Alcohol and Nurofen: Compatibility

Antipyretics and analgesics are among the most sought-after medicines. Every day they are consumed by millions of people. But few people think that the combination of some of them with alcohol can lead to unpleasant consequences. Thanks to researches of scientists and long-term experience of experts today you can find out what tablets Nurofen and alcohol compatibility have.

A few words about the drug

The drug with the trade name "Nurofen" is manufactured in the UK. This medicine has long occupied a leading position in the pharmacological market. The active substance of the drug is ibuprofen. Medication refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and is positioned as an effective cure for heat and pain. Produced in different dosages and forms of medicine. Tablets contain from 200 to 400 mg ibuprofen, suppositories (for infants up to 2 years old) include 60 mg of active ingredient, and children's syrup (from 3 months) - 100 mg.

The manufacturer also offers Nurofen for external application. It has the form of a 5% concentration gel. For people suffering from migraine, Nurofen Multisymptom is produced, which contains additional paracetamol (325 mg), and the fairer sex is offered to purchase Nurofen Lady.

Is it possible to drink Nurofen with alcohol: information from the instruction

If you refer to the annotation, you will find out that the medicine is used for symptomatic treatment. It is assigned under the following conditions:

  • Headache, including migraines;
  • toothache;
  • Muscle strain, joint damage;
  • neuralgia;
  • Elevated body temperature (of different origin).

The instructions do not say how alcohol and Nurofen interact. It is only supplemented that the medicine should not be used with hypersensitivity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, liver and kidneys, and also during pregnancy. Does this mean that the manufacturer allows the simultaneous use of the drug and ethanol?

Women during menstruation

In such a situation, alcohol and Nurofen are not compatible a priori. For women, the manufacturer produces a medicine with a prefix "Lady". It contains 400 mg of active ingredient. This medicine is designed to eliminate menstrual pain. Why can not you combine alcohol and Nurofen Lady?

Any alcoholic drinks contribute to the dilution of blood. The claimed drug acts in the same way. If you combine chemicals, then the representative of the weaker sex may increase bleeding. Abundant periods, in turn, can cause malaise, weakness and even provoke anemia. If you use Nurofen during menstruation for analgesia, then it is better to refrain from taking alcoholic beverages.

Nurofen (gel) for external use and alcohol

Is it possible to combine alcohol and Nurofen (gel)? This medicine contains 5 g of ibuprofen in every 100 g of medicament. The medication is prescribed for the sprain of the ligaments and muscles, articular pain. Used gel for external application with neuralgia, myalgia, back pain. Athletes who are injured can also use this medication. Can this "Nurofen" be combined with ethanol?

Due to the fact that the drug does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract and is not absorbed into the bloodstream, its negative effect on the human body is minimal. Even if you drink alcohol at the same time, as practice shows, nothing criminal will happen. It is important to observe the dosage of the drug and not take it inside. Do not forget that ethanol can aggravate the patient's condition in diseases that involve the use of Nurofen gel.

Effects of combination with ethanol

Is it possible to use Nurofen with alcohol in this or that case, each person decides for himself. If you still chose to make such a combination, then you must adhere to certain rules.

"Nurofen" is used in a dose corresponding to the disease. Do not take large portions in order to enhance the therapeutic effect.

Do not take alcohol if this prohibits your disease.

You can drink alcohol after "Nurofen" not earlier than after 4 hours. It is better to wait 8-12 hours.

It is forbidden to combine alcohol and "Nurofen Multisymptom", since this combination has a pronounced hepatotoxic effect.

If suddenly you feel worse after using the drug and alcohol, then you need to urgently consult a doctor.

If you take an NSAID based on ibuprofen along with alcoholic beverages, then the likelihood of side effects will increase several fold. The combination of chemicals negatively affects the liver, since alcohol and "Nurofen" are filtered by this organ. The consequences of such therapy can be as follows:

  • Violations of the functions of the central nervous system;
  • Ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract;
  • Tachycardia and arrhythmia;
  • Renal insufficiency, diuresis.

Treatment of hangover syndrome "Nurofen"

Often, people take Nurofen after alcohol to get rid of the bad state of health caused by a hangover. Is it permissible?

Practice shows that the medicine effectively cope with headache and muscle pain, and also relieves fever. Often it is these signs that are the consequences of a tumultuous feast. The drug will help get rid of them, but does not affect the other symptoms of hangover in any way. "Nurofen" is not able to eliminate nausea, drowsiness, weakness. It is impossible to say unequivocally whether he helps cure a hangover. Some patients remain satisfied with this medicine, while others say that it did not ease their state of health.

If we consider the negative effect on the body, can Nurofen be after alcohol? Specialists, of course, do not recommend combining these substances and use the drug while the blood contains ethanol. But if you compare the drug with others, then "Nurofen" can be called one of the safest pain killers. So, for example, the famous "Paracetamol" in combination with alcohol will have a much more negative effect on the body. If you choose less of all evils, then it is better to give preference to Nurofen.

To sum up

The drug "Nurofen" is an effective, affordable, long-known and safe medicine that can eliminate pain and fever in a short time. Of course, with alcohol it is better not to take it. But in some cases this combination is inevitable. If you had to use Nurofen while drinking alcohol or immediately after a feast, then you should pay special attention to your well-being. Do not forget that the medicine can not be used for more than 5 days on its own. Good health!

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