Animation - what is it? Animations in PowerPoint. The program for creating animations

It would seem that such an animation, everyone already knows. But if you delve into this topic well, you can find many interesting facts. For example, in the USSR animation was called animation. There are many types and types of animation. The first animation appeared before the cinematography. We'll talk about all this later.


So, it is worthwhile to understand that the term "animation" has several interpretations. First of all, this is how the cartoon is called in the West. Animation, in turn, is a special kind of cinema art. Simply put, it's all just a cartoon. From Latin, animation is translated as "multiplication." That is, the name itself reveals the method by which the moving picture is formed.

Short story

Interestingly, long before the Lumiere brothers, people learned what animation is. In the first half of the 19th century, the first attempts were made to "activate" the image. But the first full-fledged animated character was the dinosaur Gerti, who created Winsor Mackay in 1914.

After that, the animation developed rapidly. Already in 1928, Walt Disney introduced the world to Mickey Mouse. In the USSR, animation has been actively developed since 1936, when the film studio Soyuzmultfilm was founded. Later the animation is distributed around the world. Already in 1958 in Japan appears now popular anime. So the animation grew into computer animation.

Animation Techniques

When the whole world realized what animation is, different kinds of it began to appear. Over time, technology has developed to create new animations. Now we can talk about five common techniques for forming a moving picture.

Rotoscoping is a special technique that forms a segment by sequential drawing of individual frames. Each kadrik is on a real film. In the cast, actors and scenery are involved. Now this technique is also applied. But before that they hired an artist who manually completed everything they needed, but now the whole process is computerized. If you need special effects, add a "wandering mask". It overlaps parts of the real image.

Another technique is plasticine. This animation is familiar to many on the cartoon "Last year's snow fell." The technique involves shooting plasticine elements in frames. In this case, the position of the figures changes for the effect of motion.

Sand animation is less popular. It involves working with peeled fine sand, salt or coffee. The powder is poured out a thin layer on the glass and the movements of the hands form into the picture.

Drawn animation was previously very popular. Before the advent of computers was the most used. This technique consists in the time-lapse capture of two-dimensional drawing objects.

Computer method

This is the latest technique for performing animation, and it is worth talking about it in more detail. What is computer animation? It is logical to assume that it is created using a PC. Despite the fact that it is most often found in art, this method is used in production, science, and business.

Those who are familiar with computer graphics know that animation is a derivative. It can also be formed by vector, raster, fractal, or three-dimensional methods.


Computer animation can be performed in several ways. One of the first is the method of placing key personnel. The computer itself fills in the intermediate frames. There is a technique for recording motion. On the actors attach special sensors, through which their movements are recognized by computers and transferred to imitation.

Procedural animation is a complex software process, in which the PC generates motion itself, limited by rules and laws. Objects can be animated using programming languages. So, JavaScript and ActionScript are known.

If you do not know how to do the animation, you can refer to special programs. Among them there are paid and free options. Online services are also available.


If you want to create your own animation yourself, know that it's real. Of course, you need to have drawing skills, at least basic. But in general, the program for creating animations will help you. Naturally, that tops the list of such software Adobe Photoshop. It's no secret that this is a paid option, although for fans of pirated versions this is not an obstacle.

"Photoshop" - is a universal program that allows you to do everything that you vzbredet in the head. There are for this purpose the necessary tools and additions. If you need a professional version of this program, then buy Adobe Flash Professional. This multimedia platform is designed to work with web applications and multimedia presentations. In its arsenal, it has development tools such as Adobe Animate. Addition is designed to work with computer animation.

If you need animation on a transparent background, then to the above applications you can add free GIMP or Blender. The first option is a copy of "Photoshop". Great for working with raster graphics. The second option is a whole package for professionals that works with 3D graphics, modeling, animation, rendering, and so on.

Online services

From online services, Moovly is popular. It is unlikely that you will be able to work with animation on a transparent background, but simple drawing clips or advertising presentations are easy to do here. There is a whole library with templates and objects. You can add text and music and immediately send the finished product to "Youtube". Service is conditionally-free. You can make a movie for 10 minutes at 480p. It will be enough for animation.


Many people are wondering whether this program can be used to create cartoons. Unfortunately, it will not be useful to you, since it will not be possible to make the animation in it. This service is for creating presentations. Of course, if you can use it, you can try to create a series of moving pictures to make it look like a cartoon, but this program is not for this at all.

The main tools in PowerPoint are, first of all, special effects. For example, each frame can appear in a special way: with dimming, lightening, rotations, patterns, etc. The same can be done with presentation objects. You can add a visual effect to the text or picture. Blocks can fly out, arise, fade, etc.

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