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Key tags help you find the right key

Special marking tags for keys are made of strong and durable plastic. In order not to be confused in a large number of keys, you can choose different colors, for example, for blocks, floors and the like. The most popular model - oval plastic tags with a special paper insert, closed with strong transparent plastic. At the ends of the tag there are small holes - one for attaching them to the hook, and the other - for the metal ring and key. Pull out the paper insert only if the ring is removed. It is worth noting that for the production of such tags manual labor is used - no modern equipment is simply able to insert a ring for keys, a field for inscriptions and a transparent plate.

Fast search key

Plastic key tags allow you to quickly identify keys. People who work in large premises, probably, sometimes faced the problem of finding the right key. Even in new buildings used to cling to a small piece of linoleum with the apartment number. And in modern stores, you can watch how the seller, choosing the key from the storefront, sorts through dozens of them, looking at the tags, and not at the keys themselves. Well, if they were not, then this process could take a very long time.

For pets

In some cases, tags on plastic keys are used to identify animals. For example, on the paper inscription the name of the animal and the phone number of the owners are written, so if your dog or cat suddenly escaped from the house, and someone found it, then they will call you. Special coating will keep the inscription from moisture. If this is not enough for you, then the liner can be wrapped in a regular scotch and then inserted into a tag that clings to the collar, and you can not worry about your pet. For a pet it is better to choose red tags - they are much more noticeable than any others.

Why do I need a tag?

A tag keychain is a perfect helper for all executives of large companies. Even ordinary workers who have many keys on a bundle, for example, from an apartment, office, car, dacha, cellar, additional premises, a garage, a doorphone, even the keys of acquaintances who asked to look after their housing while they are away, and so on, It will be useful to acquire such a supplement. Probably, many people at least once in their life faced the problem of finding keys quickly, but all the time in their hands was not the same, because they are very similar to each other. So that you do not have such questions, buy yourself key tags. "Komus" - a modern online store, which presents a huge range of these products, produced from different materials and having completely different colors and shapes.

It is safe to say that in every organization there are housekeepers, where a large number of keys from various offices are stored. And just so to determine where it is almost impossible. That is why key tags are used, which can differ in color. Thus, the storage process is organized. In some cases, a special keychain can be used as a tool for difference, but they have a large size, they can differ significantly from each other not only in design, color, but in size and weight. Keyrings are not always convenient to use and store in a bag or a housekeeper.

Where to use

As already mentioned, key tags have been widely used. But the main range of their use are the following institutions:

  • educational establishments;
  • Watch and guard posts;
  • Polyclinics and hospitals;
  • Large administrative buildings;
  • Business centers and offices;
  • Fitness halls.

The tags themselves can be of any shape. And some modern models are even equipped with electronic chips, which allow you to find the keys in case they are lost.

How to use them

The use of tags is incredibly simple and understandable. But if you do not know, then the next part will help you understand how to properly use key tags. First of all, it is necessary to remove the metal ring on which the key is put on. Then it is necessary to remove a special transparent protective plastic film and apply a pen or marker to the necessary information on the paper insert. If you removed the insert, then, of course, it must be inserted back. After this, the ring is again put back in the plastic base, and it is possible to fasten the key. Apparently, everything is very simple and understandable. Experts advise that large companies use tags of the same style. For example, single-color models with initials of employees or office number. This allows you to maintain the company's internal culture and match the style of the institution.

Cabinets, keys, tags

Quite often, when you purchase a set of cabinets for fitness centers, dressing rooms of companies and organizations, medical institutions, schools, offices and the like, keys and tags are included. Also, tags go as a free addition to small lockers-housekeepers. But if for some reason they are not there, then do not be upset - you can buy such a product without problems, besides, its value is quite affordable for all comers. Therefore, at any time you can buy them or order the quantity you are interested in by matching the size, color and design. In addition, in many cases it is more convenient to buy tags in separate lots, so that there is a certain stock, if you suddenly lose the key, you will have to replace the paper insert or the tag itself will break.

Key tags are an excellent solution for any large organization where there are many doors, and accordingly, keys to locks. You will no longer be confused in a large bundle or search in the box for the key you need. Tags are an indispensable element in large stores where there are many lockable glass counters. By hooking the tags on the keys, you can personally see how easy it is to find the one you need so much right now.

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