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The bulldozer driver: job description, duties and responsibilities

The post "bulldozer driver" refers to the category of working professions. It can be obtained by any person, with a corresponding secondary special education. Also to manage the bulldozer, employers often require that the applicant has experience in this specialty.

To whom and to what extent the bulldozer driver obeys - is prescribed in the relevant documentation. And his appointment to the post, as well as release from it, is carried out by order of the head of the enterprise, in accordance with the procedure established by law.

The bulldozer driver simply needs to have specific knowledge and skills. This includes knowledge of the technical characteristics, the principle of operation and the order of mounting / dismantling of attachments, the ability to quickly understand and eliminate the cause of a malfunction in the work of the tractor. It is compulsory for the driver to understand the types of soil and the rules for their layer-by-layer sprinkling, to be able to move various soil categories under development conditions to different depths, and to plan the areas in accordance with the specified elevations.

In addition, a competent specialist is strictly required to comply with fire safety, labor regulations at work, and also be able to use personal protective equipment.

The job description of a bulldozer driver includes his rights and job responsibilities. It contains objects and operations for which it is responsible as an official. Here are a few excerpts from this document:

  • Work in special areas (a gas pipeline or an area affected by electricity) is carried out only with an appropriate safety margin in the conditions of their conduct.
  • The driver is not allowed to work in the dark areas at night. The degree of illumination of earth dumps, slopes, obstacles, etc. Must be at least 15 lux. It is also possible to designate these objects as warning signs, which should be clearly distinguishable in the dark.
  • Before the start of work, the bulldozer driver must wear the overalls provided for by the standard norms for this production. Typically, this is a cotton suit and matching rubber boots. Also before work, you need to make sure that all the tools are working and in place, check the safety of the electricity and alarm systems.
  • You can not refuel the bulldozer and use fuel and lubricants until the engine stops completely. And when refueling is strictly prohibited to smoke and use sources of open fire.
  • Storage of any flammable substances and formulations in the cabin is prohibited.
  • When the bulldozer is operating, it is not allowed to stay in the range of activity of unauthorized persons and working transport.
  • The duties of the bulldozer driver include the movement of soils during the construction of various types of structures, the implementation of emergency recovery and even the work of a bulldozer under water.
  • The bulldozer driver at the workplace is responsible for observing the work schedule, timeliness of the performance of the duties assigned to him, causing any damage and violation that occurred during his work.

Now you know the information about what knowledge, rules and responsibilities are hidden behind the announcement, which says that the bulldozer driver is required.

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