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Aneurysm of the brain

The human brain is one of the organs without which a person can not live in principle. Just like the heart and circulatory system. Therefore, to care for the health of these centers should be from the very childhood, trying not to allow injuries.

By and large, throughout life a person faces many dangers and diseases. One of the most dangerous threats is an aneurysm of the brain. This disease is expressed in a change in the structure of the artery, namely, the expansion of its site. This happens, as a rule, because the walls of the blood vessel for one reason or another become weak and stretch. The danger to the patient is not the very expansion of the vessel, but a reduction in the ability of the walls to resist the force of the blood flow. As a result, the artery ruptures and bleeding begins, which in most cases leads to a fatal outcome. Half of the patients die after a hemorrhage into the brain immediately, and the rest, if not rendered them due care, dies from the consequences of getting blood to the brain.

Brain aneurysm is found in both women and men at any age, although it is believed that women at the age of about fifty years suffer this disease more often. Aneurysm of the brain can be both congenital and acquired. In the first case, a child born with a pathology can quite normally feel and develop without deviations. The acquired aneurysm is usually caused by various diseases of the circulatory system, for example, arterial hypertension or atherosclerosis.

Often in medical practice, there are cases when the patient does not even suspect that he has an aneurysm. Symptoms can sometimes manifest as headaches and occasional bouts of nausea. If a person suddenly finds it difficult to turn his neck, strong pains in the back and legs are felt during movement, this should be sure to alert him, as such signs can speak about serious violations, for example, about an aneurysm. Of course, most often the rupture of the vessel occurs instantaneously, without any prerequisites. If the patient does not immediately die, then he may have a severe attack of headache, vomiting, and then he loses consciousness.

When the blood from the ruptured vessel gets into the brain tissue, in most cases, in addition to the stiffness of the back, legs and neck, it also causes mild paralysis and complicates the swallowing process. Depending on the location of the rupture, various visual disturbances can occur, for example, such as bifurcation in the eyes, an increase in the diameter of the pupil,

The complexity of the consequences that causes an aneurysm of the brain depends primarily on its location and bleeding power. A strong jump in intracranial pressure, as a rule, leads to a lethal outcome. An aneurysm can also cause spasms of nearby blood vessels, including the major ones. The result of such complications is usually a decrease in blood flow and, as a consequence, disruption of the brain.

The presence of an aneurysm can be established only with the help of specialized equipment in clinics. Usually, computer or magnetic resonance imaging is used to determine the ailment. With the help of such studies, cavities in the blood vessels are revealed, which speak of an aneurysm.

In time, an aneurysm of the brain can be cured. For this, an operation is performed, during which the damaged walls of the vessels are restored. In this case, the muscle tissue wraps around the neck of the aneurysm or special brackets are used to restore the integrity of the vessels. Surgical intervention, however, does not guarantee complete elimination of consequences and complications.

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