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Children-Cancers (boys): characteristics, characteristics of character

From the earliest times, people began to notice that the date of birth leaves its imprint on the character of the person. Later, these features were singled out and grouped into specific signs. The zodiac breaks the year into 12 periods. The sun passes relative to the terrestrial observer through the same number of constellations. Being in a certain part of its cycle, it leaves a mark on the character of each of us.

The Oriental horoscope also identifies 12 personalities. Only they succeed each other every year. The manager of each period of the Eastern horoscope are animals (real and fictitious). Connecting at the birthplace of a person, these two cycles give each child a certain personality traits.

Parents are eagerly awaiting the appearance of their baby. At the time of his birth, the foundations of his character are laid. What the Children-Cancers (boys), born in the year of the Monkey, will present to their parents in childhood, should be considered in more detail.

Sign of the zodiac Cancer

From June 22 to July 22, the sign of the zodiac Cancer enters into its rights. The child (boy) who was born in this period is under the protection of the Moon. This is the first of the signs of the element of Water. In the zodiacal hierarchy, this is the 4th constellation visited by the Sun.

It is a sign of a family hearth, a man's home. Its color is purple. The stones that correspond to Cancer are the lunar, emerald, cat's eye, pearls. The main features inherent in him - education, prophecy.

Positive qualities include a developed imagination, sensitivity, responsibility. He is a caring and tactful person. He takes care of others. Such a man is very romantic.

Negative qualities of this nature can be mistrust, lack of independence, timidity. At worst, this is a secretive, sarcastic man. He is stingy and touchy. Therefore, it is difficult for people to find a common language with it. However, by extorting their weaknesses, Cancer can give others true care and kindness.

Monkey Sign

The eastern horoscope defines a number of features of people born this year. They are characterized by shyness, intelligibility and extraordinary vigor. All these qualities are absorbed by the child-cancer (boy). In the year of the Monkey, very active, mobile children appear. This mummy can feel, still wearing a crumb in the tummy.

In addition to activity, one should note the commitment. This sign gives the person a clear understanding of his goal. The Monkey often has many advisers. However, it is worthwhile to treat your surroundings legibly. Man, born in the year of the Monkey, people often use in their own selfish interests. They are attracted by pragmatism, logical thinking of this sign.

Early childhood

The child-cancer (boy) at the time of birth is rarely endowed with a lot of weight. They are fragile, vulnerable kids. They need the protection and love of their parents. They cry more pitifully than the children of other zodiac signs. This causes parents an irresistible desire to protect their baby from all the troubles and difficulties of the world.

Mother Cancer is very attached to her mother. It affects his sense of security. In the arms of his mother, this kid feels strong and confident. Relations in the family during this period of life of the Cancer boy should be as calm and stable as possible. Even a slight irritation, resentment of parents against each other, he endures very painfully. This affects in the future on his character and even health.

At this age, the Cancer boys are very changeable in their mood. Greater anxiety is observed in their new moon. This child does not tolerate loneliness.

Preschool age

Children-Cancers (boys) in the preschool age retain the character traits developed in early childhood. They are also receptive to the world around them. In food, they are picky. New sensations, events frighten him. Even where there is no danger, the child-Cancer draws in his imagination terrible pictures. He can not calm down until he is convinced of the complete safety of himself and his loved ones.

Sensitivity to change makes this period in a child's life very dangerous when confronted with changes. The birth of a second child or sending a baby to a kindergarten can be very painful. Parents should do their best to make the Cancer child feel their love and care.

At this age the boy-Cancer begins to take care of his loved ones. However, do not order him to help him in the household. He will carry out assignments only if he is asked, praised and encouraged in every possible way. Otherwise, the Cancer boy will protest. It can end even with his nervous breakdown.

School age

Child Cancer (boy) grows slightly slower than his peers. Therefore, it is better to give it to the school after 7 years. At this age, he is already able to enter the society. At an earlier age, he may seem to his infantile infantile.

But after 7 years, the boy-Cancer will be good at finding a common language with peers. He sensitively perceives the mood of the collective. And it is likely that he will be able to enlist the support of class leaders. This will help him get the support and protection that he needs so much.

At this age, parents will need help with homework. However, in the process of explaining the material, you should show maximum patience.

To the teachers, the Cancer boys are respectful. They do not break order. However, if the teacher is too categorical to express a negative opinion in the direction of such a child, make fun of him, the boy Cancer harbors insult. In the presence of this teacher, he will be lost, nervous.

Toys and hobbies

As a child, the kids of this sign show a homeowness. Therefore, the corresponding game will support the Cancer-child (boy). Characteristics of the sign indicate the need to pay special attention to this feature. The boy will be interested in building houses that can be arranged with various items. They also like soft toys.

Such children like quiet games. They like to do fine, scrupulous work. Mosaic, the designer in this matter will be a good solution. The Rook boy will like drawing or playing music. He likes to collect crafts.

Communication with nature is difficult to overestimate for such children. They may have very different talents, but their development will require the support of their parents. It is very important that the Cancer boy has both mother and father.

Boy-Cancer, born in the year of the Monkey

A number of features endow such a child with the Eastern horoscope. Mobility and activity is possessed by this child-cancer. The monkey (the boy) constantly runs, stuffing bruises and abrasions. At the same time it possesses obedience. If the parents explain the importance of this or that assignment, the kid will perform it with surprising accuracy. In doing so, do not forget to praise it.

Boys-Cancers, born in the year of the Monkey, have a delicate taste, they are very choosy in people. Parents can not be afraid that their child will contact a bad company.

Such children rarely show anger. If they flash, they quickly calmed down. These children need to be praised. They are not conceited.


Features of health determines the zodiac horoscope. Cancer-child (boy) needs the parents not to lose sight of his state of health. Especially it is necessary to monitor its nutrition. Such children often have a favorite and unloved food. And the food that they like, they can absorb in large quantities. Overeating or malnutrition are equally dangerous.

If the Cancer boy is in a bad mood, food intake should be postponed. Otherwise, it is fraught with problems with the digestive tract. These children should not be nervous, for a long time to be in suspense.

Tips for parents

Children-Cancers (boys in particular) require an attentive, warm relationship from their parents. They should not force him to do anything, rudely invade his personal space. Such a child will always have secrets. This must be respected.

To accustom the Cancer boy to responsibility, he needs to give important instructions. After they are performed, the child should be praised. But also do not let irresponsibility, delay. If you can not get rid of these traits in your childhood, this feature remains with a person for life.

You can not scold the Cancer boy, you can not shout at him. For them it will be a great punishment if the parents because of them feel sad or disappointed. Children-Cancers (boys) are very eager to please their parents. If such children feel that they sincerely love, they grow compliant and balanced. They have more good than bad.

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