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Blazer is an unusual drink. History of creation and recipe

Blazer is a drink that has a very interesting creation history. He has a specific author named Jerry Thomas and with a loud nickname Professor. His burning masterpiece the barman created in the famous bar "Eldorado", which in those days was a salon for gambling. There was this bar in the city of San Francisco, and it was in the distant 1850.

Thomas, of course, was a talented man in his business. He mastered the profession of bartender, and turned the preparation of the drink "Blue Blazer" into a colorful show. For this he used two silver mugs and poured burning whiskey from one to the other, but it was necessary to see how he did it.

This presentation took place under a special lighting bar and every time the audience was completely delighted with the invention of the resourceful bartender. The room was illuminated with a blue mysterious flame, thereby enhancing the effect of the spectacle, and the blazer drink on this holiday was the main event.

At one time, this magnificent trick was seen by the President of the United States, Grant. He was shocked by the skill of the bartender and from his hands he casually offered Jerry Thomas an expensive cigar. By the way, they say that the president ordered two portions of this extravagant cocktail.

The famous Jerry Thomas was preparing his blazer drink strictly at a temperature of no more than 10 C. Sometimes in the cold season he could offer a fire blazer drink for visitors with obvious cold symptoms. The barman sincerely considered it a curative and anti-inflammatory drug. This is true, as it includes components that warm and give strength to the body weakened in winter. For example, honey, which is necessarily part of the cocktail.

How to prepare this wonderful, very original blazer cocktail, and generally, will it get us if we want to cook it for Saturday's party?

In order to flash the mastery as well as Thomas, we need such products: 50 ml of whiskey and boiling water, 1 measuring spoon of honey and freshly squeezed juice of one lemon.

Blazer cocktail will require from us some skill and skillful possession of body balancing, and especially hands. Now you will understand what is the matter.

We take convenient, small containers of dishes. In it we pour out whiskey strictly according to the recipe and heat it on fire. After the whiskey is hot enough, we pour it into a mug. You remember, Thomas had two mugs, so we have one more. We poured hot water into it. Our movements are soft and cautious, and the cocktail blazer is so fiery and passionate.

Now everything will begin. Carefully set fire to the whiskey. At the same time, a light comes on that will give a special spectacle. Next, merge the two liquids together. And now we begin to pour liquid from one mug to another, feeling today as a real barman by Thomas. Cocktail blazer is poured from one mug to another not less than five times. Here you need a little patience to help and not splash the precious compound, because the mixture will burn, boil and flare. This is the beauty of the show.

After several such actions, the flame tongue will become longer and longer in front of shocked guests. To achieve an even greater effect, pour in the liquid, slowly, making smooth movements (sharp ones need to be eliminated completely).

Cocktail blazer will become even more intense, if you add honey or powdered sugar. Do not forget to add lemon juice to the glass, and decorate the glass with a beautiful slice.

Our drink is amazing, and the party is unmatched, thanks to the bright and tasty "Blue Blazer"! Perhaps, this experiment seems bold to you, but the risk is minimal, and the procedure itself is fascinating. Maybe it's worth a try?

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