Is it possible to ride in winter on winter tires? There's an answer!

Is it possible to ride in winter on winter tires? This question was asked not one novice motorist, because no one likes to spend extra money. To understand, let's find out the fundamental differences between winter tires and summer tires.

Winter tires

This type of automotive "shoe" is designed for the excellent performance of your steel horse in cold conditions. Winter tires provide good grip of the car on the icy road. In addition, the protector (this is a small groove) on winter tires has a rather peculiar pattern, which helps the wheels to quickly get rid of the mess of dirt and snow. All these features are provided thanks to a special chemical composition of winter tires, which is fundamentally different from the composition of summer tires. Winter tires are divided into four subspecies, depending on the country of use. In the most severe conditions, tires with spikes are used, in the moderate climatic zone - tires made of a medium-hard rubber compound. If someone asks: "Is it possible to travel in winter on winter tires?", The answer will be unequivocally negative. Firstly, the winter tires will not provide sufficient adhesion to the road on dry asphalt. Secondly, the tire will wear out quickly enough, because the tread pattern of winter tires can not withstand the loads on dry surfaces. Thirdly, your winter tire "floats" on the hot asphalt, so he has a chemical compound. This is not a complete list of all the problems with which you will "make friends" if you decide to save on buying another quartet of tires. So the questions about whether you can go in the summer on winter tires, throw away immediately!

Summer tires

Summer tires, like winter, are not invented by "malicious businessmen who do not put a finger in their mouths, but let them get rich on honest people", but especially for your comfort and safety. And again its weighty word says the chemical composition, which provides an ideal grip of the car with a dry road. Thanks to it, the summer tire becomes stiffer, which provides good braking, which can not be said about the winter tires used in the summer: the braking distance increases at the same speed for almost two car bodies, so it is extremely dangerous to drive in winter tires on winter tires. Also very different is the tread pattern: it has a rounded transition to the sidewalls. This is another reason why the question: "Is it possible to travel in the winter on winter tires?", It is necessary to answer negatively. In contrast to winter tires, the summer has a high wear resistance, which allows it to serve its owner longer. Although, again, summer tires will not replace you the quality of winter tires on a slippery road.


Winter and summer tires - cardinally different from each other car "shoes", each of which has its own purpose. You can not save on these components, because trying to save your money, you will save on your safety, the lives of others and the nerves of your family. In all European countries motorists are very scrupulous about the process of changing tires, so we need to take an example of this behavior. Then the question of whether it is possible to go in the summer on winter tires, will disappear by itself. And remember the saying: miser pays twice!

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