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Textiles - what is it and what kinds of it exist?

Clothing is created from fabrics that can be of different types. They differ in density, strength, colors. Textiles - what is this fabric? The material is made of intertwined fibers. It can be natural and artificial. It is customary to consider textile fabrics as felted, wicker, knitted products. Such materials also serve for making clothes.

Varieties of materials

From the textile create a variety of everyday things: towels, curtains, covers, bedding. Fabrics are used both in production and in home craftsmanship. The following types of textiles are distinguished:

  • natural;
  • mineral;
  • artificial.

The first type of fabric is made thanks to animals and plants: wool, fur, silk, cotton, linen. Plant materials are considered the most valuable. Their unique properties allow you to wear clothes in a warm period. Fans of environmentally friendly fabrics like natural textiles. Clothing from them is easily erased, but quickly crumples.

Mineral textiles are in demand for the creation of working clothes. It has glass, basalt, asbestos. Thanks to these components, the products acquire the necessary properties. Glass is used in making ropes, nets, cables. Popular use of mineral material in the manufacture of precious stones.

From synthetic textile clothes are sewn. The most popular materials include nylon, polyester, acrylic, lurex, lycra. Their advantage is the availability of cash in comparison with other tissues. They are great for people with allergies, because they do not cause irritation.

Manufacture of textiles

The first fabrics began to be created in ancient times. At first people wore clothes made of cotton, linen and wool. Weaving has appeared thanks to weaving. Modern production technologies and machines allow producing a large number of different kinds of cloths. Fabrics can be household and technical. If you classify them according to their intended purpose, they are divided into linen, swimming, and suit. If the tissue consists of fibers of the same species, then they are considered homogeneous.

For children, usually choose textiles, knitwear, calico, chintz, madapolam. Materials do not cause allergies, and therefore are great for creating comfortable clothes. Cotton fabrics, including canvas, satin, flannel are very popular.


Textiles, the fabrics of which can be of different types, are convenient for sewing any clothes. One of the practical materials is knitwear. It is created from the interlacing of loops, and as a result, a quality canvas is obtained.

Many consider the most comfortable materials knitwear and other textiles, that such a combination is great for making comfortable clothes. Knitwear is ideal in tailoring products for work and leisure. It is indispensable in the creation of headdresses, toys, household items. Knitwear has differences from other materials in that it can stretch in different directions. It is elastic, soft, hygroscopic.

Twisted materials

Textiles, whose fabrics are different, include twisted materials. They can be silk, linen, woolen. They are created in the likeness of fiber. Threads used to create fabrics can bleach, starch, color. That's why clothes are sold a variety.

Threads are of different types, differing in thickness, colors. For each, certain needles are used. After the creation of threads in factories, different things are made. As a result, we get cozy, quality clothes.

Wicker materials

Not everyone knows that woven materials are part of the textile division, what is the canvas used in making clothes. These include woven braid and soutache. Each kind of materials has its pluses and minuses.

In woven braids, the threads are intertwined at a certain angle. Thanks to this, the finished fabric easily stretches, and it can be used in various jobs. The braid is silk, cotton, woolen and mixed.

Not many know that the southeast is in the textile, what is the canvas used to make beautiful and high-quality clothes. It is presented in the form of a silk cord, which is actively used for finishing things and creating original products.

Window Textiles

Materials are used not only for sewing clothes, but also for the manufacture of household items. Any room will look more original, if the windows hang beautiful curtains. And it can be not only classic curtains, but also drapes, lambrequins. All of these materials are made from textiles.

For different styles, use certain colors, drawings and curtains. This is what underlines the taste of the owners. Len is perfect for creating a classic style. If you need ethnic design, then fit organza and brocade. And for high-tech silk is suitable. Textile materials create a real home cosiness.

Textiles create bed linens, towels, bedspreads and many other things. Materials have excellent quality, convenience, originality. Textile clothes will be a wonderful gift for connoisseurs of comfort.

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