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Fomichev Alexander: career, achievements, photo

Alexander Fomichev - hockey player, which will be discussed in this article. Today this Russian goalkeeper, champion WHL-1999, the bronze medalist of the Russian championship of 2007, acts as a hockey expert of the KHL TV channel.

Everything starts from childhood

Fomichev Alexander, whose photo you see in this article, was born on February 19, 1979. His father in his youth was fond of football and his son was a football player. But six years old boy, he decided everything himself. At the rink Sasha brought together with the guys from the Dynamo hockey school. True, before I followed the example of new friends, I spoke with my father and received full approval.

Polupanov Vladimir Andreevich, the famous goalkeeper, was the first who Alexander began to learn the subtleties of the hockey game. He went to the goalkeepers at the sudden desire and, accepting Polupanov's offer, defended the gates, armed with a simple gambling stick. With her and passed his very first training.

Vladimir Andreevich personally handed him the goalkeeper's stick. This game of real men he immediately liked. The training, which he passed at Yefilov Vitaliy Georgievich, the coach of the school of goalkeepers, Shkurdyuk Viktor Nikolaevich, the mentor of the school team, brought with time its fruits.

First victories

At first, Alexander had to play in the team with the guys older than him by age. Then there were no special achievements. But with the transition to the team of peers, things went much better. With their class collective, they became repeatedly champions of the capital, even won in the championship of Russia in their age group. This team was his native until the age of sixteen, until he moved to Dynamo-2.

What is it like to experience fate?

To play in a serious company, Alexander began to dream from the time he first defended the gates of his first team. And then came the time when even financially Russian hockey was giving up positions. However, the young goalkeeper wanted to conquer the peaks, to experience something new and, having received the approval of his parents, went to the ocean at the age of 17, where he received one of the junior leagues.

For him there was no language problem, because he knew English well. He simply closed his eyes to any problems, once again convincing himself that his task was hockey, because of him he came here.

Especially since the life of the player of the junior league was organized quite well. He was settled in a family that was far from poor, where he was received as a son: they fed, clothed, bought things, sometimes gave gifts, helped in everything.

Six-year stay in America was not unsuccessful. Alexander here was awarded the champion ring for playing in the farm club "Calgary" at the championship of the Western Hockey League. Here he learned independence, gained experience in conditions where the result is the only criterion for success and there is no other criterion.

By the way, during this period Alexander Y. Fomichev twice participated in world championships in roller hockey, in Minneapolis and Anaheim, played for the Russian national team.

At home

Experience is wonderful! But we need stability. From Khabarovsk "Cupid" received a real offer. Has given consent.

A year later he already accepts the offer of the Novosibirsk "Siberia". Vladimir Golubovich is familiar to him even on the Moscow "Dynamo", where he played successfully the season 2003-2004. For the team, he became a real hero, he managed to help his own in positions, when, it seemed, there was absolutely no chance. Alexander's skill sometimes decided the outcome of the next meeting. In a short time he managed to become an idol for fans, their favorite. Both the city itself and its inhabitants evoke in him the feelings of the warmest.

Two subsequent seasons they were held in the Moscow CSKA. I really wanted to not just play in my hometown, but also to reach a new level. This part of the career, even despite the most serious competition, turned out to be successful. His rivals were the goalkeepers of different hockey schools, and this, undoubtedly, proved to be a very successful and useful experience.

Fomichev Alexander: career. Omsk Avangard

Dreams to play at a level higher than Alexander did not leave. Just comes the offer from Omsk. He accepts it and is detained here for three years (2006-2009).

This is a city that is clearly obsessed with hockey. He understood this immediately. You are surrounded by many posters announcing the games of the new season. The stands are filled to capacity, even if the match is very ordinary. And fans are accustomed to victories, so that the goalkeeper demand is special. And the atmosphere in the team is wonderful. Many guys are familiar on the team. Excellent conditions were created for training. It was playing for the "Vanguard", Alexander became the bronze medalist of the Russian championship.

Returning to Siberia

A contract was signed for a year. Novosibirsk struck him with his overcrowded stadium, literally boiling and buzzing. In this city they sincerely love hockey. Support team always felt, even when performances were not too successful.

In Nizhniy Novgorod

So, when the offer came from Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo, things were collected in three days. Here there was a chance to prove to yourself and others that it is capable of much. Alexander Fomichev fulfilled his desire to return to the KHL.

It was necessary to work harder than in Siberia, everyday training, the analysis of the mistakes made earlier, and as a result, our game was caught. He is always very responsible about the game, closes on the eve to concentrate on the upcoming ice battle. And if he talks to someone, then only on business.

Alexander himself admitted that he feels comfortable only when he plays well. And it does not matter whether he plays in the match alone or with a partner in turn.

Fomichev Alexander: achievements in the higher hockey league

He became the main star of the Tver team, being in the newcomer of the NHL, followed by Ryazan. It was called the real wall for the Kurgan Zauralye. With him, the team and missed much less, hockey players have become much more confident play, went to victory.

Secrets of family life

With his future wife Nastya Fomichev Alexander met during his army career. A girl who lived all her life in Uzbekistan, professionally engaged in singing, having released several CDs by that time, was so far from sports. And she did not understand at first that the occupation of the guy with whom she began to meet was hockey. She wanted to hear from him exactly where he works. That the sport game is work, it was understood with difficulty. And his phrase "To the base, to the charges" gave rise to a variety of assumptions, up to the point that he is married.

Only having met his parents and heard from Sasha's mother that hockey is not so easy, she finally realized.

He invited the girl to Omsk, where he received the invitation, promised to marry a year later and warned that hockey for him in the season is the main thing. All the joys - in the summer. She agreed. However, for this she had to finish her career and give up singing.

They called his son Nikita as born on Pure Thursday, the day of Nikita. The tree is planted, the son is born, the house has remained.

Modern hockey is such that to protect the colors of one club for a long time happens infrequently. So Fomichev Alexander in his time pokolesil in Russia. And everywhere he won the hearts of the fans, faithfully served the cause, chosen once almost by accident.

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