Keratin hair wave: description of the procedure, reviews

The eternal struggle with disobedient ringlets over the centuries forced the young ladies of the whole world to resort to the most sophisticated procedures, which, of course, spoiled the structure of the hair. Literally twenty years ago our mothers and grandmothers were delighted with the chemical wave, which mercilessly killed the head of hear, but made it more obedient. In our time, a lot of turns gain keratin hair, which is not just sparing, but treating. Let's find out all about this procedure.

Keratin: a word familiar to modern girls

Beauty salons now actively offer their clients various procedures for the treatment of head of hair, as well as modern hair curling. With their help, you can restore burned from the hair curls, dry and brittle hair from nature, etc. The most popular is keratin treatment. The point is that a special preparation is applied to the hair, it needs to be held for a while, and afterwards it is dried and stretched out with the help of irons. It is clear that this is the same keratin straightening. From him, the hair for several months remain smooth, even and mirror-like. A keratin hair wave works on a similar principle. The only difference is that curls curl in curls, and not straighten.

Who needs keratin

It is believed that this component is the basis of the natural structure of human hair . The modern rhythm of life, stress, as well as merciless procedures (including ploys, hair dryers) literally "erode" it from our curls, making them dry, split and ugly. Keratin hair or straightening is a treatment that will restore the natural structure of the head of hair, make it pristine beautiful and healthy. For those who have beautiful and well-groomed hair, this component does not hurt. With its help you can curl curls for a long time or straighten your hair. Just note that the first procedure is less common so far.

Specificity of the procedure

In comparison with straightening, the wave is done a little differently, and, it is worth saying, it takes more time. It also depends on the type of curls that you choose, and, of course, on the work of the master. About the latter - it is important not only the speed of the work, but also the quality. Many women note that if everything is done correctly, the result is kept for more than six months. When the keratin hair curl is performed with errors, the product is incorrectly applied, poor quality hair curlers are used, or they are twisted wrong, you can enjoy a new hairdress for a couple of months at most. So it's best to contact competent masters who will perform everything on the highest level and leave you satisfied. Now we will go directly to the process itself in stages.

Cleaning first

So, you have a keratin hair curl in your salon. The description we now present to your attention. The procedure begins with washing the head with a special cleansing shampoo. This means maximally opens all the scales on each hair, and in them the keratin itself will be absorbed in the future. Also cleanses the scalp, which contributes to the rapid growth of hair, improving their condition and healthy mind. Often, the client's head is treated twice with the cleansing shampoo, so that the keratin is stronger in the locks and the result lasts as long as possible.

Application of the medicament

After washing the hair is slightly dried with a hair dryer or soaked with a towel so that it absorbs all unnecessary water. From this stage, you can say, begins directly keratin hair. The hair is divided into small strands, and each of them is profusely lubricated by the master with the healing substance. The procedure is similar to coloring, each segment is processed gradually, starting from the occiput, ending with the forehead. After application, you should sit with keratin for 15-20 minutes, and then proceed to the next step.

Creation of curls

Now we turn to the main question - how to wind curlers, fix them and at the same time not to damage the hair. For keratin procedures in the salons there are special devices that are fundamentally different from those that we use at home. Of course, their structure is identical, but the protector itself is arranged so that it does not touch the hair. Thus perfectly smooth and identical curls are formed, which lie literally one to one. Just note, if you do it all at home, it is worthwhile to ask specialists in advance how to wind curlers yourself, and buy a professional and quality product. While the hair is screwed, they are dried with a hair dryer. It is important not to dry the strands completely, so that they do not dry out, but leave them slightly damp.


After the curls are fixed with the help of hot air, the client goes to wash his head. Abundantly applied keratin is washed off, so that the hair does not become too heavy and "fatty". After that, the hair is dried with a hair dryer again, and already professional styling is done, which will last for a long period of time. It is important to note that after the keratin procedures the head can not be washed for three days. Although there were already funds that allow washing on the second day after the wave, it is not recommended to do this. Everything is connected with the fact that during these three days keratin continues to be absorbed into each hair, enriching it with useful components and completing the restoration process.

Keratin VS Chemistry

Again let's go back to the sore - to a chemical wave, which, it can be said, more recently left the leading position among the procedures-favorites in the salons. All of us remember well that after "chemistry" you can get one result - "sheep" curls. They formed on hair of any type, color and length - such procedure. As a "bonus" was given one more unpleasant moment - new hair grew straight, and the difference between small curls and natural roots was very noticeable.

Nowadays, similar procedures are still being done in salons, and, strangely enough, many women are interested in how much a perm hair is. The price for it starts from 1800 rubles and ends at 3000. But for comparison now we will consider the price policy for keratin. This wellness and aesthetic procedure will cost you 3000-6000 rubles, depending on the length of your head of hear. That is, if the hair is up to the shoulder, then count on 3500 approximately. If they reach the hips, the price will be twice as much. After numerous studies, we come to the conclusion that this overpayment is fully justified. Moreover, the result, which can be obtained after the keratin wave, can be as you want, and that's why.

Types of curls

This procedure allows you to form curls of any thickness and structure. Initially, you choose a styling, and after the master "customizes" it for your individual characteristics and a hair curl is performed. Large curls on medium hair - the most popular request in recent times, but here there are special features. Depending on whether your hair is healthy or damaged by paint, its natural structure is thin or thick, more or less large curls will be formed.

In fact, the variety of curls is very large. They can be like those of Victoria's Secret models, they can be "beach", natural, small or very large and at the same time structured. It is the shape and size of the curler that affects what will be the final wave of hair. Large curls on medium hair, small to short or bulky to long - it all depends on your wishes. But just do not forget to consult with the master, because his advice, perhaps, will make the result more durable and beautiful.

Keratin haircut: reviews

Negative impressions, which remained for the few women who experienced this method, largely depend on the incompetence of the master. The very substance keratin can not damage the hair in any way. Most girls leave positive reviews, indicating that keratin has largely improved the condition of their curls. Someone stuck for two months, someone - six months. But in any case, harm did not bring it - only a benefit.

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