Rules for choosing a technical video endoscope

A technical video endoscope is a portable device designed for non-destructive testing of hidden inputs with different inlet diameters.

Features of the use of technical video endoscopes

The main advantages of a technical video endoscope include:
1) The versatility of the device and a wide range of applications.
2) High reliability. Video endoscopes are produced from modern high-tech materials, according to the newest and innovative technologies.
3) Technical video endoscopes are convenient and easy to use and do not require any special knowledge and skills.
4) Affordable price.

The main criteria for choosing a technical video endoscope

When choosing a technical video endoscope, it is important to be guided by the following criteria:
1) The diameter of the camera.
2) Authenticity of the technical video endoscope.
3) Length and diameter of flexible cable.
4) Ability to display images on the display and other devices.
5) Additional features.

The device of a technical video endoscope

The technical video endoscope consists of a camera, a flexible cable, a main module and a control panel. In the main module of the device there is an electronic board, through which data processing, including video, is realized, and also their output directly to the display, through the cable. Some models of technical video endoscopes are equipped with a video recording function or an SD card. Using the buttons located on the control panel, the object is zoomed off and zoomed in. Also, using the buttons, navigation is performed, on the instrument menu.

The camera of the technical video endoscope is connected to a flexible cable, the diameter of which can be of various sizes. The most common are 9.50 mm, 8.00 mm, 5.50 mm, 10.00 mm and 5.00 mm. Typically, the camera has a diameter similar to that of the cable. In most models, the camera and the cable are waterproof, which allows you to make studies and watch the video under the water.

Endoscopy of such equipment in every modern industry has its own specific features and that is why, along with a full indication of all the main tasks being solved in a certain industry with the help of modern technical endoscopes. Also, these devices are used to fully control the overall technical condition of the main facilities of the gas and oil industry, in enterprises of the power industry, for the full control of various units, auxiliary equipment and parts in the railway transport.

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