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Krasnodar, "Chistyakovskaya Grove" - a park of culture and recreation. Address, description

Annually many tourists come to the city of Krasnodar. "Chistiakovskaya Grove" - one of the oldest and most comfortable today local green recreation areas. This is a favorite park of local residents, which is sure to appeal to tourists. What is remarkable about this recreation area and where is it located?

History of the oldest park in Krasnodar

The oldest green corner of Krasnodar begins in the 90s of the XIX century. At that time the city was called Ekaterinograd, and the order to break a small forest park in its line belongs to the Cossack Dolgov. In 1901 "Chistyakovskaya Grove" was organized at the same place, named in honor of the local governor GS Chistyakov, who provided significant support to this action. Originally plantations consisted of deciduous trees of various breeds. Among them were common pine, Gartvis oak and crooked, birch warty, common ash. Even then, the recreation area became a favorite place for citizens and those who for a time came to Krasnodar. "Chistiakovskaya Grove" gradually expanded and improved, and it was always possible to meet lovers of walks in the fresh air.

Periods of Decline and Renaissance

In 1923, the recreation area received a new name - "May Day Grove". Black pages in the history of the park are the years of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars. Trees suffered from war shells and merciless cutting down. And after the Great Patriotic War, in one part of the recreation area, even a spontaneous cemetery was formed, in which victims of fascists were buried in a mass grave. However, the park "Chistyakovskaya Grove" was too much loved by the inhabitants of the city at all times. After each war, he was reverently restored, planting new trees, removing garbage and re-laying the tracks.

In 1962, the recreation area after the reorganization receives a new name - now it is the May Day Park of Culture and Rest. At that time the park is quite comfortable, it has paved paths, enough benches and arbors, there is a summer stage and other entertainment facilities. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the grove, like many other objects located in the municipal subordination, remained without due funding and care. Gradually the territory overgrew, and the buildings and benches collapsed and collapsed. The situation changed only in the 2000s. It was then that the territory of the park was again monitored and gradually landscaped to the proper level.

The territory of the park today

If you came to rest in Krasnodar, "Chistyakovskaya Grove" - a place that should be visited necessarily. It is the oldest and most interesting park in the city today. His address: st. Kolkhoznaya, 86. In 2008, the recreation area was officially returned to its historical name. Today, the local administration pays sufficient attention to this park and its development. In the recreation area you can admire the beauty of nature and find entertainment for almost every taste. There is a children's playground with attractions, as well as many free play and sports grounds. On the territory of the park there is a chess club, a rope park, a children's station for youth, as well as catering facilities for every taste and purse. Annually new decorative sculptures are set here, by the summer season very beautiful flower beds and flower beds are planted.

Flora and fauna

"Chistiakovskaya Grove" in Krasnodar can boast of its natural diversity. The most common in this park are deciduous trees: ash, horse chestnut, oak tree, black walnut. In places here there are also pine trees, and more recently in the recreation area were planted red oak, magnolia, virgin cherry, boxwood, tulip tree. In spring, the entire southern city of Krasnodar blooms and smells. "Chistiakovskaya Grove" pleases its guests with the flowering of apple, cherry plum and quince.

The animal world of the park is also quite diverse. On the territory of the recreation area you can meet owls, woodpeckers, goldfinches, starlings, squirrels and even bats. Do not be afraid, all these animals are completely safe for humans. Proteins were brought into the park specially, today there are quite a lot of them, some individuals have long been accustomed to the attention of visitors, trustingly take refreshments from their hands.

Entertainment for children and adults

It is in this park is the largest children's town in Krasnodar. On the territory of about 8 hectares there are attractions for children of all ages and their parents. And indeed, there are also carousels like a train and horses for the youngest, and much more extreme entertainment. What is especially nice, the prices for attractions are affordable. If you want to relax in "Chistyakovskoy Grove" you can and completely free. There are grounds for extreme youth sports and playgrounds for children. Many residents of Krasnodar prefer to simply stroll along the avenues of an old park, admire the fountains and beautiful vegetation.

Grove Landmarks

There are several memorial places and memorial sculptures on the territory of the park. In 1975, on the eve of May 9, a monument to the "Victims of Fascism" was opened. The memorial complex was worked by the architects II and VT Golovevy and the sculptor IP Shmagun. This sculptural composition is opened in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. The monument was erected on the site of mass graves of civilians tortured by fascists. In 2011, the 110th anniversary of the grove was celebrated, and in honor of this event a sculptural bas-relief was opened on the entrance arch, depicting the founder of the green zone, GS Chistyakov.

Today work on the improvement of the park continues. Not so long ago, the Wedding and Theater alleys were opened. Every year new trees are planted in the grove, anyone can take part in these actions. On the Wedding Alley newlyweds can lay a memorable tile as a symbol of the first foundation stone of a new family. Quite a lot in the recreation area and beautiful places for photo sessions, for example gazebos in "Chistyakovskaya grove". Krasnodar itself is a green and well-organized city, but many couples prefer to come to this park on their wedding day.

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