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Calcium chloride for face cleansing: reviews, how often to do, contraindications

Every woman dreams of a fresh, healthy and beautiful skin of face and body. Everyone knows what role beauty plays in life. Therefore, girls spend so much energy, money and time to improve their appearance. There is a more economical way of cleaning, which you can do without leaving home.

The essence of the procedure

Restoration of the epidermis is due to the continuous processes of decrepitude and death of skin cells, which are subsequently regenerated, and a young epithelium appears. Constant exfoliation is the most important stage in nursing. Remove the keratinized outer layer by using a mechanical method, using a variety of scrubs. There is a more effective way, namely the cleansing of the face with calcium chloride and soap, which is performed at home. With the help of controlled and dosed damage to the epidermis, a reductive process is activated, which stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, the main "builders" of the skin, resulting in its high-quality renewal.

History of the method

Some call this peeling Hollywood. But in fact the procedure was known back in Soviet times. At that time, beauticians were actively trying to come up with new procedures for rejuvenation, since the deficit did not allow the use of foreign funds.

And then it was decided to use components that easily got into those difficult times. The substance could be obtained at any pharmacy, and it was dispensed without a prescription, since it was previously used to replenish calcium stores in the body.

Why do I need peeling?

This wonderful technique allows you to cleanse the skin of the face and body from dead cells. If you do not perform the procedure, then pores are clogged and there is a decrease in the ability to receive oxygen and absorb the necessary substances, as well as various cosmetic masks when they are used. Cleaning your face with calcium chloride at home is a popular procedure for a very long time, because it costs little money, and the result justifies all expectations.

The main action of the peeling is aimed at improving the epidermis and restoring it. He often solves a problem such as a blockage of the glands, and later does not allow it to happen again, and also removes the keratinized layer, which brings the skin various inflammations.

Stages of holding

It is a fairly simple procedure that can be easily performed at home:

1. It is necessary to collect everything you need: an ampoule of calcium chloride, a baby soap, a cotton disc and a liquid.
2. The skin is cleaned with a tonic or simply water, and then dried with a napkin.
3. The cotton disc is wetted by a drugstore, after which it is wiped by the face until the moment when there is a feeling of tightness and tingling. Most often, the solution is applied 3-4 times.
4. Prepared mask lasts about a few minutes, and after the fingers are wetted with water and soap, and the cover is again smeared. The film, which, as a result, will be taken off, starting from the forehead, strictly along massage directions. As a result of the removal, flakes are formed.
5. At the moment of the roll, it is necessary to press on the face, from time to time, moistening the fingertips in the prepared solution.
6. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the moisture remaining during the washing period is well absorbed and it is not required to wipe it with a towel.
7. If you use calcium chloride for the first time to cleanse your face, the testimonies repeat that you must first apply it to the wrist and shoulder area. If there is no allergy, then you can safely apply to the face.

This procedure is suitable only for normal, oily and mixed skin types. It allows to qualitatively influence the zones of small roughnesses and roughnesses.

Security measures

Before the session begins, you should carefully examine the face for even small cuts, wounds and scratches. If there is something like that, then cleaning the face with calcium chloride at home is contraindicated. This is prohibited because of the high risk of a chemical burn in this area. And it is also necessary to make allergic tests, for this component is applied to a small surface of the hand, if everything is in order, then you can use it for the face.

Operating principle

The mechanism of peeling is quite simple, because it is based on the interaction of two substances, such as alkali and acid.

The reaction of the solution after application to the skin together with the sodium or potassium salts of the higher carboxylic acids in a simple soap without perfumes, forms insoluble crystals in the form of whitish flakes, which at the time of rolling together with themselves keratinized cells. The appearance of these abrasive balls indicates that the Hollywood cleansing of the face with calcium chloride at home has been successful and the effect will not be long in coming.

1. Soapy ingredient, which is a constituent, perfectly cleanses the face from the greasy layer.
2. Excellent lightening of the skin.
3. The rolled and peeled off dead cells restore the epidermis, allowing it to breathe.
4. Narrows the expanded pores.
5. Calcium chloride for cleansing the face, the reviews about which are quite positive, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, removes greasy gloss, due to the skin becomes dull and smooth.
6. Dry small inflammations and pimples.


It is recommended to use this procedure with the following indispositions:

- sulfur points and contaminated pores;
- small inflammation and pimples;
- Combined and fatty skin;
- epidermis with enlarged pores.

Recommendations for conducting

Hollywood cleansing the face with calcium chloride, a testimonial to which it is useful to study, should be conducted correctly, and its features should be taken into account:

1. The procedure reduces the level of moisture, or, in other words, dries the epidermis. Therefore, after it, you need to use nourishing masks.
2. In order to calm the skin, it is recommended to use infusions of sage and marigold flowers. If you add tea tree oil to the wiping agent, you can get rid of superficial inflammation.
3. And also it is recommended to try to make a rollback on the contrary, that is, initially apply soap foam, and then remove it with the pads of fingers moistened in calcium chloride. For the face, the peeling that happens will be more gentle and less aggressive.
4. It is recommended to perform the procedure just before night sleep, as there is a possibility that the skin will not have time to recover.
5. After the end of the session, before going out into the air, you need to use protective creams from wind, sun or frost. Due to this, it is possible to be protected from pigmentation and irritation.

Why soap is needed

Calcium chloride for face cleansing, which can be heard from many well-groomed women, works well during the reaction with soap, eventually forming calcium salt and potassium chloride. These substances have special properties to roll down, as a result of which the upper layer of the facial skin is captured. As a result of the procedure, the procedure resembles a sparing version of traditional peeling.

It should be remembered: if a woman has oily skin, then several such procedures will help get rid of shortcomings, namely, sebaceous gloss, acne and inflammation. Thanks to this, the person will always remain healthy.

Care after peeling

The epidermis is strongly dried and dehydrated at the time of the superficial roll, therefore it requires additional moistening and care. Natural emulsions and creams containing alpha-tocopherol and ubiquinone perfectly help to cope with the problem. To such components can be attributed funds, which include oils of macadamia, jojoba, peach and grape seed, and also avocados. Such components will help restore the normal level of coenzyme Q in the epidermis.

Skin care after cleansing the face of calcium chloride must necessarily include the use of masks:

1. Soothing and whitening. To make it, you need 25 ml of infusion or decoction of chamomile to mix together with 1 tsp. Washed oat flakes and a slurry of half a banana, and then put on your face literally for 10-15 minutes. Prepared mass is washed off only with warm water, after which the skin is moistened with moisturizing cream. Instead of chamomile, it is recommended to use also infusions of calendula, sage or mint, which can well soothe the epidermis.
2. Anti-inflammatory and drying mask (used for oily skin type). For its preparation, it is necessary to mix baby powder and a few drops of essential oil of tea tree (mint, chamomile broth, eucalyptus of rod-shaped or calendula), sage and half of banana gruel at the tip of the knife. The mixture is applied to the face for 10-15 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. After the procedure, cosmetologists recommend applying a nourishing or moisturizing cream.
3. The phytin mask. For preparation, a baby formula based on soy protein can be used. From it receive a safe and necessary for the skin phytic acid, which in itself has a huge number of useful elements and substances. For the mass you need 1 tsp. Distilled or filtered water and 2 measuring spoons of the mixture. The components are applied to the skin until it dries completely, and then washed off with water and a soft sponge. To enhance the effect, it is laid out under the film. This makes it easier to rinse off the skin.

Tips for Beginners

For those who use calcium chloride for the first time in the face, peeling should be done with special care. Cosmetologists are advised to entrust the execution of the first procedure to a specialist, so as not to harm the skin. It will help to choose the right dosage and will offer the optimal time to not stand the drug longer than necessary. Only considering professional advice, you can start an independent improvisation. And also it is recommended to make sure that there is no allergy to calcium chloride. You can carry out the procedure yourself, for this purpose a small amount of the drug bought at the pharmacy is applied to the inside of the elbow. If, in addition to the slightest redness, there are no other side reactions, calcium chloride for face cleaning, which we will discuss below, can be used to improve the appearance. Professionals are advised to use the procedure for skating on a Friday night, before the weekend.


Carry out peeling is not recommended if:

- there are fresh wounds on the skin;
- inflammation;
- pregnancy and lactation;
- hypersensitive and dry skin.

Before use, it is required to check the epidermis for susceptibility, for this it is necessary to apply calcium chloride on the wrist or elbow bend. To clean the face, contraindications must be considered. If there is a slight burning sensation, then this is permissible, but redness, tingling or itching may indicate sensitivity. If the described reaction is present, it is better to refuse the procedure.

The main side effects can be:

- dehydrated skin, which leads to its premature aging;
- acid-base balance is violated;
- the advantage of an alkaline state entails the multiplication of harmful bacteria;
- pigment spots, to avoid their appearance, it is necessary to deal with the procedure in the evening, just before bedtime.

This can all come about if you incorrectly apply calcium chloride to cleanse your face.

How often do

If a girl has oily skin, then this procedure is applied 4 times a month. For a normal epidermis, you can clean it once every 2 or 3 weeks. For the problem person, they will have to wait until all the redness is eliminated. Importantly, it is not recommended to perform peeling more than once a week.


According to satisfied women, the use at home of the composition to date available to each of the fair sex. Its components are inexpensive, and the execution technology is quite simple.

Cosmetologists say that they have this procedure called skate. Has a wonderful anti-aging effect, removes black spots and other contaminants, perfectly removes dead cells, visually improves the face and helps to get rid of problem areas of the skin. All this can be obtained using calcium chloride to clean the face. The damage that can be caused by this substance is also considerable, so it should be used carefully.

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