As in the "Word" crop the picture. Walkthrough

Working with the text editor MS Word, you have to deal with the task of editing images. Therefore, quite often, users have to rack their brains over the question of how to trim a picture in Vord or how to rotate an image without using third-party programs.

But this is not at all a problem, because MS Word provides standard tools for fast cropping of images, for their alignment, and also for removing unclaimed fragments of images. As a result, you can get the desired result without installing additional software and permanently close the question of how to trim the picture in the "Word".

Let's try to understand first what the pruning is. And then, how to crop the picture in the "Word" 2010 or later versions of this software product.

On the concept of "pruning"

So, cropping is a process, as a result of which a part of the drawing is removed that does not need to be displayed in the document by reducing its vertical and horizontal sides, as well as other shapes or smoothing. As a rule, trimming is used to quickly hide an unnecessary part of a graphic image or remove them from a document.

Crop images in Microsoft Word 2010

In MS Word 2010, the cropping function was significantly improved in comparison with previous versions. Therefore, using this release of the product, you can already learn how to crop the picture along the contour.

In the "Vorda" 2010 it is also possible to use the proportions of the trimming and the fill for the contours of the figure, which is subject to change. So, for example, you can trim the picture in the shape of any shape available in the standard office suite.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cropping Graphics in Microsoft Word 2010

    1. Select the image you want to crop.
    2. In the top panel of the editor, click the "Work with Picture" tab.
    3. Click the Trimming icon.
    4. Hover your mouse over any of the markers in the picture. Move these markers to reduce the boundaries of the image. To change one side of the picture, move the central marker of the desired side to the middle of the image. To achieve the same trimming of both sides, while moving the center marker of one of these sides into the image, press and hold CTRL. If you need to crop all sides of the graphic object with the same precision, hold down the CTRL key while moving one of the corner markers inside the image. This is the easiest way to trim a picture in a Word.
    5. If you want to crop the image to the exact size, you need to right-click on the image and in the context menu that appears, select the "Picture Format" command. Next, in the cropping area of the graphic object, in the "Picture Position" section, enter the desired numbers in the fields "Height" and "Latitude".
    6. When the desired part of the picture is selected, you can click the mouse outside the image area or simply press the ESC key.

Following these simple steps, you can not only know in theory how to cut the picture in the "Word", but in practice use the knowledge gained.

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