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Actress Gene Smart: biography, filmography, personal life. Interesting Facts

Jean Smart is a talented American actress, remembered by the audience thanks to such TV series as "Who is Samantha?", "24 hours", "Scarlett". Most directors direct her to create comedic images, appreciating the star's ability to make the audience laugh. Jin, unlike many of his colleagues, does not consider it an unpresentable appearance for himself in soap operas, he gladly agrees to long-term projects. What is known about this famous woman?

Gene Smart: Star Biography

The actress was born in September 1951, it happened in the American Seattle. Gin Smart, if you trust the memories of family and friends of the star, could not be called an ordinary child. The girl from early years was keenly interested in the art world. She spent a lot of time at the easel, enjoyed dancing, played several musical instruments. Also, others noted her talent for reincarnation, when she participated in school theater productions.

Despite the objections of parents-teachers who preferred that the daughter received a more "serious" profession, the grown up Gene Smart decided to become an actress. However, she nevertheless entered the University of Washington and acquired a degree in the field of art. About the student years of the star is only known that she was a member of the women's club "Alpha-Delta-Pi."

Bright debut

Gin Smart can be called a favorite of fortune, since not every actress can debut as a legendary person. The heroine, who was first played by yesterday's student at the Broadway Theater in 1981, is Marlene Dietrich. Critics were fascinated, as no one known girl managed to convey the charm and sexuality inherent in the famous actress, her rich inner world.

It was the role of Marlene Dietrich that helped Jin become part of a universe like Hollywood. The talented actress was noticed and literally filled up with suggestions about filming in the movies and serials. Interestingly, three years later, Smart also starred in the television version of the production of "Piaf", which made her a star.

Shooting in TV shows

One of the famous TV shows with the participation of Jean is "Scarlett". The plot of the soap opera was borrowed from the same name by Alexandra Ripley, but the creators of the series made serious changes to it. Smart got the role of charming Sally. This image gave her fans almost all over the world.

Not only comedic roles can play a talented actress Gene Smart. The filmography of the star also contains the series "Mass Murder", in which she embodied the image of the main character. The American played a serial killer, who committed many high-profile crimes, beautifully depicted the madness of her character.

The first lady in the performance of the movie star Jean also succeeded in glory. It's about the wife of a fictional president, which Smart played in the TV project "24 hours." Her character Martha Logan turned out elegant, strict and domineering. I remembered the audience and the character played by Smart in the series "Who is Samantha?", Narrating about the misadventures of a girl who lost her memory. Her Regina Newley critics called one of the main achievements of the television project.

Movies with her participation

The actress does not hide her love for serials, but even in film projects one can see the brilliant Jean Smart. The biography of the star shows that she is attentive to the choice of roles, trying to play unlike each other's characters. For example, in the movie "Stylish feature" her character Stella Perry deftly plays all the cards. The actress was very useful skills of playing poker, acquired in her youth, which she demonstrated in this comedy.

I remembered the comedic image created by Jean Smart in the tape "Baby", her partner on the set then became famous Bruce Willis. The comedy tells the story of a boy who for one day turned into an adult and forced to adapt to an unfamiliar world. It was possible for the actress to try on herself and the image of the fearless FBI agent, who was embodied in her picture "Time to Live."

New projects

For several years, the star has been shot in the television project "The Police of Hawaii", the first series of which was released in 2010. The main hero of the soap opera is a former naval officer, trying to find people guilty of the death of his father. Jean won the role of governor of Hawaii, who invited the officer to become the leader of a new team that will fight with the mafia structures.

Did not refuse from his role as a comedian actress Gene Smart, films and series with the participation of which fans appreciate first of all the opportunity to laugh heartily. Proof of this can serve as the second season of the provocative series "Fargo", in which the star got a comedic role. Her heroine is the wife of the head of the criminal syndicate, forced to lead a "family enterprise" in connection with her husband's illness.

Life behind the scenes

Of course, the interest for the fans is not only the roles that Jean Smart played. Interesting facts about the life of a star also arouse curiosity among fans. It is known that with her husband Richard Gilliland, with whom the actress has been married for many years, she met while filming in the series "Creating a Woman." It was from him that an American gave birth to two sons. Gene and her husband also dreamed of their daughter, which prompted them in 2009 to decide on the adoption of a baby from China.

It is also known that in childhood Smart suffered from diabetes. It's no wonder that the actress became the organizer of a charity fund that sponsors the treatment of children with this disease.

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