20 maternity hospital at the "Babushkinskaya": doctors and reviews

Brag of a huge number of positive feedback due to quality services today can not every medical institution of national importance. Insufficient funding, lack of interest in training - all this leads to the fact that fewer patients are trying to enter public hospitals. An exception can be called the 20 maternity hospital at the "Babushkinskaya" in Moscow. The real professionals work in this department.

Basic information

20 The hospital (Moscow) is just a small branch of the city clinical hospital named after Yeramishantsev AK There is an institution on Lenskaya street (house 15). In the immediate vicinity is the station m. "Babushkinskaya". If you go from the center of the capital, you need to sit in the last car. From the underground it is necessary to go to medical institution only 2-4 minutes.

20 maternity hospital at the "Babushkinskaya" - quite an old medical institution. Muscovites and guests of the city have been provided with qualified specialists for more than 50 years. Patients are accepted both in emergency and in routine order. The city clinical hospital named after Yeramishantsev AK is a multifunctional institution. Family planning is carried out here. In the future, a woman can register for pregnancy, make an appointment with a doctor for planned childbirth. If during the period of bearing a fetus there are any health problems, the patient will be given appropriate help.

Department of Gynecology

The appearance of a child begins with careful family planning. Those who want to give birth to a healthy baby, it is initially recommended to seek help from the gynecological department of City Clinical Hospital No. 20 (Lenskaya Street). Here, future parents will be able to pass all the necessary tests, assess the state of health. If any pathologies are identified, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. All departments of the medical institution closely interact with each other.

In the department of gynecology, women are observed throughout pregnancy. Experts do everything to make the future mother feel fine. The treatment of toxicosis. When there is a threat of termination of pregnancy, a woman can go to hospital.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to keep the pregnancy. Some women are forced to interrupt the bearing of the fetus in connection with life circumstances. 20 The maternity home at "Babushkinskaya" is an institution that gives hope for a happy future. Women not only perform delicately abortion, but also provide psychological support.

Contract for childbirth

If a woman wants to be delivered by a specific specialist, which has good reviews, it is possible to conclude an appropriate contract. Conclude the contract is necessary for a period of 35-36 weeks. Documents are signed by future parents directly in the maternity ward. Here you can choose a room in which the new mother will be with her baby. In addition, you can discuss partner birth in the 20 maternity hospital. Moscow is a progressive city. More and more couples want to watch the miracle of the appearance of the baby in the world together.

After signing the contract, a woman is examined by a specialist every week. If there are pathologies, or pregnancy is multiple, the future mother will be placed in the hospital even before the onset of labor.

School of parents

The financial situation to date is such that not every family decides to have a second child. This means that the vast majority of pregnant women do not know how to behave with a newborn. In this regard, invites to visit the school of young parents maternity hospital 20 at the "Babushkinskaya". The feedback shows that lectures are held in an accessible form. Specialists tell us how to behave so that the birth can take place easily. The obstetricians show how to hold, feed the baby to wash.

The school of young parents is most often visited by women. But you can meet here and happy young popes. Most often these are the men who plan to undergo partner birth.

Maternity ward

The testimonies show that everything is here to ensure that the baby's birth is passed without loss for the mother and child. There is a quality reanimation equipment that helps doctors if complications arise in the course of labor. Future mothers go to the maternity ward from the receiving dormitory or from the department of pregnancy pathology. Thanks to the exchange card, the specialist knows how the period of gestation took place in a particular patient. Thus, for each mother an individual approach is chosen.

A healthy mother is a healthy baby. This confidence is maintained by the management of the medical institution. 20 maternity hospital (Moscow) is a place where all conditions for a comfortable stay after a difficult labor are created. Women are accommodated in light chambers, which have everything you need to stay for several days. If the birth is normal, the mother and baby are discharged after three days.

Department of newborns

After giving birth, a woman needs to have a proper rest. And the baby, who only saw the light, falls into the hands of a neonatologist. This is the first doctor with whom the baby meets. In the department of newborns, the baby is cleaned of generic masses, measured, and carried out a primary examination. If the baby is born healthy, he is placed in the ward with his mother.

Vaccination of babies is the basis of health in the future. 20 The hospital on "Babushkinskaya" offers vaccinations against hepatitis B and tuberculosis. The consent of the mother is mandatory. Refuse to vaccinate a woman can, if the baby was born with a small weight or has some pathology of development. The responses of experts show that the refusal of vaccinations is rarely signed by a woman.

Mother's breast milk is the best food for a newborn baby. However, lactation in women is not always established. In the department of newborns, experts select high-quality food for crumbs, taking into account its weight, as well as individual characteristics. The indicator that the food was correctly chosen is a good set of baby mass at the time of discharge from the hospital.

Department of Neonatal Resuscitation

Unfortunately, childbirth does not always go smoothly. Asphyxia due to umbilical cuffing, trauma, birth before the term - only a small list of reasons why the baby may need emergency medical help. 20 The hospital (Moscow) has several intensive care units with artificial ventilation. Staff with many years of experience work here. Experts know how to react to the rapid deterioration of the baby's well-being.

On the basis of the medical institution, research work is also carried out, which makes it possible to find new methods for solving the most complex problems associated with the resuscitation of newborns. Participation in work is taken not only by doctors, but also by junior medical personnel.

Perinatal Diagnosis

20 The maternity hospital at Babushkinskaya (the address was listed above) has high-quality diagnostic equipment that allows the most accurate assessment of the condition of the reproductive organs, the available pathologies of fetal development, the duration of pregnancy, etc. Here, a planned ultrasound diagnosis of pregnancy in the first, second and third trimesters . In addition, the study can also be conducted immediately before childbirth.

Ultrasound diagnosis is mandatory if the woman is confronted with a delay in menstruation. Thus, you can confirm the presence of pregnancy. The doctor finds out at what time the future mother is, whether the fetus is developing properly. Ultrasound can detect a multiple pregnancy.

A study using early ultrasound is an indispensable procedure. Thanks to the diagnosis it is possible to identify serious malformations of the crumbs, which can serve as an occasion for abortion. Neglect of research is impossible. Otherwise, there is a serious risk to the health of the mother and fetus.

Gynecological operations

Roddom GKB № 20 gives women a chance for a happy future. Specialists of the medical institution perform complex gynecological operations that promote the restoration of reproductive function. With the help of surgery, it is possible to cope with such pathologies as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, tubal infertility. Complex operations with laparoscopic access, genital organs with vaginal access are performed.

Unfortunately, many diseases affecting the reproductive function of women are treated only through surgical intervention. The City Clinical Hospital No. 20 (Lenskaya Street) has all the necessary conditions for the operations to take place with minimal losses for the future mother. Surgical rooms are equipped with new equipment. In the arsenal there are quality hemostatic and anesthetic medications.

Department of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy techniques allow women to recover faster after childbirth. New mothers are offered only safe procedures, such as UHF, electrophoresis, ultrasound. Thanks to physiotherapy, post-operative sutures heal much quicker, the epidermis is restored in places of rupture.

Physiotherapy is indispensable in the case when a woman has entered the maternity ward of GKB number 20 (m. Babushkinskaya) with symptoms of respiratory infection. It is necessary to restore the health of the woman in childbirth as quickly as possible without using harmful medicines. Physiotherapy shows good results in a few days after the start of treatment.

Reviews about medical institution

Huge popularity, according to reviews, uses 20 maternity hospital at the "Babushkinskaya". Doctors here really know their business. Many pregnant women seek to contract with this institution. All thanks to cozy chambers and professionalism of specialists.

You can hear a lot of good things about Alexey Nikolayevich Solonitsyn. Today the doctor fulfills the duties of the head of the maternity ward. Despite the huge employment, the specialist takes birth every day, both planned and emergency. Patients also respond well to the following doctors: Khan Lina Pavlovna, Sakharova Olesya Vladislavovna, Solomatina Lyudmila Vladimirovna, Volkova Natalia Vladimirovna, etc.

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