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Additional agreement: design features

The conclusion of an additional agreement sets as its goal the dissolution or modification of the terms of the contract. Before entering into an additional agreement, you should carefully examine all the material terms and conditions of the contract. It must be remembered that the document is:

- under a mutual agreement,

- at the request of either party,

- in the case provided by the contract or legislation,

- if one of the parties refuses to execute the contract, if such a condition is acceptable by the contract or by law.

An additional agreement is drawn up in the form corresponding to the contract. If this is a written form, then the agreement should also be in the same form. If this rule is not respected, then the agreement is declared invalid.

At the very beginning of the document, it is required to indicate the time and place of its conclusion, it is required to write down the full name, first name, patronymic and positions of representatives of the parties. The supplementary agreement should contain the same number of parties as the contract. It comes into force from the time of signing, so the date must be indicated. It should also be determined on the basis of what the person signing the document acts. This may be either the company's charter, or a notarized power of attorney. In the event that an individual acting in his own interests is being described, the grounds do not indicate.

It is necessary to determine which type of contract an additional agreement is being made: to a contract of work, supply, lease or other kind. In the text of the document it is necessary to specify which part of the main contract is supplemented, amended or dissolved, and also determines all the points on which the agreement should be reached.

An additional agreement must be ensured by signatures of persons who concluded the main contract, sealed by stamps, if they exist by definition.

Additional agreement to the supply contract

So, to draw up an additional agreement, you need to go through several steps.

At the first stage, you need to assign a number to the document and put the date of its writing. It should be pointed out that the supplementary agreement is intended to change the supply contract. It is necessary to refer to the document number and the day it comes into force. The agreement itself can be given a name, for example, "an additional agreement on increasing the volume of supply."

At the next stage, the name of the parties to the contract, their legal and organizational form, and the names of the signatories are indicated in the header of the document. Reference should be made to the document, which is the basis for the action of these persons. For example, "in the person of a director who acts (acting) on the basis of the Charter" or "in the person of a technical director performing actions (acting) pursuant to power of attorney No. 897 of 03.10.2012", etc.

The next step is to prescribe what the parties agreed to change. If the agreement is reached to change some places of the original contract, then it is necessary to formulate how the new version of the contract will sound for the individual numbered items. For example, "the parties have come to a mutual agreement to delete paragraph 5.9.6. Contract from consideration "," read 3.5 of the contract in the following edition "or" the volume of additional supply of goods shall be set at the rate of 100 thousand units ".

Then in the additional agreement it is necessary to register that it is made in two copies - for each party one by one, to note the date of entry into force of the document.

At the last stage at the end of the document it is necessary to specify the requisites of the parties to the agreement and the contract. It is necessary to sign the document from both contractors and put the appropriate seals. On this additional agreement is considered a prisoner.

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