4334 ZIL - reliable medium-tonnage vehicle with a wheel arrangement 6 x 6

The ZIL-4334 is a reliable freight transport, which was recently used only in the armed forces. The wheel formula - 6 x 6. Is able to successfully compete with medium-sized SUVs.

It is intended for transportation of goods on roads with a hard surface and ground.
Usually three long-distance vehicles are sent to 4334 ZIL:

  • 2 with vans (size 2300 x 3700 mm), adapted to long-term residence;
  • 1 with a load.

This is a very convenient layout for organizing work in remote areas of the North. In off-road conditions, it is much safer to move the column. You can remove a jammed vehicle or tow a temporarily faulty machine.

History of creation

In 1995 the model line of 4334 ZIL trucks was launched. The model replaced the well-known ZIL-131.

Trucks were produced in two versions: with a van or tarpaulin tarpaulin for the transport of people and cargo and chassis for mounting additional, including military equipment. Both versions successfully tow trailers weighing up to 4200 kg.

In 2014 the automobile plant named after IA Likhachev (ZIL) began the production of updated versions, including the fiberglass plumage of the cabin.


Technical equipment 4334 ZIL allows the car to easily climb up a sprinkled road with a 35 ° elevation angle and to force water flows 1.4 meters deep.

The model has a 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, V-shaped diesel engine capacity of 170 liters. With., Capable of working on various types of fuel.

Currently, 4 models are commercially available.

Two side:

  • ZIL-4334V1 with the engine Euro-3 MMZ D-245.30 diesel.
  • ZIL-433440 engine carburetor ZIL-508300.

Two chassis:

  • ZIL-4334V2 engine diesel Euro-3 MMZ D-245.30.
  • ZIL-433442 engine carburetor ZIL-508300.

Electrical equipment with a voltage of 24 V. Internal and external nodes 4334 ZIL are powered by two batteries and a generator. On the dashboard are mounted special alarm devices that allow monitoring the state of the engine and air pressure in the braking system.

Design features

In conditions of low passableness a tri-axial truck ZIL-4334 is often used , technical characteristics allow it to work under the most extreme conditions.

The truck is equipped with:

  • Reinforced mechanical 5-speed gearbox;
  • 2-speed transfer case;
  • Frame with reinforced to 8 mm spars.

All the transmissions, except the first, work synchronously. The transfer box provides the drive of all bridges. The ball-locking device protects against the simultaneous activation of several gears. The front axle control is automated.
Zero gear setting makes a self-switching. When moving on slippery sections in the 1st gear, the front axle can be switched on and forced. The electrical circuit can be closed by a switch on the panel.

It is possible to install power take -off devices ( 60 hp) through a special hatch.

All three bridges at ZIL-4334 are leading, but the middle one is intermediate: its power complements the rear. To increase the traction load, the leading bridges are equipped with a forced interlock.

Weight and dimensions:

  • 7186 mm - length;
  • 2420 mm - width;
  • 2760 mm - height;
  • 3400 + 1250 mm - wheel base;
  • 1820 mm - track;
  • 330 mm - ground clearance;
  • 6175 kg - fully loaded mass;
  • 11 170 kg - total weight with the maximum permissible load;
  • 15 370 kg - the mass of the road train;
  • Load on the axis: front - 4040 kg, rear (cart) - 7130 kg;
  • Dimension of tires - 12.00 R20.

The pneumatic actuators of the tires use Camozzi (quick-release couplings). This significantly reduces labor costs when servicing.

Additional benefits

  1. Trucks of this brand have independent suspension of wheels. This allows for smooth movement and fast off-road driving.
  2. Each wheel has a brake drum with two inner pads.
  3. Pneumoprive single-circuit brake allows towing trailers with brake drive with the ability to control the operation of the brake.
  4. For a better grip on the road, tires with grooves with a tree arrangement are used.


ZIL-4334 is well suited for moving loads, people, workers of repair brigades in hard-to-reach areas and city boundaries. The price of the car, according to the site of the plant manufacturer AMO "ZIL", is about 1 450 000 rubles. The cost may vary depending on the equipment.

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