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Kabardinka is a small cozy resort village of the Black Sea coast of Russia, located 15 kilometers to the northwest from the city of Gelendzhik. He was chosen from Soviet times, and today the hotels of Kabardinka ("Castro", "Nadezhda", "Starfish" and others) have gained great popularity among Russians and foreign guests.

Spring in Kabardinka is not delayed with the arrival, even in February the temperature already reaches up to +23 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, the swimming season opens early. And a clear advantage, which can boast many hotels Kabardinka ("Castro", "Golden Antelope", "Siesta", "Christina") - it's proximity to the sea.


Hotel "CASTRO", built in 2012, is located 150 meters from the beach. This is a modern six-story complex, reviews of which are left as one by tourists in a positive way. Despite the fact that the hotel is chic, equipped with the latest technology and has many rooms of the "luxury" category, it also has the possibility of resting economy class.

The hotel is located 5 minutes from the center of the village. At the height of the season, the cost of daily living in a double room is from 1500 to 3000 rubles. For a triple room you have to pay from 2300 to 3300 rubles. For a four-seater "junior suite" - from 2600 to 3000 rubles. And a luxury room will cost the guest From 2600 to 5000 rubles.

The rest offered by Kabardinka hotels ("Castro", "Nadezhda" and others) is suitable not only for healthy people, but also for guests with various types of diseases, for example, with bronchial diseases. The climate here is the driest among the southern regions of the Black Sea, there are no adverse effects for the lungs in the form of high air humidity.

Guests of the Castro Hotel liked the quality of service in the hotel, the availability of free Wi-Fi, the proximity of the Sberbank office and many shops.


Talking about the hotels of the resort, you can not fail to mention the hotel "Hope" - Kabardinka Right to be proud of this luxurious resort complex. Its exact address is Gelendzhik, Kabardinka, ul. Mira, 3, the distance to the city center is 13 kilometers.

The hotel has its own private beach, as well as indoor and outdoor pools. Guests can enjoy international cuisine in one of the four restaurants, and a buffet breakfast is served each morning.

Rest on the sea Kabardinka with its hotels can provide at the highest level. This is proved by the hotel "Nadezhda" with its chic rooms-villas. In them, guests will receive the best VIP-service. There are rooms and more modest, but not less comfortable and comfortable. All are air-conditioned, with balconies, most rooms have a fully equipped kitchen, and from the windows you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Marcoth Mountains.

Hotels with swimming pools

Pearls of Kabardinka resort - hotels with a swimming pool: "Villa-Jasmine", "Cosmos", guest houses "Golden Pegasus", "Fandorin" and many others. They have long since found their regular visitors, who come year after year to a favorite vacation spot. Consider some more hotel complexes, some of the most deserving.

"Achilleson Park"

This is a new four-star hotel, which began its operation in June 2013. It is located slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the resort life, next to it the mountain river carries its waters to the Black Sea, and in a half-kilometer there is an embankment with a pebbly beach. Nearby is a beautiful green park, ideal for walking with children, as equipped with playgrounds.

The hotel will appeal to families, young couples with children, and will also serve as an excellent place for a romantic stay for couples in love.

The hotel building consists of six floors, there is an atrium, an elevator for ten, a spacious hall, equipped with a wonderful waterfall and an aquarium with goldfish. The panoramic restaurant serves a variety of cuisines from around the world.

If you do not take into account food, the cost of living per day is from 2000 to 8000 rubles.

The rooms have beds with orthopedic mattresses, suites are equipped with King Size beds. There are bedside tables, television broadcasting is set up for Russian-language channels, there is a refrigerator, air conditioning and safe, as well as a direct telephone.

Rooms are cleaned daily, and linen and towels are changed every other day. Guests of the hotel have free Wi-Fi.

On the territory of the hotel there are two freshwater swimming pools with heating - for adults and children. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be used free of charge.

The undoubted advantage and convenience for the guests is that the hotel accepts for placing children of any age.


The hotel, located in the center of the village, just 7 minutes walk from the sea coast, is open all year round. The three buildings of the hotel are interconnected.

Minimal conveniences are provided for all guests, regardless of the rooms occupied (there are double, triple rooms, and apartments): TV, refrigerators, air conditioners and toilets.

The cost of placing one person per day in the height of the holiday season ranges from 650 to 3500 rubles, depending on the category of rooms. Prices are excluding food.


Among the mini-hotels can be identified "Platan" and "Emerald", we will dwell more on the latter, which in 2013 in the category "Best mini-hotels of the Krasnodar Territory" won first place.

This hotel is pretty It is compact, but it has everything that is necessary for an excellent comfortable rest. The rooms here are cozy, there is a small courtyard with a car park. You can use the sauna and swim in the summer pool of 5x6 m.

If you are waiting for some privacy from a holiday in the resort of Kabardinka, mini-hotels are the best option for lovers of tranquility. Hotels have a maximum of 5-10 rooms, and the level of accommodation in them is not inferior to conventional hotels.

In the "Emerald" will not be bored lovers of cinema and Internet users, the services of the guests library, as well as an extensive excursion program.
On foot you can walk to the center in 10 minutes.

Guest Houses

Not only the hotels of Kabardinka ("Castro" and others listed above) can accommodate guests, you should pay attention to "Siesta", "Rainbow", "Natalia," Nadezhda "and" Mercury. "This is not a complete list of guest houses that Every year we are glad to receive our guests.The average price of daily accommodation per season for one person is from 1,700 to 2,200 rubles.

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