Boric alcohol in the ear

The article will deal with a medical device used in the complex therapy of such a disease as otitis media. Boric alcohol in the ear is buried to kill bacteria. Long-term treatment with this drug is usually accompanied by washing the ear with hydrogen peroxide.

In order to introduce boric alcohol in the ear, you need the following:

1. A clean pipette.

2. Wadded disk.

How to properly carry out this procedure?

1. Bury alcohol in your ears three times a day. Do this only on the advice of an otolaryngologist. Before carrying out this action, it is necessary to wash the auditory passages with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This can be done by dropping in the ear at least five drops of the substance, and after ten minutes it is recommended to tilt the head in the opposite direction. Then it is necessary to wipe the auricle with a cotton pad and rinse the second in the same way.

2. Boric alcohol in the ear can be injected with a pipette or moistened with this substance gauze, twisted into flagella and insert them into diseased auditory passages. It is proved that the greatest effect is achieved in the case of alternation of use of turundochek and instillation. Procedures can be intermixed as follows - in the morning and in the day to introduce boric alcohol in the ear, and before going to bed insert flagella from the gauze. Turundochki with this drug have an excellent analgesic effect. By penetrating the vapors of alcohol inside, a warming effect is achieved.

3. In complex treatment with the use of antimicrobial drops, it is also necessary to wash the auditory passages with hydrogen peroxide. This kind of drug is recommended to alternate with boric alcohol, using, for example, two times one remedy, then the same again. You can do this only if it does not contradict the prescribed scheme of treatment of the disease.

4. Boric alcohol in the ear can enter no more than ten days. In case the problem has not been resolved and even its aggravation is observed, it is necessary to stop the instillation and seek the advice of a specialist who will prescribe a different method of treatment.

This tool is popular with young parents. It helps to cope with the temperature in the child. To do this, moisten the gauze flagellum in boric alcohol and place it in the ear, and then apply a cotton fleece on top to get a kind of compress. It is important not to heat this remedy, since an increase in temperature results in the loss of all its valuable components.

With boric alcohol, you can also clean the ears of the sulfur plug. This procedure can be easily carried out independently. To do this, you need to prepare auditory passages, digging in them a weak solution of soda for three days. Then you can start to soften the sulfur by dousing two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear, then clean it with warm water under pressure. After carrying out this procedure, you need to insert into the ear canals boric alcohol with a pipette.


It should be remembered that boric alcohol, the use of which is effective in otitis, is not recommended for women who are expecting a baby, as well as mothers during lactation. In addition, treatment of this drug by people with various chronic diseases is undesirable. This can only be done under the supervision of the attending physician, because improper use of the drug can cause side effects, including allergic reactions, headache, diarrhea, shortness of breath, vomiting, malfunctioning kidneys and liver. Among the most serious consequences is shock and confusion, which are the result of individual intolerance of the components of this drug. In this case, prompt medical attention should be called.

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