then after complete drying it is necessary to cut off excess fragments.


The master class presented in the article will provide indispensable assistance in creating a magnificent fruit tree. Manufactured with his hands topiari of fruits harmoniously fit into the interior of your room. And on winter evenings you will be reminded of a warm summer.

Among other things, this is an excellent opportunity to occupy not only yourself, but also children with the manufacture of this skillful craft. Fruit topiary is durable and can please for a long time, recalling the moments of creativity and warm memories.

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