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The brokerage company is ... Brokerage companies in Russia: rating

A brokerage company is an organization that provides intermediary services in the market. Such firms can be found in different highly specialized areas. For example, in stock trading, insurance, shipping, and so on.

Intermediaries in the stock market

Exchange brokerage company is a professional participant in trade. This firm enters into transactions at the expense and on behalf of the client who hired it. As a customer can act as a private investor, and a large organization or fund. The benefit that customers receive is that investors who do not have the necessary permits participate in the trades. The brokerage company provides technical assistance to the client. This, among other things, allows the investor to keep abreast of the latest news, to know the nuances of the current situation on the market. The intermediary, thus, helps the client to make profitable transactions.

Insurance and leasing

Intermediary functions in these spheres of activity can be combined, because the tasks that are solved in them are similar. In this case, the goal pursued by a brokerage company is to ensure that the supplier of insurance or leasing services contacts the client. In some cases, the intermediary receives a discount from the organizations. This, in turn, allows him to make more profitable offers to customers than if they applied directly to a leasing or insurance company.

Customs area

Registration of transported goods requires specific knowledge of established procedures and regulations. In addition, customs clearance involves interaction with a bureaucratic state apparatus. This work, in turn, requires a special approach. In this regard, the procedure for clearance of cargo is often trusted professionals - customs brokers. To the receiver of values, you only need to present a package of documents. All the rest of the work on the design of the cargo organization will take over.

How to choose a mediator?

Today, there are a lot of deals on the market. The existing great demand gives rise to the corresponding proposal. Consequently, the market has a variety of brokerage companies. Feedback on the mediators is one of the key selection criteria. It is desirable, of course, that the opinion was from real, and best of all - familiar people, business partners. An important point is the period during which brokerage companies work. The rating of intermediaries acting on the market, as a rule, contains the main technical and financial indicators of the organization. In particular, they include access to the analyst and the size of the commission. With margin trading, the key parameters on the basis of which the client decides to cooperate with the broker are the size of the minimum deposit and leverage. Undoubtedly, the organization that provides intermediary services should have a license.

Work specifics

Before making any operations with assets, a credit brokerage company performs its own analysis of the military, political, economic situation in the state. The organization studies tax policy, finds out what kind of attitude to investors in the country. Acceptance of applications by brokers is carried out in electronic and paper form. Telephone calls are also available (calls are usually recorded). A necessary condition for cooperation is a contract with a broker. It consists either in electronic or in paper form. The terms of cooperation should be clearly stated in the document. In particular, the site on which the tenders will be conducted, the order and terms of transfer of money to the client, the form of the report and so on shall be indicated.

Cost of services

It is established by the brokerage companies themselves. The price can be different. The task of any intermediary is to provide clients of all levels with access to world markets, high-quality services and trading services in accordance with existing technologies and advanced economic trends. Accordingly, the price for the work of the intermediary is determined depending on the number of its proposals, the quality of the work.

Domestic broker companies

St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), like the capital of the country, is considered a major financial center. In these cities, many well-known intermediary organizations have emerged and are successfully operating. The best and most reliable brokerage companies in Russia are as follows:

  • FINAM.
  • "Opening".
  • BCS.
  • Sberbank.
  • "VTB 24".
  • "Alfa Bank".
  • "Aichi Invest".

Separately it is necessary to note such brokerage companies of St. Petersburg:

  • "Infull".
  • "Business Broker".
  • ViTradeGarant.
  • "Alphaville".
  • "Versailles Finance".

Brokerage companies in Moscow:

  • IFC Finprogress.
  • "Credit Consulting Brokerage".
  • STForex.
  • Agency of financial decisions "Financial Broker".

Comparison criteria

Existing broker companies can be compared on the following grounds:

  1. Year of foundation.
  2. Reliability rating.
  3. Trade turnover for all customers of the organization. This criterion allows to determine the place that the firm actually occupies in the investment sphere.
  4. Degree of development of the regional network.
  5. Level of information support (whether the company provides training courses, whether there is a daily analyst, a personal consultant, whether online quotes are visible, whether it is possible to register a demo account).
  6. The amount of overhead. In particular, the commission for intermediary services, the percentage for crediting and withdrawal of funds, the price of depository services, the cost of software are estimated.

The most important item is the latter. Often it is the amount of overhead that determines the choice of a broker.


Its indicators can be viewed on the basis of data from the main rating agency of the Russian Federation NRA. The highest reliability is defined as AAA, the next level is AA +, then AA:

  1. FINAM. It was founded in 1994, rating AA +. The main activities are investment and intermediary.
  2. "Opening". The company has been operating since 1995, the rating is AAA. The financial organization offers intermediary, insurance, banking services, as well as money management.
  3. BCS. The company was founded in 1995, its rating is AAA. The main services are mediation and investment.
  4. Aichi Invest has been operating since 2000. Rating of this company AA +. The main activities are intermediary and investment services.


The above companies are mainly brokers. For them, mediation is the main activity. In Russia there are a number of banks that also provide brokerage services. This business for them acts as an attendant. There is an opinion that companies that provide direct brokerage services work better, since this is their main activity. However, this is not quite true. In practice, the bank commission for intermediary services is much lower than that of brokers. This is because they do not need to finance additional offices and train employees to work in the market. This can be done by existing bank employees. Specialized investment companies need to spend on this money - part of their direct income. Therefore, they have a higher commission than the bank.

Characteristics of banks providing brokerage services

One of the well-known organizations is Sberbank. He has been working since 1841. His rating is AAA. The main business is directly banking. Sberbank has been providing brokerage services since 1994. "VTB24" has been operating since 2000. His rating is AAA. Since 1995, operates "Promsvyazbank." Its reliability is at the level of AA +. In 1990, Alfa-Bank appeared. Brokerage services were introduced in 1995. Its reliability is AAA. Many investors prefer banking institutions. However, there are those who turn directly to specialized brokerage companies.

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