Dahab Resort 5 * (Egypt / Dahab): reviews, photo

In this article, we comprehensively consider the resort hotel Dahab Resort 5 * (Egypt, Dahab). For lovers of relaxation in the Sinai peninsula, this is the most ideal place. Let's say right away: it's not even a hotel, but a whole health complex. In addition, "with a name." The high quality of services is evidenced by the fact that the hotel belongs to the line "Hilton Hotels and Resorts". Many tourists, perhaps, know its former name - Hilton Dahab Resort.

The current name of the five-star hotel appeared only at the very beginning of 2014. The hotel is located on the first line. The hotel has its own beach on the shore of the Red Sea. Like many hotels in Dahab, this specializes in the reception of divers and windsurfers. The hotel even has a school to teach these sports. But do not necessarily dive with the aqualung into the depths of the sea. Even the most lazy tourists in Dahab Resort 5 * are waiting for an unforgettable vacation. This is evidenced by those who have already been there.

Dahab: resort features

A small town, to which the hotel Dahab Resort 5 administratively belongs, is located one hundred kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh. "Dahab" from Arabic translates as "Golden". So it is for surfers. The fact is that the mountains, closely approaching the Gulf of Aqaba, create the effect of an aerodynamic pipe. As a result, the beach always blows a fresh wind, which only suits the surfers. But because of the small size of the bay, there are no waves either. And this is good for divers (and other fans to see the colorful world of coral reefs). The main attraction of sports youth of Dahab is the "Blue Hole". This is a sheer coral wall a hundred meters deep. There are not only many fish, but also the remains of ships. And the second name is "The Blue Hole" - "Cemetery of divers". The climate in Dahab - if compared with Sharm el-Sheikh - is drier and hotter. But, on the other hand, winter nights are colder (plus twelve Celsius). So, going to the resort, take a warm sweater or jacket.

Where is the hotel located and what is it like?

From the international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh, you need to travel 87 kilometers to get to the hotel. From Taba to go even longer - in fact it is separated from Dahab about 140 km. Dahab Resort 5 is a country hotel. It is three kilometers from the center of Dahab. The area in which the hotel is located is called Laguna - because of an artificial bay and a network of canals. The hotel area is very large, green and well appointed. Artificial lagoon crashes into the coast, and everywhere you need to cross beautiful bridges. The hotel consists of two-story buildings, built in Nubian style. The hotel was built in 1997, but since that time it was repeatedly updated and reconstructed.

Where live

The hotel Dahab Resort 5 has a capacity of one hundred sixty three guest rooms. All rooms are located in two-story white bungalows. The rooms are divided into categories "standard", "suite" and "executive room". Reviews recommend choosing the second floor, because in such rooms there are spacious terraces with a hammock. All rooms in the hotel are equipped with air conditioning, minibar, work desk. TV with satellite channels will brighten up the evening. If you want tea or coffee, then in the room you will find everything you need for self-preparation of these drinks. As well as it is necessary in hotels of a class "five stars", in rooms the presence of an iron and an ironing board is provided. Naturally, the bathrooms have a hairdryer. High-speed internet is also included in the list of services that are provided directly in the room. Cleaned in the rooms every day very carefully.

How to feed

Dahab Resort 5 practices such an all-inclusive All-inclusive food system. But foreign tourists prefer BB or half board, which is also possible in the hotel. Breakfast and dinner guests are treated in a buffet mode in the main restaurant "Mirage". Two other establishments - fish "Neptune" and Italian "Portofino" - work in the evenings on the concept of "a la carte". And lunches in the hotel are served right on the beach! In the bar, which operates from ten in the morning until sunset, there are numbered tables. But if you want, you can eat right on the sunbeds. This is the peculiarity of the hotel. Cafe "Coconut" welcomes guests from five to nine in the evening. And in the sports bar "Wind Jammer" you can watch matches on the big screen, play billiards or darts. It works from four days until midnight. All the reviews point out that they are fed at the hotel nourishingly, tasty and useful. Alcohol in bars was without much frills, but quite high-quality.

Sea and swimming pools

Hotel Dahab Resort 5 is located in a small cove near two more network "five" - "Ibis Style" and "Swiss Inn". The golden beach smoothly turns into a sand bar. The entrance to the sea is smooth, but the water is clean. The beach is carefully cleaned and completely freed from the fragments of corals. Already from about half the road to the buoys you can observe the fish. One of the sights of the local shallows is the moray eel, which inhabits a pitched coral. An alternative to the sea can be a spacious outdoor pool. It is surrounded by a terrace with umbrellas and sun beds covered with mattresses. Beach towels are provided free of charge.

Hotel details

When you meet, they will give you cold cold food, and the attendant will carry your luggage straight to your room. The Dahab Resort 5 (Dahab) has a business center where guests can check out the required documents or send a fax. It is also possible to organize a conference or seminar in the hotel, all the more so because all the necessary equipment is provided for this. Currency can be exchanged for Egyptian pounds , without leaving the hotel. If you arrive before the hour of arrival or leave late at night, it is recommended to leave the luggage in the luggage room at the reception desk. By the way, the staff at the hotel knows several languages, so all your wishes will be listened to. Recently, Russian tourists have become more. Therefore at the reception desk it will be easy to negotiate with those who are not strong in foreign languages. The hotel administration pays much attention to the improvement of its guests and openly promotes sports. In the hotel you can take short courses of scuba diving or windsurfing and even try your hand, accompanied by an experienced instructor. Favorite gymnastics will be more effective in the gym. There is a tennis court, a squash court and a pool table. Well, beautiful ladies can relax under the skilled hands of massage therapists, visit a hair salon or beauty salon. Animation itself is not in the hotel, but three times a week there are Oriental shows.

For children

No less guardianship than adults, surrounds the hotel Dahab Resort 5 (Dahab) their little guests. The main restaurant always provides a children's menu and high chairs for feeding babies. A playground with slides and a swing is an excellent alternative to building sand castles on the beach. A baby cot can be added in the room upon request. For a fee, the hotel provides a highly qualified nanny (it must be booked for two days). Children older than four years can be recorded in a mini-club - they will be engaged in animators on the beach. And after eight years the child is already able to attend diving or windsurfing courses. The hotel has a children's pool.


Travel to the monastery of St. Euterina is very popular. This ancient shrine of Sinai is located very close to the Dahab Resort 5. The photo of the dawn on Mount Moses will make even a very lazy tourist sign up for this excursion, although the ascent begins at night. Reviews are advised to visit the national park of Ras Mohammed and go to Israeli Eilat.


Although the Dahab Resort 5 is not located in the center of Dahab, it still offers great opportunities for shopping. You can buy souvenirs in the shop on the territory of the hotel. There is also a clothing store in the hotel. With a good discount, the reviews recommend going to the center of Dahab. The most pleasant prices you will find on the embankment of Masbat. However, it is necessary to bargain there more persistently. Excursions can be ordered at the hotel, but "on the street" - advised by tourists - will be cheaper. And the content and services will remain the same as for a higher price.

Dahab Resort 5: reviews

Most tourists believe that the hotel deserves its five stars. Many are advised to choose more expensive rooms. The difference in price with the "standard" is not so great, but the room is more spacious, with new furniture, with a terrace and a hammock. Many reviews are dedicated to the sympathetic and good-natured staff. At the reception and in the restaurant there are real professionals, and the waiters are very smart. This hotel specializes in youth-sports recreation, so guests can, if desired, observe how diving classes are conducted.

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