Sanatorium "Gold Coast" (Evpatoria): photo and reviews of tourists

In the territory of the magnificent park. MV Frunze, whose area is 3 hectares, is the sanatorium "Gold Coast". Evpatoria is famous for this park, because there are a variety of entertainment here, and next to it is the Black Sea coast with clean sandy beaches.

Infrastructure of the "Golden Coast"

The sanatorium "Zolotoi bereg" (Evpatoria) offers accommodation for its guests in double and four-story buildings. The corps, which occupies the dacha of the richest industrialist of pre-revolutionary Russia, Terentyev, deserves special attention. This building and today is one of the most beautiful, which are located on the territory of the resort city of Evpatoria. The villa consists of three floors with open terraces, from which wonderful views of the sea.

The concert hall and dining room are also located on the territory of the "Gold Coast" sanatorium. Evpatoria can offer tourists a variety of entertainment, but guests of the sanatorium, as a rule, there is no need to leave its territory. After all, there are cafes, discos, bars, and, of course, all the conditions for the recovery of the body. It is also important that the territory of the sanatorium is guarded around the clock.

Number of rooms

Guests can stay in a standard double or a deluxe room. There are rooms with or without a balcony. From the rooms with a balcony in which everyone can settle, who arrived at the sanatorium "Gold Coast", Evpatoria appears before their eyes as if in the palm of your hand. Here the guests of the health resort can spend pleasant evenings with family or friends, enjoying magnificent views.

As for equipping the room itself, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay: comfortable beds, air conditioning, table, chairs, bedside tables, mirror, TV, shutters on windows, private bathroom. Luxury rooms have luxurious upholstered armchairs. In all rooms is always clean, and also linen and towels are replaced in time.

Nutrition in the sanatorium

The food in the sanatorium is presented in the form of a "buffet". Three times a day, guests are offered delicious and varied dishes, including fruits and sweets. Meals are organized in a spacious and well-groomed dining room. In addition to tables and chairs for adults, there are high chairs for children. At the request of parents who arrived on vacation in the sanatorium "Gold Coast" (Evpatoria) with a small child, special meals can be organized for him, consisting of dishes useful for children.

As for the staff working in the dining room, he is attentive and sympathetic. Therefore, if vacationers need any help or there is a special request, they can always turn to the employees of the sanatorium.

Indication for treatment

Sanatorium "Gold Coast" (Evpatoria) has an excellent base for diagnosis and treatment. Rest and treatment in this institution are shown to people suffering from diseases of the upper respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, as well as pneumonia.

Specialists of the sanatorium can help people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including arthritis, bursitis, posture disorders, arthrosis, the consequences of fractures, and so on.

Staying in a sanatorium positively affects the health of people with such diseases of the nervous system as polyneuritis, plexitis, trigeminal neuritis and radiculitis. On the "Gold Coast" should pay attention to those who suffer from diseases of the skin and the cardiovascular system.

To treat people with the above health problems, specialists of the sanatorium use apparatus physiotherapy, balneotherapy, massages, phytotherapy, inhalation therapy, and singlet-oxygen therapy. Widely medics of the sanatorium use therapeutic mud of Lake Saki. And, of course, do not forget about the favorable climate and the sea, which has a positive impact on the human body.

Conditions for children

Living in a sanatorium can be children of any age, but only those who are 2 years old are allowed to be treated. Up to 3 years, there is no need to pay extra for the child's stay, however, it is not provided for a separate bed. As for children aged 4-12, their accommodation and treatment is paid at a substantial discount.

In the best way, children's leisure is organized in the sanatorium. Throughout the day on the territory of the "Gold Coast" are all sorts of games, competitions, relay races, dance contests, discos and other entertainment, capable of capturing children who have a rest in a sanatorium. At the health center also work the following circles: artists-designers, choreography and vocal. There are studios of acting and Latin American dances. If there is a need for a child to stay in a sanatorium at a time when classes are going on in school, here he will also be able to study.

Beach and entertainment

The beach is another "bonus" that guests of the "Gold Coast" sanatorium can take advantage of. Evpatoria in 2014 is best remembered by those tourists who chose the aforementioned health resort. Just a few steps along the park, in which the residential buildings of the sanatorium are located, - and you are on a luxurious sandy beach. Log into the sea here is gentle, which allows you to enjoy bathing even the smallest tourists. On the beach there are shady canopies that can protect vacationers from the sun. Fans of active pastime can play beach volleyball on a specially equipped for this site. Throughout the day, a nurse and a rescuer are on duty here, ready to help tourists if necessary.

However, rest on a magnificent beach and swimming in the sea is not the only way to diversify your health-improving rest in a sanatorium. On the territory of the "Gold Coast" there is a basketball court, billiards, table tennis, gym.

What kind of photos can be taken during a holiday in a sanatorium?

For photo lovers, this paradise is Evpatoria. Holiday hotel «Gold Coast» photo allows you to make a wide variety, and all of them will be different in originality. After all the sanatorium settles down in the middle of the most beautiful park in which territory there are numerous exotic plants and various flowers.

Often vacationers take pictures directly from the balcony of your room. After all, regardless of which side the balcony comes out on, the view from it opens stunning. Noteworthy are photos taken near the hull, which was earlier a summer residence of Terentyev, in the style of which antique motifs are viewed.

Reviews of tourists

For more than a dozen years, residents of Russia and many neighboring countries prefer to rest on the territory of a resort city like Evpatoria. The sanatorium "Zolotoy Bereg" reviews during this long period received a wide variety, since a lot of holidaymakers stopped their choice on it. And if you summarize the numerous reviews, you can draw a number of conclusions, some of which will speak in favor of choosing this health resort, and part of opening its flaws.

"Gold Coast" (Evpatoria) reviews are positive when it comes to accommodation and treatment. Most of the former guests of the sanatorium claim that the rooms here are cozy and equipped with everything necessary, and the work of medical personnel and the health-improving facilities of the health resort are beyond praise. But when talking about nutrition in a sanatorium, then everything is not so rosy here. Many complain about the lack of diversity in the daily diet and the lack of fruit even in the height of summer. Therefore, before you choose the "Gold Coast" for your holiday, you should weigh its pros and cons.

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